February 4:
Kansas Memorial Hall,
Kansas City, KA

none has come forth but this was posted by Larry Mullen Jr. " forgot to mention that i'm pretty sure at least a scanner recording of this show exists February 4: Kansas Memorial Hall, "

Got Put A Smile Upon Your Face
One I Love
Warning Sign
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
The Scientist

In My Place
Ladder To The Sun

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Scientist synopsis: While a bootleg does not publically exist we have a lot of documentation here at least!




drummer: Alright here is VERY lengthy review I promised. This was originally typed for an online journal thing a lot of my friends read, so keep in mind I'm talking about non-Coldplay fans, so I explain a lot of stuff you might already know. Well anyway, enjoy it and please leave comments. It took me like 1 1/2 hours to write this.

My sister and I left to pick up Lauren at 6:30. We didn't get lost on the way, and got there about 7:00. We finally found some parking. Memorial Hall has no parking really. Memorial Hall is probably my favorite venue. It's very small and wherever you are, you're close to the band. I agreed to buy a Coldplay shirt for Chris V., so I did that. We were on the floor, about 15 to 20 feet away from the stage, on the left side of the stage. Lauren also saw a couple girls she knew. My sister the guy that ran her town house place that she used to live that.

Opening Band: Ron Sexsmith

My expectations were that this guy would totally suck. He also had another guitarist, bass player, and drummer, but this guy was awesome! Though in the end I would realize he wasn't even 1/10th of Coldplay. Lauren would like to point out this guy looked like a molester, haha. From the first notes I knew he'd be good. He played some nice acoustic songs and a few that really rocked. This guy is from Canada and has a few CDs, so I'm hoping to maybe get one sometime soon. He also played piano on a few songs but you could barely hear it. The drummer was great too (I'm a drummer, remember). The drummer played some nice beats and stuff. In the middle of one of their songs Ron pulled off the guitar solo from The Beatles's hit, "Something" written by George Harrison (died November 2001). He played it perfectly. It was great. They had one song, wish I knew the name, that was awesome, really rocked. Then they closed with a light piano one that I thought was "Trouble" (Coldplay song) for a second, but it wasn't. So after 45 minutes he was done. My sister and Lauren didn't really seem to like him, but I thought he was awesome. He was probably the best opening band I've ever seen. It was about 30-45 minutes until Coldplay came on, so we just talked. I had my doubts whether Coldplay would be a good live band. I thought they would, but some of their songs are generally very light/somewhat boring at times on the album, still very good, but I wasn't sure how they would translate live. I wasn't sure how well they could get the songs to sound live. Some bands can't pull it off. So yeah I had my doubts. I've seen some Coldplay live videos and they're really good, usually the band doesn't move around a lot.....but not tonight. Yes, here is the moment you've been waiting for. Ladies and Gentleman, Coldplay.


*Politik - This song is my 2nd favorite off the new album. And yes it is spelled with a "k" not a "c". The lights went down and the band came out. Camera flashes were flashing and you could see Chris Martin (lead singer) looking at the audience. Then the band launched into Politik which would be incredible/awesome live. This song has a pounding 8th note feel to it. The band was immediately rocking in this song with Chris Martin going wild (on the piano) banging his head everywhere. So was guitar player Jonny Buckland. The strobe lights and other lights flickered in time with the band, so it was just amazing. Then the song gets very light and it was just Chris Martin on piano in the blue light and of course the crowd goes crazy. This song continued to be amazing throughout and was such an awesome way to start the show. Wow.

*God Put A Smile Upon Your Face - one of my least favorites from the new album but still not too bad. On this song Chris Martin put on an acoustic guitar to play. I noticed the crowd singing along on this one. This song is somewhat repetitive and gets kind of old after awhile, but still awesome. Wow.

*Spies - this seems to be a fan favorite from the first album. This song stared out with an awesome intro that was really good. Just a really heavy thing in the dark pretty much. This is a pretty good one. This one was very good live too. Another song with Chris Martin on acoustic guitar.

*Don't Panic - one of my favorites from the first album. This song had a different intro too I think. This also featured Jonny playing a nice but too short harmonica solo. He then threw the harmonica into the audience. Why couldn't he have thrown it 10 feet further and then I could've gotten it! It was this song I think that they turned on the 4 Screens behind them that would later show each different member (all black and white) which was very cool and the best screens I've seen at any show.

