January 28:
Verizon Wireless Theater,
Houston, TX

AUD:Sonic Studios DSM6/P > M1 > CDR(0) > SHN
FM Version:FM > Tascam DA20-MKII (uncut, with all station tags and ads) > CDR(0) > SHN


5. Warning Sign
6. One I Love
7. Don't Panic
8. Everythings Not Lost (with Destiny's Child "Independent Woman" quote )
9. Moses (new song)
10. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
11. Yellow
12. The Scientist --- encore:
13. Clocks
14. In My Place
15. Trouble
16. Ladder to the Sun

official coldplay.com review


Fm recording: http://coldplay.artscience.net/vbb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=30127



Scientist synopsis: FM recording is a full concert that skipped thru on FM, highly recommended show.




Attended the Houston show last night and had long drive back home, still pretty sleepy, but wanted to discuss thoughts on show.

The band was awsome!!!!!!

Sounded great and looked incredible!!!!!!

Same set list.

Was on first row just in front of Jonny. Chris' paino blocked my view of Will and could only see him on screens but other than that view was great.

Didn't meet anyone, but didn't try.

Several people in line got autographs from Will and Guy by buses.

Gwyneth was there w/ Chris, so he wasn't hang out.

Record company chick was TOTAL BITCH!!!!!!!!!

Guy who won sound check contest guest didn't show up, so this girl in line asked if she could go in in their place, and she got all bitchy and gave major attitude that was totally uncalled for.

So much so that one of the people who went in gave her autographs to her when she come out. But wasn't the same as meeting Chris, sorry Annie.

Radio station was there and had booth just outside theater but did interview w/ Chris inside building, which sucked.And to make matter worse station staff formed human wall in front of Chris so we couldn't see him. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

DJ did say that they were taping show and planned to broadcast it on Sunday night at 8:00pm CST. I can only pick-up their signal when the weather's just right so if someone in the Houston area could record and make available for the rest of us that would be great. It would be our best chance to get new Moses and Ladder To The Sun. Last time I checked their web site I couldn't get a stream but you might try www.thebuzz.com

Well must get some rest now. Hope everyone had great time.

To all the people I met, Peace and hope to see you at future shows.


spire lv:

I'm from London, but I was at the Houston gig. I've been to many gigs all over the world, and I'm amazed that the venues in America still have this stupid outdated policy of not allowing cameras inside. The bands themselves don't give a shit if their fans are taking photos. In the UK the word has finally filtered down from the band and their management to guys on the doors; but not so over here.

Before the show in Houston I managed to talk to Coldplay’s tour manager and he said it was fine to take in my camera, but of course when I asked the people at the front doors they said "no cameras" - I tried to explain that the band and the management had OK'd it but of course they wouldn't listen; so reluctantly I handed over my cheap disposable camera and they let me in. Luckily, of course I had my more expensive 4.1 megapixel digital camera with zoom lens hidden about my person - so I was happy.

It's a shame to have to go to so much trouble, when all it needs is some communication between the people running things and the people at the doors.

When I was in Miami to see U2 on the opening night of their tour I had to go to extreme lengths to get my camera in when all was looking lost, a rather well endowed female in the line beside me offered to hide my camera in a very comfortable location about her person - this maneuver was thankfully successful.

I met Chris after the Houston show, and chatted briefly about home and the like. He's a cool guy, he gave me his autograph and I gave him a cd of my band to listen to. I didn't get any good photos at this meeting - because at the time it didn’t seem right - Oh well.


Oh my gosh! The show they just did in Houston was awesome! I was about 20 feet away from the stage, and they were so close! The only problem is I'm a lil short, and people were pushing up against behind my back, and in front of me was this guy that was at least 6 '4. I still loved it though. They played all the great songs. The only thing I was disappointed in was that they didn't play "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" and "Amsterdam". It's ok though. They still rocked. The lights were very pretty too. During the show, Jon threw his harmonica to the crowd, and I almost caught it but a dude about 3 ppl away from me did. Too bad I wasn't taller. Chris also threw out his water bottle, so u ppl in the front, wait for that. Unless he doesn't do that all the time. I don't know. Moss Eisley was awesome. They're a really good girl band. Umm....Ron Sexsmith was alrite, but I didn't think he deserved to be boo-ed. Some people are so rude. Okay...that's all. Hope whoever is going to the show enjoy it as much as I did because I wanna go again!