January 31
Grand Prairie, TX


Recording Notes: Taper: Clint Ryan
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Soundboard -> 102.1 KDGE -> FM (has some rare tracks at end of show)

God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
Warning Sign
One I Love
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
Life is For Living

In My Place

Ladder to the Sun

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Scientist synopsis: A few fumbles here and there (Trouble) and some equiptment problems, but they blew the great crowd away.





i just got home and i thought it was absolutely amazing. God Put A Smile On Your Face was the slickest thing i've heard. The cameras were sweet, the lighting was awesome, and the energy by the end of the show was incredible.

Yellow and In My Place were amazing...and chris's little fumble on Trouble was classic.

did someone really get his ass kicked cuz he said "sucky english band?" if he did, he deserved it because that was one amazing show.


I was REALLY hoping for a cover tune!

They have done some funny cover songs at other shows, like a NELLY song and that sort of thing. Wish they did something here.

BTW...they used the four flat panel video monitors on the back wall. IF they still have the other cylinder shaped screens with them - they wouldnt have had enough room to use them here. This was a small intimate stage, it wasn't deep enough for more video.

I liked that there wasn't TOO MUCH video going on. It came and went, and it was subtle and in displayed in Black & White. (sorta had a DOCUMENTARY feel to it, because of the B&W and the camera angles they chose).

I think it was a good use of video without creating a distraction. Have you ever been at a show and you realize you are staring at the video screen NON-STOP when the actual band is right there? I always feel so lame when I catch myself doing that.

Jeff K:

After much anticipation the night had arrived - to finally see the best "new" band on the planet - COLDPLAY! and to finally see a show at the much hyped NextStage in Grand Prairie. First off NextStage is awesome - this is the way ALL venues should be - smoke free, easy access, great acoustics, comfy seats - only negative was traffic and parking, it took nearly 15 minutes to get in to and out of the parking lot. The show had been sold out for quite some time and was obviously the hottest ticket in town. Several Dallas celebs were spotted including Dirk Nowitski and Steve Nash of the Mavericks. Our seats were perfect, great view of the stage, at the perfect angle to watch Chris Martin play piano. He seemed peeved at first due to some apparent monitor issues and felt the need to apologize to the crowd - I couldn't tell really, however he did flub the words to "Trouble" and then sang a line about not being able to remember the words to his own songs. As for their stage show, I thought for sure they'd use the green laser but it was nowhere to be found. Instead they used four flat panel video monitors on the back wall to project each bandmember's image - almost identical to the way U2 did on their last tour. How appropo for these "heirs to the U2 throne". The band played the majority of their hits; "Yellow" (where Chris made fun of Justin Timberlake by mimicking "I always dreamed about this as a little boy"), "Spies", "Clocks", "In My Place" as well as some new tunes "Moses" and "Ladder To The Sun". Noticeable omissions included "Green Eyes" and "Shiver". Chris even dedicated a song to "my new girlfriend Julia Roberts" (another pisstake on the rumours he's dating Hollywood starlets like Gwyneth Paltrow) then he went on to remark "..nah, make that Kevin Spacey" he also acknowledged "some basketball guy named Steve Nash". All in all they seemed a bit road weary, but still up to the task - a great band at a great venue - it was a great night.


Tonight's show was brilliant! I'm from LA but flew here to see them with my friend here that is really into them as well. I was a bit worried about the Texas crowd because he also went to the Austin show and said the audience was basically dead there. Quite the contrary tonight! We were in section 102, pretty much up close to the stage, and I turned around several times and everyone was standing up and really into the show. Give it up for Dallas!

Chris had some trouble with the equipment early on in the show, although I think he was the only one that noticed, I sure didn't. He mentioned that he coudn't hear his own voice and apologized several times. One of the stagehands was seen frantically running around the stage trying to fix Chris's guitar. It was an odd distraction but a few songs into the set, Chris said, "From now on it's going to be a great show," after apparantly things had been fixed. During One I Love, the curtains covering the 4 video screens came down, showcasing closeup shots of the guys via video cameras planted on the stage. This is different than other concerts where I think the curtains came down in the beginning of the set. During one of the songs, Chris forgot the words to Trouble and mumbled the words, then later jokingly singing, "I don't even know the words, and I wrote this song." For Everything's Not Lost, Chris turned the microphone to the audience and asked them to sing along which we willingly did. He opened this song with some chatter, "When you're having a bad day, work is going bad or your hair is receding (while he stroked his own hair), then you can sing this CP song..." During the song, he also said sang,"...when everyone in Dallas hates you, (laughed), that's not true." He also dedicated his last song, Ladder to the Sun, to "two people, one Will likes a lot, some basketball guy named Steve Nash, and my girlfriend Julia Roberts, just kidding, Kevin Spacey." Apparantly Steve Nash was sitting one section over from us because everyone was trying to catch a glimpse of him.

