February 28
Tweeter Center,
Camden, NJ

: has not surfaced yet, but is rumored to exist.

God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
Poor Me
One I Love
Warning Sign
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
The Scientist

In My Place
Ladder To The Sun

were posted by Stpmatt but his homepage died. Can anyone hook us up???

Scientist synopsis: Not the greatest venue for a show evidentally, but a good performance nonetheless.



Jayraphy: I just got back from Coldplay show at Camden, NJ. I and Amanda took PATCO n got there around 3. so ok, we wait and wait and wait for 4 hrs just because of my stupid hope that we might be able to get into the pit area.

I had my blank neon colored poster board + portrait i drew dis morning ( surprisingly only took me 1 hr when it usually takes me 2 hrs to draw simple still life drawing- POWER OF LOVE~~ -wtf m i saying now) So we are freezing to death outside, having no feelings in our feet, we just stayed in front of the entrance for 4 FREAKING HRS!!!!!!! one of the security guys was PRETENDING dat he was doing some good for moi n shit, only turned out dat he wasnt doing ne shit + we had some fucked up tickets so we were the last ones to get in ( MAKE MY DAY)

while we were CHILLING(literally) outside, we heard some soundcheck-ish sound, wat seemed like outcries of Torti's opera-ish voice

so we went in, n i walked around so ppl would sign the gay ass b-day card i brought for Chris. so while i was doing dat, lights deemed, and indie-band looking THE MUSIC came out. the leadsinger had some mad dance skills, collaborated with his oriental funky clothes. and yea, he was the one dat was making girlish squeals-but it was all good. I wasnt allowed to stand against the fence, and even the freaking pit area had seats-how fucked up is dat. so i was jamming while seated, but it wasnt enuff, so at one point, i stood up n headbanged like a maniac. i was like *dancing* *lifting my foot up* *losing balance* *telling myself- " KEEP BOTH FEET ON THE GROUND!"* dis old guy sitting next to Amanda was keep looking at me prolly because he thought i was high. OH WELL. The Music seemed like ravers - the leadi needs to hav dance battle against flamboyant STRAIGHT dancer Jason Boyd of Audiovent

so i bought the cd, and poster, and got few more ppl to sign the card and came back. Bouncers told me dat i could giv my gift ( card + portrait of Chris- its the FIRST TIME that the picture actually RESEMBLES the person i intened to draw- i usually create this freaking image in my own head for some reason) at the end of their set. WELL THEY FUCKING LIED-dis asshole wouldnt let me go thru, so i had to run all the way around to ask others- i heard that stage manager took it.

wat an amazing performance by coldplay, the bad things were #1 freaking seats gave me like 2 inch-wide space between ppl. #2 freaking tall head was on my way. #3 i wasnt allowed to stand on my chair.

well despite of all that, it was an amazing set. When dey were playing "Trouble" Chris was like " If your president gets reelected, then well all be in trouble "

When they were performing "yellow" the bright yellow lights were shone to crowd. so i held up my " HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CHRIS MARTIN" sign. I was 2 rows behind from the pit,( so i guess like 7~8th row from the stage) and he somehow saw me in the midst of freaking man-trees. He smiled n pointed at me and pounded his chest ( i guess it meant FOR ME? *SMILE* THANKS - or whatever it meant ) I swear, ppl from stage to row in front of me to ppl around me TURNED AROUND to see wtf i was doing.i was like...uh....wishing him a happy b-day?
the GUYS behind me were going crazy. The dude behind me was like IS IT REALLY HIS BDAY? no u kno, me just being a dumbass decided to make today Chris' b-day JUST BECAUSE :/ so while i was running back n forth towards the end of the set for freaking gifts, the guys took the sign n tried SOOOO HARD to get Chris' attention. They stood on the chair n held up the sign n shit screaming " HAPPY B-DAY CHRISSS!!!!"- they repeated this for few times-well Chris prolly DID see them since he was on my side few times during encore, but he didnt respond to it. awww sux for the guys

I should hav given my gift in person but freaking bouncers wouldnt let me.

I got Johnny's ( AGAIN) unused towel. so no meaning. eh~ I also got 2 coldplay posters + THe music cd and poster. when the lights were back on, i found out dat fat bastards who walked back n forth 1000000 times for freaking beer had stepped on my FAVORITE coldplay poster. so now evry coldplayers hav freaking line on their forehead( SYMMETRICAL LINE) ARGHHHH

it was my 2nd time seeing coldplay. and i cant wait til next time dey come back. ROCK ON GUYS~ n once again, HAPPY B-DAY CHRIS!!!

If u still didnt figure out who i am, heres lil description about me- the girl with red curly hair, who danced like a maniac during The music's set. Had sign saying " HAPPY BIRTYDAY CHRIS MARTIN"( n chris pointed it out) + walked around BUGGING evryone to sign the card n had chris' portrait in a frame.



