January 26:
Jimmy Kimmel,
Los Angeles, CA,

tv broadcast had Clocks and half of Yellow

There is a mid-day rehearsal that was recorded on vcd and includes up to most of lips like sugar but cuts off and runs out of tape..


Clocks (on tv)
Yellow (first half on tv)
In My Place


soundcheck setlist: clocks (instrumental)



lips like sugar

the scientist

tv captures from tealwonder

Trouble_Inna took when she was at the show : 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5


from audball 34's site







Orestes: So I was there, it was awesome. They played 5 songs. All in all a good show, we waited for 3 hours, but there had been people there since 3!

audball34: They played 5 songs, although unfortunately the set was cut short. Setlist: Clocks and Yellow for Jimmy's show. Politik, Shiver, and In My Place for us fans afterwards. The mc said they were gonna do 8 songs. I saw a girl's setlist afterwards and Trouble, God Put a Smile Upon Your Face, and The Scientist were also on there. I guess the cops where putting pressure on the guys because Chris said, "This is our last song, we gotta get out of here before the cops shoot us." They all seemed in good spirits and Chris was bouncing around everywhere and had tons of energy The audience was definitely having a great time and were really enthusiastic. For the last number, everyone cleared the stage, Clooney, Snoop Dog and his entourage, and Jimmy, so it was just Coldplay. After In My Place, Jonny and Chris went around every side of the stage and thanked and waved to everyone for coming. In between songs, as usual, he kept thanking us for coming.

Well, I don't know if the boys ever had a street closed down for them. If not, I'm glad to have been there for it! It was great and best of all free! But my legs and feet are definitely sore and aching from standing from 3pm till midnight! But well worth it. Afterwards, we went behind the El Capitan where there was an alley. Their black van was parked there and there were about 30 of us there. The security were really anal and they kept pushing us further and further back, but we did get to see them, from afar, get into their van and reverse out of the alley. I think they fly to Louisiana for tomorrow night's show? And they just came from South Carolina this morning. What a schedule! I'm wondering how and why they did Jimmy's show?

StrykeR: I was there last night as well..waited at least 3 hours but it was well worth it..coldplay rocked...the crowd was huge..the line wrapped around the hollywood and highland mall..although there were some guys that thought they were at a freakin rap ludacris concert, the crowd was pretty cool with everyone singing..chris did look pretty shocked on top of the roof...we were lucky they didnt shut it down..thanks for the cops for not doing that..Jimmy Kimmel is the man..congrats to him for coming up...and Thank you so much Coldplay for the concert....you guys rocked..much respect to you..cant wait till you come back to town...

Panicshiver: weather was warm... about 70. crowd was in the thousands. chris took some warming up, so i understand the comment about them not sounding their best, but honestly, it picked up. it's different and difficult performing outdoors i think.

i was directly behind the stage (right behind the couches where the guests were sitting). luckily, there was a monitor right there, so i watched the show until CP came on. i felt for those (even in the front row) who had nothing to see for the 3 hours or so until the band played.

for a bit of gossip, there were two chubby, barely dressed girls with badly bleached hair who weren't even there to see CP, but managed to shove my friends and me so that they could lean forward to scream at George Clooney- all DURING the band's performance. since Mr. Clooney didn't respond, they turned their attentions on 350 lb Buccaneers player, Warren Sapp. His assistant came back to the girls, whispering something about "...after the show... in the limo" and sure enough, after the last song, the barricades were opened for the two sluts in hooters caps and they followed Mr. Sapp to his limo for some... *ahem... fun.
yuck. yuck. yuck.
an otherwise worthwhile and wonderful time

HoneyURArocksteady: it was so great to see them in front of thousands and thousands of people. i was right up front on the side and got there around 3 pm. i was really close to them during soundcheck. they played these songs:

soundcheck setlist:
clocks (instrumental)
lips like sugar
the scientist

chris asked if there were any requests and i yelled "green eyes!" and he said "oh thats rubish." funny.

the show was almost canceled due to the huge crowd and all of them pushing to get into the middle. at one point someone brok a barrier down and i used my body to hold them back. i just didnt want there to be a huge riot, i had to see coldplay and i did! cant wait for phoenix and the henry fonda show-

toastrgrl4: i went last night and seeing Coldplay for 5 songs was WELL worth standing for 3 hours behind the drunk, obnoxious pot smokers that were in front of us. i had no idea so many people were going to be there, though! it was insane, i thought for sure there was going to be a riot, especially when it didn't start until going on 11 pm.

i was to the left of the stage but at least 50 feet back. i was so worried that i wouldn't be able to see anyone in the band but chris had so much energy and rocked around every square inch of the stage, i'll bet. during parts of each song he would come over to the left and face us for a bit - so considerate! why doesn't everyone love this band?

if they didn't sound up to par, i missed it. (though that may have been because the speakers weren't facing our direction) it was a fantastic live performance - tons of energy and no weird versions of the songs. definitely the way it should be. experience of a lifetime!! i can't wait to see an actual concert!

i thought it was great how chris look surprised at the amount of people...the fact that the city closed down the busiest section of hollywood blvd for them should give an indication of how important they are to us!!!

Natural Mystic: Just got back from the jimmy/coldplay show... and i do have to say, they rocked my stripped socks. everyone there was in a great mood, and we all had a kickass time. even snoop dog went up to them all after the show and gave love. thats gotta be pretty cool.

Dscully: it was crazy crowded and we didn't actually get to see the band cause it was so insane. but i did get to see gwyneth. i watched her most of the time cause there was really nothing to see. she was standing off to the side watching (looking quite bored, i might add). bleh. so it was great and so cool that they did a free show.