January 27:
Saenger Theatre,
New Orleans, LA

no known recording has surfaced


01 Politik
02 Shiver
03 Spies
04 Daylight
05 A Warning Sign
06 One I Love
07 Don't Panic
08 Everything's Not Lost
09 Moses
10 God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
12 The Scientist

13 Clocks
14 In My Place
15 Trouble
16 Ladder To The Sun

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DMBcoldplay is supposed to have some, anyone else?

Scientist synopsis: Where's the boots? The pics? The love?: (





I was at the show last night--I loved it! My first time seeing Coldplay live. I agree that 'ladder to the sun' ruled.. I wonder with all the cameras if they're making a live DVD...?

DMBcoldplay:I can't remember when they came on stage 'cause I was in such a rush to get there. It must've been @ 9 or 9:15. It was a mess trying to find parking. I thought the B'ham show was MUCH better than this one, but that's only my opinion.


This was my first Coldplay concert and I have to say that this was one of the best live shows I've ever seen. They're talent as performers is amazing. I honestly never expected the show to be as good as it was. Luckily they proved me wrong and a bigger and more dedicated fan out of me.


I had a great time at the show as well. The Saenger is so gorgeous! Chris sounded a bit hoarse, but he still did a great job. My only compaint was that the crowd was a bit dead. No one was really dancing and people weren't really cooperating when Chris was practically begging them to sing along during Everything's Not Lost.

My cousin and I were walking around the buses before the show and we saw Jonny walk into the back door. Then we went to Cafe du Monde and right after we got there, Chris and Gwenyth Paltorw sat down a few tables down from us. That was truly bizarre. I was in shock and my cousin was hyperventilating (over Gwenyth, she wasn't that familiar with Coldplay and so didn't really know what Chris looked like).

They looked happy, but they ate very quickly and were only there for maybe 6 or 7 minutes. I was actually about to get up and say hi to Chris when they started leaving. Gwenyth signed a Cafe du Monde hat for one of the waiters. The waiters were so excited. I'm not a big Paltrow fan, but I was happy that the waiter got the autograph.


I had such a great time at the New Orleans show, I hope they come back. I met Johnny and Guy at the music store while they were buying cd's, they are so down to earth. They signed a few things for me and I got to take pictures with them. I'll put the pics on here whenever I get them scanned. Next time I HAVE to get a picture with Chris and Will.


(Warning: It's long) Hello all. Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Coldplay in New Orleans. Our tickets were for the seventh row, so I really couldn't complain going into it.

My mother and I left for New Orleans at 1 in the afternoon. (It's about a 3 hour drive from our home.) We found a parking garage and we decided to walk to the House Of Blues for dinner. Well, walking down Canal street I observe the people of course, and who did I see but Guy, Jon, and then two or three steps behind, Will.

I remember telling my friends how I would just love to meet the guys if opportunity knocks, but I was so in shock when I saw them that my mind went blank. They were just walking down the street, totally not getting recognized. I wanted to stop and run back after them, but I was afraid that my mom would have told me no. (She later claimed that she would have let me.) I guess because I wasn't expecting to see them is why I was so in shock.

We walked to the House Of Blues to find that it was closed due to a private party, so we went to a Wendy's were I felt like kicking myself over and over in head for not going back and stopping them. My mom somehow didn't think that they were members of the band because they blended in so well with everyone else. Hello! It's like she was expecting them to walk around with posters saying that they were Coldplay. She kept asking me if I was sure it was them and I told her that I would bet my entire life savings that it was them. I officially labeled it as my greatest fuck up.

So anyways, after mentally beating myself up for it, and meeting some interesting Coldplay fans (Kermit the frog went along with one fan) we were finally let into the venue. Ron Sexsmith opened and he was pretty good. During the break I asked mom if she would be wiling to wait outside around the buses after the show. She looked at me like I was crazy and said that she would think about it. (When my mother says she will think about it, it almost always is a "yes.")

I found it so interesting in how Coldplay's music touches such a broad age group. In front of us, three guys about my moms age came and sat. It was so interesting to see a man, who was probably older than my mother, telling his friend how he turned him on to Coldplay. He would direct the conversation towards us sometimes even.

Finally, the boys came out and kicked things off with "Politik." I'm not going to go through the set list because they seem to be sticking to the same ones for every show. I sang along to every song, except for the new last song (title I've forgotten.) I danced around, screamed my lungs out, and had probably the best 90 minutes of my life.

The highlight for me was both in "Everything's Not Lost" when Chris asked everyone to sing along and for "Don't Panic" when Jon broke out with the harmonica. I was kind of creased when people who were standing next to me were just standing there and not singing along or even dancing a bit. One guy just had his arms crossed and looked at the stage. I swear, he would of been better off in the balcony; I'm sure someone from up there would have been happy to take his place. The three men in front of me were kind enough to make sure that I could see the stage, and I thanked them many times over. One guy even told me jokingly that I didn't have to scream as much. He saw me dancing along and in a few songs we would glance at each other and sing along together. We snuck a camera in and my mom and I took a few pictures. I'm going to get them developed later today and I'll try to post them in the next few days if they come out good.

Anyways, after the show, we decided to wait outside next to the buses. My mother and I striked up a conversation with another fan and her boyfriend from Hammond. We waited for about 75 to 80 minutes outside, but we were waiting at the wrong buses (it was for crew members.) I thought that I could somehow salvage my greatest fuckup, but in the end, the little waiting adventure was fruitless. We were told by 2 guys who were waiting on the other side of the theater that they had left a few minutes ago. He had his copy of AROBTTH signed and he mentioned that Chris signed maybe 5 autographs. I ended up exchanging e-mails with Melissa (the girl from Hammond) and I'm going to send her some of the pics because they were afraid of bringing a camera.

We left at 11:45 to head home and I didn't find myself so ticked off at my cursed missed opportunity. The show went by so fast and I didn't want it to ever end. Hell, they could have played the entire setlist all over and I would have been happy. I was really hoping that we would get to hear "AROBTTH" and my personal favorite "Amsterdam," but the show still rocked. I just remember thinking as we were driving home that I hadn't been this happy in so long. It's funny how one bands music can do that to a person. Chris Martin had so much energy on stage and I swear, I felt like that driving home. If they come back to New Orleans, I'm going without a hesitation (plus I'll know which side of the theater they are going to be exiting.) Hell, if I have the money, I'll follow them to the Texas dates too. I would love to be one of those diehard fans who would drive across the country to see them, but school doesn't exactly grant me that luxury.

It was worth all of the money and time spent. I told my mom that if I ever see them again, she better throw me at them or something.

All in all, my throat is suffering the consequences of my excitement, but I really don't mind. I met some really cool people there and this show has only strengtened my love for Coldplay. It was one of the best nights of my life.