February 24
Corel Centre,
Kanata, ONT

none has surfaced

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
One I Love
Warning Sign
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
The Scientist

In My Place

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Scientist synopsis: The tour resumes in Canada!




I was blown away by Coldplay. Their music is so beautiful and sedate that I was curious about how the music would translate in front of an audience. 'The Music', who preceded then, bless their hearts, just about made my ears bleed. So I was definitely looking for something to ease my pounding head. Still, I was not expecting them to be so spectacular. Chris Martin is so energetic and charismatic. His use of French, although curious, was very endearing. I loved everything about the show. Ottawa has a reputation of not being very quick to its feet and this was no exception but by the time it was all said and done, we were all standing and singing at the top our lungs. Again I can't stress enough what a great performer Chris is. In interviews he often appears a little aloof but he is definitely in his element in front of a crowd. THANKS FOR A GREAT SHOW!!

THANKS FOR A GREAT SHOW!! Please come again soon.


Man o Man!!!!!! The show last night was too much! I came up from Halifax.... and it was totally well worth it! I was really happy when I found out that The Music was opening..... they are amazing!!! Please check them out everyone who doesn't know them!!! Well..... Wasn't the lights for Daylight too beautiful!! The yellow and orange....!! Amazing!! I loved their new song Moses!! Now for the french.... I don't know a lick of french so it was disapointing that I couldn't understand him!!!!!!!!!!

Man.... if only I could see them live whenever I wanted...... ahhhh I am back in Halifax now and wishing I was in Montreal right now!! chris it was so cute hearing him speak french! I come from quebec so one hearing a british guy talking french with like 2 accents at the same time is just like, priceless... All I can remember was when he was like *je veux que vous chantez avec moi, en francais, en anglais.... sa ne me derange pas!!* it was in Everything's not lost he said *I want you all to sing with mem in french, in english, it doesn't matter!!* Then we were all like... AHHH AHHH YEAHHHHH COMMON YEAHHHHHH oh man best.moment.ever.

Just wanted to post a note on last night's show here in Ottawa,
Ontario, Canada.

The new "Fab Four" rocked the Corel Centre and confirmed what I thought when I heard "The Next Big Thing" in music, and that is that these guys are a tremendous band and are poised to be the 21st century edition of the Beatles.

Their sound was incredible, their stage presence was awesome. I was very impressed. Highlights of the night were "Yellow" and the finale, "In My Place" with the crowd joining in and creating an amazing crecendo of sound.

Chris looked really comfortable onstage, he appears to be growing quite content and confident in his role as the frontman for one of the worlds most capable music groups, and the rest of the guys produced some really tight sounds. The bass sound was huge last night, which was something I wasn't really expecting.

All in all, a fabulous night. Thanks guys! Sorry it was so cold here in Canada, hope you come back though, make it a summer date, that way we can all really let loose and have a good time.