January 25
Grady Cole Center
Charlotte, NC

Notes:Full band version of Moses & Warning Sign added. New song Ladder to the Sun first performed.

Taper: Scott Brown Source: DPA (B&K) 4022s > Sound Devices MP-2 > Sony D100 DAT > SHN: Tascam DA-20mkii > M-Audio Delta DiO2496 > PowerMacG4 > Sound Studio 2.0.7 > shntool 1.2.0-rc1


5.A Warning Sign One

6.I Love
7.Don't Panic
8.Everything's Not Lost

10.God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

12.The Scientist



14.In My Place


16.Ladder To The Sun


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crazymary’s pics of the charlotte show

Unplugged session: Coldplay unplugged at Reflection Sound Studio!! The station is WEND-Charlotte: 106.5
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Scientist Synopsis: The first 2003 recording to get wide spread listening and the debut of Ladder to the Sun.

Scientist synopsis:

Weezer20: Awesome Show!
I know we will all be able to say we saw them when...
After seeing these guys I feel the days of the mega bands isn't over yet.
One complaint though:
Can somebody tell me why people pay so much for an incredible show like this and talk at the top of their lungs or shout stupid things like the guy on the floor yelling "Bono" or "Dave Matthews rules", ruining the performance for the rest of us.
People like that really make Charlotte look bad to these guys.
I did my best to tune it out but my girlfiend was about to pop some one.

yeah the show was great. i was like 15 ft. from the stage. i guess getting there 3 hours before the doors open has its benefits. i was pleasantly surprised how good they were live. i was the most impressed w/ johnny. he had so much energy which i never would have expected judging from interviews and such. he just doesn't seem to say a whole lot, but the guy ROCKS OUT on stage. was anyone else surprised?

as far as what they played, i was really impressed with 'moses'. the mp3s i have are of just chris but the whole band makes it loads better. i have 2 fav. songs now...politik and daylight. i love those songs but from the live performance of them, those were my two highlights.


Some thoughts:

*Killer show, highlights for me were Politik, Shvier, Moses, Daylight (!!!), Moses, Yellow, Everything's Not Lost, In My Place, and Trouble. (I know, about half the show, but those were my favorites).

*Chris's remark about how he felt like he was playing "at a high school dance" was hilarious. Plus, then he said "We will play some more songs before the principal comes in".

*Did anyone notice during (I believe it was) Everything's Not Lost, Chris had a big thing of spit hanging from his mouth, so he had to wipe it off while playing piano and he started to crack up?

*Another Did anyone notice when?...During In My Place, both my friend and I noticed that he sang just a little line from that Justin Timberlake song, and then cracked up and danced some more. In the middle, during a part when the band is playing real loud, he just sang "I just wanna love ya baby! Yeah!" It was hilarious.

*I loved during Trouble, at the "they spun a web for me line", Chris stops and says "For fucks sake, ya'll have been singing so well so far, and this is going to be the last bit of singing we will do in NC for a while, so let's hear it."

Overall, a great concert!


Hello All!!! It was the best Coldplay show of the 3 I have been to. I had soo much fun and I got a setlist after the show and pics and if I can I will post the pix soon. I was in the front row so they should be good, they are getting developed as we speak. Here is the set list. This is from the actual set list so they might be out of order from what they actually played.


They had a listing for a second Encore that they didn't play and they were:

I love Ladder to the Sun, it was beautiful.
I can't really remember the lyrics all that well, but I know that I can't wait to hear it again. It was nice meeting all the people at the show. Everyone was so nice and it made it alot of fun. Congrats to heart of akasha on catching Will's drum stick and thanks for letting me see it for a sec.
Ok that's it for now.

The show was freakin awesome!!!! Did anyone else think the first guy ron sexsmith looked like samwise from the lord of the rings?? anyways...CP gave a tremendous performance! I'd have to say my fav. part was when Chris stopped in the middle of trouble and told the audience to sing...pretty funny, didnt see it coming!! I got there at 6 and there was already a freking long line!! I had pretty good seats on the floor and OMG Chris waved at me after I yelled 'I love you' what a way to get noticed eh? I was glad to see I wasnt the only black girl there...I saw a couple, pretty comforting...In a weird way!! I cant wait til they come back. They have a show in nashville soon I may just take a road trip!!!

