February 6, 2003:
Fillmore Auditorium,
Denver, CO

full audience exists with soundcheck of Amsterdam, Lips Like Sugar, A WHISPER(2nd time ever performed live) and all by request. Some other recording rumored to exist. A- quality.
Recording: Sharp MT770 MD>Sony ECM 717 mics>Tascam US428>Cubase VST>Cool Edit Pro>EAC secure>CDR

God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
Spies (adlib at end)
Warning Sign (Cry me a River adlib)
One I Love
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
Life is For Living
In My Place (Justin Timberlake adlib)

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Scientist synopsis: Sold out show, great crowd, band in top performance, and lots of Chris adlibbing. Nice to see a soundcheck recording too! Could have been happy with another song but still a top notch performance that I went to myself!



oasisjennie: What an amazing show!! It was so worth it to freeze my ass off (actually my toes) waiting in line. I met some great people (thanks to this message board)! (Shawn and Robin got to go to the soundcheck and meet the band, Jennifer caught Chris' jacket, and Audrey got her Safety EP signed by the band at the end!) We were right up front...ahh just where I belong. Chris imitated Justin Timberlake. He sang 'cry me a river' at one point and then danced like Justin - i can't remember which song that was during...oh and Chris sang 'When George Bush gets re-elected...there will be trouble for all of us' (or something) in Everything's Not Lost...ha ha!

Audball34: Well Booradley and I just got back from hanging out at a diner after an amazing show! I came here alone and left with some new friends. It was definitely great meeting the other board members! what a great community..thanks for the cd and getting my cd signed at the soundcheck Chris's Nuts I'll leave a better review later but I am sitting here at Kinkos still on a high and am trying to book my car rental and hotel for Utah...leaving for the airport in about 2 1/2 hours....well CP's tour manager let jen and i head backstage with all the other vip people and talk to the guys using my special cd as a barter tool Chris even grabbed my cd during In My Place and had all the guys sign it, and Will is working on getting me to the Monday night Star Lounge thing...this night could not have been any better!!! I wanted to add too that after having gone to denver, salt lake and pheonix in one weekend, our show in Denver was definitely the best, even after waiting 6 hours in the snow and cold (which i'm definitly NOT used to)...the guys seemed at their best and most energetic and the people i met were great.

swank79:Wow, just rolling into work early from a late night of Coldplay. The night couldn't of gone any better. Everything fell into place as I got the call from 93.3 telling me who to meet at the venue to get in for a soundcheck / "garage session". Before we were let in I met a bunch of really cool die hard local Coldplay fans. It was great meeting everyone and sharing stories from previous shows. Chris's Nuts even hooked me up with a show from Ireland, thanks man! So we got in and it felt like a dream. There were maybe 10-15 people at the most who were let in this thing and it was just crazy not having to fight any crowds. Chris was very talkative with all of us and took requests for songs to perform for us. A guy requested A Whisper and the band was a little hesitant but Chris talked them into it and its sounded excellent. After the songs were over Chris suggested that they all come down to the floor to sign AND take pictures ! I'm not going to lie, I was getting nervous at this point - somebody wake me up from this dream! Everyone was really cool, I got an individual picture with each band member and a group shot with everyone. I also got my cd covers signed by each member. After the soundcheck/garage session we were kicked back out into the cold for about another hour before the doors actually opened to the public. To be honest I was so happy from what had just happened, I barely noticed the bitter cold temperatures while waiting in line. The actual concert was great, the set list was a perfect balance and all the band members were in a great mood. I really dug the projection screens, that was a nice touch.

Shawn (the Scientist, Chris's Nuts): Yeah I requested the Cure's a Forest during the soundcheck since it is one of Chris's favorites and WOULD sound awesome. But they only perform songs they've rehearsed (not a bad idea) so it was a no go. Yeah it was really cool seeing a Whisper being doen as it has never been recorded or done live before (except they said they did a half ass job one rehearsasl sometime before). They said they love the song and were proud of it but quickly became aware that everone hates it. It took them several minutes of fumbling (hearing a recording of the song, each practicing their parts by themselves, practicing the chorus first together before they did a killer job of the final song). If its any consolation when we started the soundcheck Chris wasn't in the best of moods. BUT because we were friendly, knowledgable, and most of all FANS they ended it in a very good mood.

Noelmani: I arrived at the venue around 2 and waited by the tour buses until the doors opened. After the show, I went back to the buses again, along with about 15 people. Chris came out and signed soome things and I got to talk with him briefly. After he left, most of the fans left and there were only about 3 people still there including me. I waited a bit longer, and then Jonny came out. He saw only us 3, so he came signed our stuff, and chatted with us for about 10 minutes! I talked to him about guitar, music, Oasis, Liam Gallagher, and then he left. I also told him to remember the name of my band, ACQUIESCE, because we would be huge like them somoeday. All in all, it was a perfect night. When I was talking to Jonny after the show, I asked why they didn't play "A Whisper", and he said that they could never get the song down right, but that they did it during soundcheck, and are looking to put it in the upcoming shows.

Robin (voice of reason): I just want to send many big thank you's to all the fantastic Coldplay fans I met last night. It was great meeting people from the board!! So happy for Jen and Audrey! Awesome to finally meet OasisJennie!! Many thanks to Nico!! And above all else THANK YOU Chris, Jonny, Will, and Guy; I am eternally grateful for finally getting to meet and talk to all of you at soundcheck. Having missed you guys by just 10 minutes at the Boulder show and faithfully following your career since October 2000 and talking to so many great people on this board all this time; I have attained the dream. What more can I say without getting all misty.

Aracelis: Hey everyone!! I've been away from the computer for a bit but I'm here to state that The Fillmore Show ROCKED!!! I know I waited in the outside freezing weather for 6 hours with two wonderful girls that I met (we'll call them the Chris duo) From the start it was great just to share the experience with everyone there on line waiting to get in. I met some of you guy's and it was a pleasure to share this concert with you.

Let's see, Chris Martin tossed his guitar pick at me. I keep it in the "Rush of Blood to the Head" cd case. Then when the night was over and I waited for my ride I went to the back where the tour buses were at. I pulled out my chair and crossed me legs and told the guy's whom where hanging outside waiting for the band that "if they wanted charachter, they'd get character" and I planted my butt down next to the bus. Then I whipped out my CD and waved it so as to get Chris Martin's attention which it did. I motioned for him to please come out and sign my cd, he grined (he was eating) and signaled to me he'd be right out. He came out and signed my "Rush of Blood to the Head" cd. All I could say was "thank you sweetie" LOL. I was just blown away honestly. The entire experience is one to share with the grandkids someday.