The mysterious guitar player was also ever present on the left side of the stage, helping out on several songs including Yellow. Who is this guy?! Gwenyth Paltrow was also stage left. No longer a rumor as she was there tonight and at the Jimmy Kimmel on Sunday night. During Ladder to the Sun, we went up to the stage, by this point there was somewhat of a crowd up front, and I was able to get quite close to the stage AND score one of Will's drum sticks after the show!!

I really have to give it up for the Dallas crowd. You've definitey given Chris and company reason to come back! Now looking forward to Denver, Utah, and Arizona!!!

keyboardplayer13:the show was absolutely fabulous and breathtaking, i think i faint into my gf's arms when the first note of politik hit. i could've left after that song and i would have been completly satisfied; but hell i'm glad i didn't.

all the songs were perfectly beautiful; and i'm glad that chris finally became comfortable with the crowd mid-way though the show. his making up words to the song "trouble" and the sing-along afterwards was perfection

all and all a WONDERFUL night.

freeorangeshoes:WOW! my front row seats sure were nice.

first of all...NextStage is quite possible the best place to see a show in the Dallas area. not a bad seat and its clean and nice and smokefree and all this other great stuff. moss eisley rocked as usual (the key player is 14! and the other vocalist is 17!). the second band, rex sex-whatever sucked (IMO). not the right type of music, esp. for an opening act. and that guitarist....*sigh*. yeah but CP was...well.....amazing. ive been to a lot of shows, and they rival an Oasis performance for sure. i particularly enjoyted when chris tossed his tele into the stage floor cos something wasnt working right....must be nice to be a rockstar . johnny was spectacular...the whole thing was spectacular. stop reading this. go get tickets.

bluelime:Coldplay...aaaah...I can't believe it's over! I wish I'd gone to all 3 Texas venues! I didn't have wonderful seats, but I still had a great view, and it was neat to be able to watch the people above and below me...for a view of the entire house, I had perfect seats

I have to disagree with those that think In My Place and Trouble ought to be cut. True, they aren't some of their best songs, but the experience of the whole audience singing along and really getting into it is definately worth it...especially with Chris having such a hard time in the beginning. They needed those to make the band feel the love

Who said they almost fainted into their g/f's arms?? Where were you at?? I think you may have been right infront of me...lol

Politik was beautiful...so much with the rocking...heck, it was all amazing and beautiful. The highlights for me, I think, were:

Spies: I love this song!!! Awesome intro! I called it almost as soon as the intro started and started jumping around with excitement & the people next to me probably thought I was on crack and had no idea what I was freaking out about but oh well. It was awesome. I love Spies!

Daylight: Talk about intense! I love this song on the CD, but live, it's just phenomenal! I loved the lighting sweeping the audience with every "oooooooo" in the chorus...absolutely beautiful

Trouble: Too cute...when he realised he was singing the wrong bit, Chris started singing "La la la la la", shook his head and laughed, and continued with the rest of the song until he got to the chorus, when he sang "Oooooh, and if I ever caused you trouble...I don't know the words to my own song!" And there was much with the laughing.

A Warning Sign: I sobbed. That could have something to do with the song having special meaning to me, but still...it was wonderful, and I cried. A lot.

One I Love: ROCKED! What a perfect song to follow A Warning Sign! It was a shame not many people knew it though, 'cause it would have been a great sing-along. I sang along anyway

Yellow: Just 'cause both band, and crowd really got into it and the lighting definately packed an extra punch. I really don't like this song all that much, but it was definately worth seeing live!

The Scientist: Beautiful...and Chris played around with the vocals a little and I got a kick out of it 'cause he did exactly what I do every time I listen to the song...if that makes any sense...sorry if it doesn't. It was good

CLOCKS: AAAAAHHHHHH...wonderful. God, I love that song!

