February 1:
Oklahoma City Music Hall,
Oklahoma, OK

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God put a smile upon your face
One I Love
Warning Sign
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
The Scientist
Yoshimi Battle the Pink Robots pt. 1 (partial)*
-- 1st encore --
In My Place
-- 2nd encore --
Ladder to the Sun

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Scientist synopsis: the "Flaming Lips show". Great concert!




Jones Preston

There are rumblings about the ‘Net and various music publications that perhaps the British rock band Coldplay is threatening to usurp the likes of U2 and Radiohead from the throne of "Most Relevant World Famous Sensitive Rock Band."

If Saturday night’s sold-out 90-minute performance at the Oklahoma City Civic Center’s Thelma E. Gaylord Theatre is any indication, Coldplay is on the verge (if they’re not already) of becoming one of only a handful of truly relevant rock bands in existence today.

Following up a solid opening set by Canadian troubadour Ron Sexsmith, who jovially bantered with the audience and seemed genuinely happy to be playing Oklahoma City, Coldplay attacked the stage with a ferocity reserved for footballers, not musicians.

Front man Chris Martin writhed at his standup piano like a madman during the percussive opener "Politik," while his band mates drummer Will Champion, guitarist Jon Buckland and bassist Guy Berryman fired like well-oiled pistons.

Pulling mostly from their critically acclaimed 2002 sophomore album "A Rush of Blood to the Head," Coldplay was in fine form and pulled from 2000’s "Parachutes" and also sprinkled in a couple brand new songs, "Moses," an up tempo rocker that strongly recalls late ‘80s U2 and their closer, "Ladder to the Sun," an achingly sweet ballad featuring Martin’s soaring vocals laid over a beautiful piano melody.

Radio favorites "Yellow," "Trouble" and "In My Place" were met with a roar and Martin engaged in some spontaneous audience participation, taking turns singing bits of the chorus with the energetic crowd. He played to the front rows and top balcony seats with equal fervor, frequently urging the crowd on.

Martin also addressed the horrific space shuttle Columbia tragedy, which occurred earlier that morning. In a poignant moment, Martin dedicated "Yellow" to the astronauts, giving the opening verse "look at the stars/see how they shine for you" an added emotional dimension.

Martin also repeatedly professed his love for Oklahoma City’s own Flaming Lips, even tacking on the chorus of "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1" to his own band’s "The Scientist." In addition, Martin augmented a verse of "Everything’s Not Lost" to remind the crowd that if they ever felt down, they should just remember that they were from the same city as the world’s second greatest band the first naturally being the one onstage.

It’s not likely that a better place than the Civic Center Music Hall could’ve been found to house Coldplay’s show in Oklahoma City; the evening was an inspired pairing of act and venue. The superb acoustics allowed every note to be heard clearly, with few technical problems.

Coupled with tight musicianship and a brilliantly choreographed light show, Coldplay practically dared you to stay in your seat as they tore through 15 songs, mixing their back catalog with songs yet to be laid down in the studio. While they may not own the mantle of world’s greatest rock band just yet, the white-hot quartet is well on their way. Judging by the crowd’s infectious enthusiasm, there’s a good chance that if you missed Coldplay’s inaugural Oklahoma City show, it won’t be long before you’ll have another chance to see them.

The only disappointing thing about the show is that they left out Shiver which they have been playing after Politik. The highlight of the night for me was seeing Wayne Coyne before the show and exchanging hellos with him. I knew Chris was a big Flaming Lips fan from the Dallas show, explaining that Yellow was written for a yellow shirt that Wayne (lead singer for the Lips) wore. Also, they have collaborated in the past on a few songs and on the same CD (Faultline). I was really hoping he would invite Wayne up for a singalong on Yellow, but since he dedicated it to the astronauts, I knew it probably wouldn't happen. But the Yoshimi verses were awesome and seemed pretty impulsive. Also, on Everything's Not Lost he changed the lyrics to "if you ever feel neglected, if you think that all is lost, just rememeber you live in the same city as the Flaming Lips, the second greatest band in the world".

I love Coldplay and I love the Lips... this was a perfect night for me and my friends.


The Concert just ended 30 minutes ago... I'm still shaking. That was so incredible! I can't believe it! Except where I sat I couldn't see Will... but I got a great seat right in front of Guy and I could see Chris really well... the lighting was awesome... I wish I stood up more, since I was in front... But other than what I regret, I will never regret going to this concert. It was great!

Oh... Hmm... For the very last song I got to run up to the stage before the STAFF could keep me in my seat (in my seat)... yea.. So I was only feet from Guy and Chris... And every now and then i could get a good view of Johnny... Will was behind Guy and I could see him too, well through his drums... And now Iam deaf in my right ear from being next to the speakers... Oh well... Today was the best day I've ever had.