February 25
Bell Centre,
Montreal, QUE

exists and was taped Euan, but mp3 version existed first and is most common and was passed off as a full version.
source: sharp MT20 minidisc recorder with SP binaural mics -> analogue transfer to my machine -> edited with cool edit pro

God Put A Smile On Your Face
One I Love
Warning Sign
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
Poor Me
The Scientist

In My Place

Ladder To The Sun
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, , and ticket stub http://www.geocities.com/u2rockstation/coldplaymontreal22503

Scientist synopsis:




i drove all the way from albany new york to see coldplay for the first time and all i can say is wow!! i bought tickets the day before so i was stuck way up in the white section but it was still the most powerful and moving concert i have ever witnessed. i would have given anything to be in the front row. they are amazing!


The songs most people may not know were The One I Love from the In My Place CD Poor Me after Yellow, according to the setlist. And of course the femaile-inspired (femme/filles) lovely song Ladder to the Sun SING IT You’re not just anyone… You’re a ladder to the sun…. Another truly amazing performance by Coldplay.. Chris has such outstanding stage presence. Truth to tell, what really captured me about Coldplay was after seeing their live performance at Musique Plus back in August (**Shame on me for not having truly discovered them before.**)

The only disappointment was the length of time they played Or didn’t. The distance we had to keep from them. The crowd Compared to Toronto’s September show, I got to be front row center, it was more interesting and comical with Helium and folksy country-style Green Eyes, more cover tune jokes Bon Jovi and Nelly- Etc Montreal Canada always gets stuck with the sucky part of bands’ tours... The beginning of a leg of a tour, where everything isn’t quite as good as it will be further into the tour