*Trouble - This is one of Coldplay's bigger hits from the 1st album. He stared the song with the signature piano notes...and then stopped and said (laughing) "oh we forgot to say hi, hi we're Coldplay, we never thought we'd be in Kansas City, thanks". Another great one, which was well....great. Chris on piano (which is always good). I'm thinking the ending was stretched out a little on this one.

*Daylight - This song is one of my least favorites from the new album, but this song was still pretty good live. Some more cool lead guitar stuff from Jonny. The lighting was also awesome on this song.

*One I Love - this was a big surprise. This is an unreleased song that can only be found on the "In My Place" single I think. I had downloaded this one months ago and just thought it was awful, just terrible and I haven't heard it that many times (if even 1 whole time...remember I thought it was bad). So I was surprised when I started to recognize the guitar and then the lyrics fit what I remembered and to tell you the truth this song is awesome live. I would say this was the heaviest song of the entire night with both Chris and Jonny playing electric guitars. I need to find a live mp3 of this one, it was greaaaaaat. A ton better than the studio recorded version. I'm glad they played this one. That's always cool when you see song you hate at a concert and then you love it.

*A Warning Sign - this is another of my favorites from the new CD. I think this one had a little different intro so it took me a minute to figure out what song it was. This is a great one. 96.5 (radio station) played the live recording of this on the radio later. This was another song where I found out where some of the neat sounds come from. Towards the end Jonny does the great sounds (hard to explain) and then it finishes with the great piano outro done by Chris singing the lyrics "And I crawl back into your open arms". Greaaaaaaat song.

*Everything's Not Lost - YES YES YES YES! This was the song I was telling myself yesterday (the day of the concert) that they wouldn't be playing, since I hadn't seen it on a setlist from a concert of theirs a couple months ago. I thought for sure they wouldn't play this. This song I think was the one that started with an awesome intro involved Will Champion playing some nice rhythms on the snare drum. This is my favorite from the first album. Love this song. I was so excited, I danced like a little girl...no not really, but I still was excited. I had to tell Lauren and my sister "this song's awesome". The song ended with an audience sing along (that lasted pretty long) of "So come on yeah, come on yeah, come on yeah, Everything's Not Lost" with Will (the drummer) signing it by himself (about 4 octaves lower than Chris Martin does...well close...or not). Wow I'm so happy they played this song. Just when I thought they wouldn't play it, everything wasn't lost and they did. Yeah bad joke sorry. EDIT: I forgot to add that during this song Chris sang "If George Bush is reelected, that'll be the end of the world" which was greeted with audience cheering and laughing. Throughout the concert Chris would make subtle jokes that he and Jonny would crack up at.

*Moses - Chris started off by saying "well before we get into the hits...oh I mean hit, we only have one (laughing), we'd like to play a new song". Chris said this song was dedicated to someone he loves (....Gwyneth Paltrow...maybe) and he said it could be for anyone. This new song was pretty good. I liked some more of the lead guitar work done by Jonny. In the end, a pretty good song. Nice of them to play a new one. I still don't know what song it was, but I should point out Chris said that Jonny was kind of sick. He sure didn't look it. He was rocking out the entire time.

*Yellow - the hit that started it all for Coldplay in the states. This had just Chris singing and the song that really got the crowd moving. I even noticed what looked to be a 40-50 year old man singing along to all the words. Wow that's great. Love this song. Great lines to. "Look At The Stars, Look How They Shine For You". Chris continued to act wild, running and jumping all over the stage. At the end Chris walked over to Jonny and sang the last line "Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and everything you do" and then kissed him on the forehead.

*The Scientist - YES YES YES! I knew they would play this song. This is my favorite Coldplay song (of any album). I've told everybody about this song. If you've never heard it, HEAR IT, buy the CD or borrow it from me, whatever, just hear it. Great music video too. I again told Lauren and my sister "this is my favorite song". Just amazing. This song is just so amazing. When I listen to it, I'll listen to it 20 times in a row. Ask Vince, he'll tell you this is true. I've even learned the main piano part in this song. When I went to the visitation after Mr. Stockwell died, I listened to this song a few times on the way out and I just drove around afterwards listening to this song over and over again (didn't listen to any others both ways). That's just another reason why music is so amazing. It's just...yeah...good. Oh sorry, where was I. Yeah this song was great live. Chris mentioned a minute or so after the song stared. "Thanks, this will be the last song", even though I think everyone knew we could expect an encore. The band left the stage after this and the audience clapped for a few minutes, then band came back out.