The show itself was amazing, i love Chris' stage presence and how hes so gracious to the crowd. Before they played Ladder to the Sun, he was talking about dolls that some fan made for him. The dolls were in the likeness of them but their were only 3 of them, or that how many i saw from where i was. He said they were the weirdest gifts he ever recived from a fan.

The Music were very good too. I picked up there CD yesterday and listened to it a few times so i'd know what to expect from them and i ended up really liking them, They have their own unique futuristic, funky, prg rock sound, very different, but very good. The singer has a pretty good voice as well.
The whole show was just a great experience.

I eat seeds: oh man. the crowd absolutely sucked. the venue sucks. so after the second song, i decided i was just going to act like it was me, my brother, and coldplay....

cause no one was into it....and i was so far away. it makes me so mad that there were thousands of people in front of me who could have cared less while i was stuck in the back dancing my heart out.

oh well. whatever. they played beautifully, the crowd sucked, and the tweeter sucks. i hope their next record tanks so i can see them at the TLA again!!!!

overall, they played beautifully. I can't wait to see them again!


Just got back from the 3 hour drive... Coldplay, great as always. The Tweeter Center... ha what a joke. When I walked in it looked more like a movie theater with the food/snack stand. After the "High School Gym" venue in NC I donít think I can go back to pavilion setting. The crowd did seem kind of stiff and held back... probably all Tweeters "Event Staff"

That set list seems about right... I will have to look into this Poor Me, that is a new one on me. I do have to say that the light show had a little more guts. I really liked the purple lights they used on Guy, Will, & Johnny during trouble. Made them look faint and animated like the music video. I was disappointed that they didnít play Shiver mainly... Spies would have been nice too. I guess they are trying to get away from the old stuff but itís always fun hearing the intro to spies and feeling the energy from shiver.

I liked the way Chris covered up in A Warning Sign with "And I started looking for the lyrics" Then I donít know if anyone caught but it sounded like at the end of One I Love Chris said "Is it worth it, let me work it, put my thing down flip it and reverse it" The Bush comment was in Everythingís Not Lost I believe, good for a laugh as well as the voodoo dolls.


ALrite, woke up this morning, decided i had to post a review...astonished at how many of you can be such downers.
I was in section 202...row C or somethin, i guess this helped bc the acoustics from my position was great. ANd the crowd around me were all on their feet clappin, yellin, dancin, and most importantly dancin!Even though i was back there all 3 of me mates and I got great views of the band, lucky all the tall ppl stood at angles that didn't block us. (note to jane, i was the bloke outside with ya helped hold the sign down while you wrote it sorry the security weren't too nice to you)

Whats there to say except COldplay played an AMAZING SET, every song was electrifying, and i think better then even cd versions...alot more rocked out...
Chris was energetic as ever, sang great, played great...and surprisingly JOhnny was too!!!! esp in One I love he was bouncin all over the place...

The band gave an absolutely wicked performance, and alot of you should have more realistic expectations when you go...i went in thinkin, "ok i'll be far mite get to see one band member at least" that way when i was there...it was great, bc i got to see everyone, had a great view of chris the whole time...and the light show would have made Pink Floyd proud.

The music was great too, their tunes got me pumped...


Hi - I'm new to this board and wanted to add my $.02 about the show at the Tweeter Center.

First and foremost, I have to agree with those of you who are saying that the Tweeter Center sucks, because it really does. I have never really had a good experience there, until now.

Which brings me to the band. This is the first time I have ever seen Coldplay, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I will say this - I was so impressed beyond belief!! They are just incredible live! Chris has so much energy and has a great sense of humor. From the extra verse he added to 'make up' for the forgotten lyrics, to the Sheryl Crow and Christina Aquilera jokes, I was cracking up between jamming to the music!

I thought the sound was good, but that might be because I was in the 10th row of the right side section. But I thought the sound for The Music was ten times worse than the sound for Coldplay. The crowd around me didn't suck too bad, but there were these annoying frat boys a few rows back in the center section that were mockingly hooting and hollering and yelling things like, "We love you....Freebird!" One word - ew!

I couldn't wait for The Music to get off the stage. For me, all their songs started out strong, but they seemed to lose their focus within 60 seconds. I also thought that the lead singer had a mild touch of LSD (Lead Singer Disease), although he did dance very well. I just don't think it was because he was enjoying jamming to his own music - it was more because that's what he 'does' to impress the crowd.

Overall, I had a great evening and I can't wait until Coldplay comes around again. I have loved them from the first moment I heard Parachutes, and now I am privy to the knowledge that they are amazingly talented and gracious guys live. Rock on Coldplay!


The best band today performs one of the greatest shows in their history. What more Can I say. It was great. Oh btw to the girl with the neon poster HI! that was me and my friend who held it down for you outside, and It wasn't trouble where he said the stuff bout The Pres it was Everythings Not Lost. But Great Job with the portrait! To anyone whose never been to a coldplay concert I suggest save your money up and pay infinite amounts of money to go coz they're the best. Hope everyone there had as much fun as I did. Simply f'n Amazing.