January 29:
Frank Erwin Center,
Austin, TX

Recording:CSB > D7 > Cool Edit Pro> CDWave (WAV splitter) > mkwACT
Several variations of this recording exist, Scott Brown version should be the best.

God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
Warning Sign
One I Love
Everthing's Not Lost
Don't Panic
The Scientist

In My Place
Life is For Living
Ladder to the Sun

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The concert was awesome, from start to finish!! I was in the front row, almost center. It is an absolutely amazing experience

to be that close to them as they perform! The energy that Chris has - man, he's bouncing all over the place! I loved seeing the moments when Jonny and Will would play their instruments with their eyes closed. You could tell they were really into it. Awe-inspiring... And I can't forget about Guy! He rocked the bass, of course.

After the concert I went around back to the tour buses, as did a lot of other people. Chris came out with Gwenyth, but didn't come up to us. As they drove by he stuck his arm out of the window and waved at us as we cheered. Most of the crowd then left because he was gone. So about 15 or so of us were left, braving the near freezing temperatures for Jonny, Guy, and Will. Finally, after about an hour to an hour and a half Jonny and Will came out. They were super nice to everyone! I got their autographs as well as my picture taken with the two of them. After that I had to leave because I had a huge test early the next morning. I didn't see Guy come out, so hopefully I'll catch him and Chris when I see them in Dallas. I can't wait for that show!

Wow! That was a night I'll never forget - incredible!


I died and went to heaven last night

wow, the show was insanely amazing. I've loved Coldplay for years, but now I have fallen IN LOVE through and out. Chris was obviously in a wonderful mood and as a result was stomping around like a mad man and really making love to the piano. And the band as a whole could never have sounded better, and I would never have been able to imagine that Chris's voice could be so absolutely flawless and beautiful. The music was absolutely perfect!!! The flow of the show, the lighting- everything- also. Really, if they can do better than this than they do not belong on this earth. There's no way this is my last Coldplay show!


I thought it was grantasticaly awesome!!! I was standing quite close to the stage and it seemed to me that the crowd was really into it.

Chris' guitar broke so he made a few jokes and played the next song. Then they fixed his guitar and I think they went back and played the song they were going to play before the guitar broke. It's cool how they can switch songs on the fly and keep the light/video show on track.

Coldplay preformed "Moses" for the first time ever? It was sweet, especially the part when Chris hit the high vocal notes.

I got a glimpse of the set list.. and it had three songs planed for the encore. I think they played four. So they must have been having a blast in Austin. It sounded like it!

My first Coldplay concert and I was blown away.