*Clocks - the new hit/radio song from the new album. I had completely forgotten about this song, so I was kind of like "oh yeah, I forgot about this one". It makes sense they'd play this one. This song took me awhile to like (I mean from the album) but now I like it and live it was very good. I love the part when Jonny comes in towards the end with the driving high note thing. Once again, Jonny really impressed me with his creative playing and originality. I really gained a new respect for him at the concert.

*In My Place - the 2nd song that Chris just sang on (no guitar or piano played by him). This song was great. Not one of my favorites but still a good song. The crowd liked it. Then the band left the stage again. I thought for sure this was the end of the concert, what else could they play? I mean sure they have more songs, but no big hits. I thought they only did 1 encore. My sister was ready to go, but the lights were still off, so I was like "no we must stay" and the crowd was going crazy, pounding on the floor with their feet and clapping like crazy. A little side note, throughout the concert on the giant video screens you could see Chris's hang with Make Trade Fair.com written on it. And then at the end that was on all 4 screens. He even mentioned it. They also mention it in their CD, so he must really like that website. Ok back to the show, And after like 2 or 3 minutes the band actually came back out! Yes!


*NEW SONG - A Ladder To The Sun - I just heard this song name yesterday, day of the concert as being called "Ladder", but Chris announced this song as being a new one. When the band came back out Chris said "wow this is the best reception we've ever gotten". This song was greaaaaaat too. Any song Chris plays on piano is awesome, and yes it was. I really hope I can find a live mp3 of this song, sooooooo good. I rarely like songs the first time I hear them, especially live, but I liked this one. Great song name too. Nice drum beat, etc...Then they left and that was it. A great ending to a great concert.


This was possibly the BEST concert I've ever been too. An awesome opening band and a headliner that totally blew me away. My sister even claimed the concert was really good. Someone who didn't even know any of their songs (or at least not many before the show). Also the concert ended about 10:20 which is a nice time on week night. It took us forever to get out (traffic was very slow at first). But we got home about 11:30. Good times.


We also drove up from Wichita to see them. My son goes to K.U. so we met him in Lawrence, rented a limo to take us to the show and it was absolutely amazing!! I knew they were going to be good but did not expect them to be fantastic! I have to say that was the best concert I have ever been to. The light show was excellent and Chris and the boys were at the top of their game! Chris's stage presence was just amazing. Such polite British lads they were also. I will most definitely try to see them live again and I am even more of a fan now then I was before if that's possible!


The show in KC was GREAT. I came up from Wichita and arrived at the venue at 9:00 in the morning so I could be front and center for the show. I met Coldplay's dj, Wayne and hoped to meet the band but I never did. I did make it front and center for the show and got one of Chris's picks. This was my first time seeing the band and I was blown away.


girlblu: I have never actually had that thought before "This is the best concert I've ever seen" but I actually remember it coming over me as I was leaving... Memorial Hall is a great venue as far as sound and proximity. I was on the floor towards the back but it was great. I had just won the last pair of tickets. I was driving by Mem Hall on the way to meet a friend for dinner in city market area so I took the long way. Because I felt like a loser for not buying tickets long ago. But i was listening to Lazlo on 965 and precisely as I was getting ready to roll by he said that he would give the last pair of tickets to the whoever found him first freezing his ass off outside. So I pull over super fast and double park and run over. Thinking I had already missed my opportunity. (By the way I never could stand Lazlo's show before this. But now I listen_ and he's like, do you need to tickets? and of course i did. He says Do you listen? and i just looked at him bcuz i didn't want to lie. So he goes: you think I'm a dick don't you? And I'm like No Not at all. So I won! I told him I never win anything. But that was my new years resolution to start winning all the free stuff in the world. Do you know how many island getaways, concert tix and totebags are given away every year? So Chris Martin had the best energy. And I love Coldplay's politics. I respect that so much. Especially in music, it is rare to find a successful people with their minds outside of their art or career. You are rock stars.