In My Place: Again, just 'cause both the band and the crowd were really into it.

Ladder to the Sun: Absolutely beautiful...I was surprised that I hadn't heard it before, but I still left the show humming it.

I hung out for a while after the show, just wondering around 'cause I didn't want to go home yet ...plus the traffic sucked and I didn't want to deal with it.

Overall...it was an amazing experience. And if I could say anything to the band it would be "PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, COME BACK AND SING TO ME!!!" I hope they come back soon!

no surprises:

coldplay were at Bill's records in dallas!

hey guys! i cant remeber who was talkin about how coldplay went to bill's records this past thurs, but today i went to Bill's to look around, and i asked him if coldplay came by and he said yes!

Bill said that they came in a cab to the store, and started looking through alot of the older records and stuff......and he also said that no one realized that coldplay had walked in(he said they knew who coldplay was, but just didnt know thier faces)!

when chris and the guys were buying the records, Bill noticed thier accent and asked where they were from......and one of the guys (i think chris) told em manchester, and also told him that they were gonna play a show the next night.....and then bill realized who they were! (i was like mannnn, if i had only gone to bill's that thurs!!!!)


So I get to Nextstage yesterday at 3:15 pumped to meet Coldplay. There were about four people there waiting to get into the soundcheck and meet coldplay. I waited for about ten minutes and their tour bus drove by...that's when it hit me...this is real...I'm actually going to meet Coldplay. Anyway, after another 20 minutes of waiting outside, out walk Johnny and Will, they were about 100 yards away from me and they started taking pictures on top of a hill overlooking a creek on the side of the venue. I was stunned, I wanted to go over there, but nobody else wanted to go with me. Johnny and Will realized this and started to tease us by clapping and making noises and stuff. So, I watched for about 5 minutes more and decided I would really regret not going over and talking to them, so my brother and I did. Everyone else stayed back. Johnny was so nice, we ended up throwing a football around with him and I got a picture of him. Then I ran up the hill and talked to Will for about ten minutes. When I went back down the hill Johnny and my brother were still playing ball, so we hung out for about ten minutes more. He's really nice and he thanked us for coming by. We left all pumped up for the soundcheck...that's when things went bad.

The capital records lady came out the door and informed us that Chris Martin was feeling ill and his voice was messed up therefore there would be no soundcheck. I was really upset by this, but she told us that we could go in and meet the band and take pictures and stuff, so I wasn't too upset. So, they take us into the room where the guys were, but Chris wasn't there. Johnny and Will were happy to see us again and I talked to Guy. We got their autographs and took some pictures, but the capital records people made us leave pretty quickly, you could tell that Johnny, Will, and Guy were getting pretty annoyed at them. So, that was it, I didn't get to meet Chris, but I had a great time with Johnny, Will, and Guy....

Okay, so after about two hours, the doors opened to the venue. It was really nice, its only a few years old. I ate some food at the suite and came down when Moss Eisley started. They were amazing! After that, Ron Sexsmith came out, he did really well also, but the people sitting around me didn't really seem to care about him too much. Finally, at about 9:40 Coldplay started,

Trouble (in which Chris forgot some of the words, but the crowd didn't care)

One I Love (which really got the crowd pumped up)

At this point Chris mentioned that he couldn't hear much and he apologized. Then he said what that this next song was a good song to sing when you've really Fucked up and your hairline is receding

Yellow (this was amazing)

Life is for Living-Chris said that this would be his last song and after he played it, the crowd went nuts yelling for more, so Chris and the guys came running back out to play an extremely high energy encore

I had an amazing time, it was truly life changing. I was kind of pissed because the people around me didn't seem to care, but we went nuts anyway. During some songs I was simply stunned and frozen at the gravity of Coldplay's talent, during others I was bawling because you could feel the music pulsing through you. It was indescribable! I realized something big while I was watching them play Ladder to the Sun, and that was that even though I didn't meet Chris, its no big deal, I still had a great time with the other guys and that no matter what happens to me that I might not count on, its not the end of the world (I often think it is). I came out of the concert bawling my eyes out, and I'm still on such a high right now, I'll never forget this and I can't wait to see them again!