March 2
AJ Palumbo Center,
Pittsburgh, PA

Several recordings exist:

1. Audience recording, no other info (md?) B range
2. Schoeps Mk4->KCY actives->Schoeps VMS5U->Sony PCM-M1
4. webcast of the show

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
Poor Me*
One I Love
Warning Sign
Solid Ground*
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
The Scientist

pittsburgh singing happy bday to chris led by will
In My Place
Life Is For Living

Scientist synopsis: Chris's birthday bash! Lots of recordings exist too!!





I was at the Pittsburgh show, which happened to fall on Chris's birthday. It was the most amazing show I've ever been to. Actually, the boys could have played in the freezing weather outside and it still would have been just as great. I'll admit, some of the fans were clueless....just standing there, not moving, smiling, or anything. Some of us were singing to Chris before the whole crowd joined with the band, but for the most part it was just a bad venue for the show and not enough fans that were too enthusiastic. I only hope this doesn't prevent the band from coming back again soon. I can't even describe the high I felt during the entire show...even when I broke my belt and got my hair stroked by some stranger behind me. This show was just...I can't even put it into words. It's been a week and I still can't tell you just how amazing it was.


This was a last minute addition to the trip. Without tickets our only hope of getting in was to buy from scalpers or hope that the box office would put on sale additional tickets the day of the show. We pulled up to the venue around noon and we're told to check back around 2pm. So naturally starting at 1pm we kept checking every 20 minutes or so to make sure we didn't miss out.

2pm came and went and the sometime around 3 or so, a tour bus pulled up right in front of the venue where we were waiting and out of the bus hopped 3 members of the Music. Adam (the guitarist) , Rob (the lead singer) and Phil (the drummer) asked a few of the fans waiting in line to play soccer/football with them. So while I waited in line for tix, my brother got to play soccer with the boys from the Music for about a half hour on the sidewalk. Finally, around 4:30pm or so tickets were finally put on sale and we quickly grabbed two and happily made our way to our hotel to check in.

the show - We had very crappy seats. We were sitting in a section on the floor off to the side with a huge gap between it and the next section for people to walk through to get to there seats which basically meant that for the Music we had to stand up to see anything at all over people heading to there seats. I had no problem standing up but we were so far off to the side that the speakers blocked our view...we could only see the lead singer and the guitarist. So for Coldplay my bro and I decided that those seats wouldn't cut it. We ended up grabbing a pair of empty seats on the bleachers, the bleachers started about 20 or 25 rows back from the stage. So we were a bit farther back but from there we had a great view of the entire stage for Coldplay. Luckily no one came and kicked us out of those seats. If they had we would have been forced back to our crappy "limited view seating". Things that stick out in my mind about the Pittsburgh show: bad venue, with too many seats postioned at an awkard angle to the stage.

Chris seemed to be in a good mood, it was his birthday after all. It would have been nice had the crowd started singing happy birthday without having Will come out before the encore to start it up. They must have flashed "Happy Birthday Chris" on the screens about 30 times before Will ran out on stage and led the crowd into singing Happy Birthday. Besides Poor Me being killer live and the other new song "Solid Ground" being played nothing really stands out about this show. Chris did do a major wipeout during the ending of God Put A Smile.... causing his guitar to go flying and him having to sing the last part without guitar but other than that it was a solid show and the guys played really well.