February 9:
Dodge Theatre,
Dodge City, Phoenix, AZ

Taper: Edgar, Source: AT853s>SP-SPSB-3 Battery Box (Bass Roll Off 69khz)>Sony MD
Conversion: Master MD>Dazzle DVC II.wav>CD

Bootleg dvd is known to exist and is being b&p'd currently

2.God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
6.One I Love
7.Warning Sign
8.Don't Panic
9.Everthing's Not Lost
3.The Scientist
6.In My Place
7.Ladder to the Sun

and http://www.coldplaying.com/concertreviews/phoenix.htm
: http://coldplay.artscience.net/vbb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=31237&highlight=Phoenix


Scientist synopsis: Was it a good audience or a bad one? Different opinions, but a great show nonetheless and well documented! Are these from rehearsal? Very cool!




Overall, the show was awesome but the audience seemed to be lacking in participation and energy. That didn't stop Coldplay from putting on a great set, though. They played the B-side One I Love, and new songs Moses and Ladder To The Sun. I might as well note that my roommate who I sold some extra tickets to was sitting right behind Glen Campbell, Mr. Rhinestone Cowboy, who was in attendance with his family. He's a local, but it was still a surprise to see him there. My one complaint was that they didn't play Shiver. It's a very special song for me ever since my best friend first got me into Coldplay 2 years ago. All in all, a wonderful show with my balling my eyes out on my best friend's shoulder during The Scientist and touching Chris after my best friend and I had snuck into the pit for the last few songs.


coldplay was simply amazing. my best friend always said they were amazing live and he was right. so much emotion in every song. trouble almost brought me to tears. warning sign was excellent. all the new tracks were amazing as well. ladder to the sun was unbelievable. everything about this show was just perfect. seeing my favorite band live for the very first time and having them perform the way they did just made my night. i only wish they played high speed and green eyes but it was ok.. every song was done just right. i only wish i was closer and i wish the crowd was a bit more energetic but its all good with me.. just being there was good enough. im hoping they're gonna come back sometime soon. this show more than makes up for toad the wet sprocket ditching az on their tour.


Ok, so I was there for their show and it was completely amazing! That was definitely one of the best shows I've been too. Me and my friends had bad seats but the venue was small enough, so it wasn't too bad. I don't know what you're talking about. The audience I thought was great. I was in the club section and I saw everyone on their feet for pretty much the whole show. Everyone was great and it seemed like everyone was singing the songs and the crowd just went wild during the last couple of songs they performed. Chris even mentioned that we were the best audience they've had so far on their tour. I was really greatful for the crowd. They made the whole experience so much better. And by the other stuff I've read with people being disappointed by the lame audience, I'd say that the AZ crowd was wonderful. That was my first time ever seeing them live and I just can't believe how wonderful they are. And I got to see Chris after the show!! He signed my ticket!


Wow! Awesome concert last night! The best concert I've seen since U2's last Phoenix Elevation show in 2001. I've been a huge U2 fan since 1987 and seen them in concert over 30 times now. After seeing my first Coldplay concert last night, I'd have to agree with Rolling Stone magazine saying Coldplay are the next U2. This band will be around for many years to come. I hope they stop in Phoenix again soon!