February 7:
Saltair Resort,
Salt Lake City, Utah, UT

no known recording exists.

02.God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
06.One I Love
07.Warning Sign
08.Don't Panic
09.Everything's Not Lost
12.The Scientist

*encore 1:
13. Clocks
14. In My Place

*encore 2:
15.A Ladder To The Sun

official coldplay.com reviews
: http://www.sltrib.com/2003/Feb/02092003/Utah/27897.asp
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Scientist synopsis: need setlist and photos!!




British rockers Coldplay finally made it to Utah Friday, performing a sold-out concert at Saltair, and it is safe to say the quartet came, saw and conquered the crowd with its inspiring live show.
Delivering a set taken almost equally from its Grammy-winning debut, "Parachutes," and excellent sophomore effort, "A Rush of Blood to the Head," Coldplay came off as a much more dynamic band on stage than on record.

Whereas much of "Parachutes" could incorrectly tag the band as yet another shoe-gazing guitar group from England, the newer songs and lead singer Chris Martin's energetic frontman moves elevate Coldplay to something more; namely, a mesmerizing live act capable of full-on rock excess just as much as wistful moodiness.

Martin is, no question, the star of the group. While guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion are integral to Coldplay's sound, they essentially stay in their respective spots on stage, leaving Martin as the visual focal point.

On Friday, Martin took that attention and ran with it, whether pounding on a piano at center stage; making sure the "MakeTradeFree.com" written on his hand was caught by the cameras relaying images to screens hanging above; or twirling in circles while strumming an acoustic guitar. At various points, Martin was bouncing up and down, manically strumming a guitar and thrusting his microphone to the heavens, leading joyous singalongs that rang through the building. This guy knows how to command a crowd.
The songs were what drew the adoring crowd out on a cold night, and Coldplay delivered them with style and power only hinted at on record. The show-opening "Politik" set the pace, Martin leading from his piano, and segued smoothly into an energetic "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face," one of the best tracks from "A Rush of Blood."

For "Spies," from "Parachutes," Martin's searing falsetto made its first significant appearance, while Buckland picked out noticeably Edge-like guitar licks, before switching into a slide-guitar riff to introduce a lush "Daylight."

"We finally made it here!" Martin announced about halfway through the 90-minute set, referring to the canceled Coldplay show on the "Parachutes" tour two years ago. "It's pretty mad that four skinny guys from England could turn up in the middle of America and get such a nice reception."

That reception only got more raucous as Coldplay closed the show in a blaze of worthy cuts, including "Trouble," "Warning Sign," "Everything's Not Lost," "Yellow," "The Scientist," "Clocks" and "In My Place."

If there was any quibble with Friday's show, it was its brevity -- 15 songs, including the two encores. But then again, maybe Coldplay is savvy enough to know it's always better to leave the crowd wanting more. On Friday, they certainly did that.


What a show...I was VERY impressed with visual effects. This was my first time seeing Coldplay live. I have been to many, many live shows in my life. This show ranked top five for sure. I could not believe how tight the show was. This band is impressive. They sound so great live! I hope I have the chance to see them again soon. PS - I REALLY enjoyed the cameras on the paino and infront of all the band members! "Make Trade Fair"