Good idea Standing, here's my review.

The Grady Cole Center seemed like the strangest place for Coldplay to perform at. It's a converted gymnasium, used mostly for basketball games, that only holds 3,000. My two friends and I showed up at 1pm, and were the first ones in line. When the doors opened at 6:30, we burst in and ran to front row center. That's where we were the whole concert, about 6 feet from Chris. It looked like a concert hall inside, which was a nice surprise, and the sound was very good.

Ron Sexsmith came on at about 7:30, and I was really impressed. He's a great vocalist and guitarist, and his band is real musically talented. The drummer played the cello for one song, and the bass guitarist played upright bass at times. Great opening act, loved the sound.

The stage crew changed all the equipment, and the fun started at 9:14 when the boys came out. Chris came skipping onto the stage, the second one out. He was wearing black pants, black sneakers with blue shoelaces, and an unbuttoned black polo-type shirt. Underneath he wore a red t-shirt with white center that said "make trade fair." He also wrote "make trade fair.com" on his hand in black magic marker. The rest were also casually dressed in plain black, except Jon, who wore a shirt that said "sacred heart booster."

Onstage: 9:14

Politik- I knew this was coming, but it was still unbelievable. Chris was on piano, and was going absolutely nuts during the chorus. White flashing lights added to the effect, and I can see why the band opens with this song repeatedly. Really set the mood.

Shiver- Chris took up the guitar, and again went nuts. This was to be a theme for the night. He has such an amazing stage presence, and he really commands an audiences attention. Boy can this dude perform, exceeded all my expectations.

Warning Sign

These were all great, with no let-downs from Chris.

One I love- Awesome to hear this B-side! I really like this song, and Jon was bad-ass on the electric.

Don't Panic- performed despite a techie on-stage fixing some wiring. Amazingly, while watching Chris, you didn't even notice the guy. That's how much the guy can draw your eyes. Sorry if this review neglects the rest of the band a little, but I can't emphasize enough what an incredible performer Chris is. He's all over the stage, really gets into it. Also, it's amazing how out-of-control he looks while being totally in-control. He spins and teeters around, looking as if he might fall over, but always keeping his balance.
Jon had a sweet harmonica solo during Don't Panic, and threw it into the crowd when he finished.

Everything's Not Lost- Really sweet, slower song. At the end, Chris turned the piano mic to the audience and we sang the refrain while he played. I saw a couple notes thrown on-stage during this song.

Moses- Let me be the billionth person to say this song is awesome. I'd bet a lot on it being a single on the next album. Just amazing full-band.

God Put a Smile On My Face- I really like this song, sounded just like the ROBTTH version.

Yellow- one of the higlights of the night. Chris started the song by jumping up and down as high as he could multiple times, really got the audience into it. Everyone was going crazy, singing all the words, etc.

Scientist- Chris went back to the piano for this one, and told us in between verses that it would be the last of the night. This song is incredibly beautiful, and the band performed the hell out of it. At the end they waved and walked off-stage.

The crowd cheered and screamed non-stop until they came out maybe 2 minutes later.

Clocks- first of the two-song highlight of the night for me. This is my favorite Coldplay song, and I was so excited to hear it. Chris was on piano, and when he finished, Jon and Will started jamming out, Chris stood up, kicked the piano stool over, and they went into...

In My Place- HIGH ENERGY!! Best version of this song I've heard (though I haven't heard many). For the chorus part where he sings "Yeeeaaaah!" Chris kept running to the front of the stage and throwing the mic to the crowd for us to sing it. Then he'd bring it back and sing "how long must you wait...." Just amazing, and I love how he encouraged crowd participation the whole night. Crowd went nuts when this one finished. The band was loving it, you could tell. Chris was smiling, and looked at Guy and raised two fingers, which I took to mean two more songs. Guy nodded.

Trouble- Back to piano for Chris, this song was very emotional. When it got to the "they spun a web for me" part, Chris turned the mic to the crowd. We kind of got caught off-guard, and the first effort was pretty poor. Chris laughed and said something about how "we've been so good the whole night, and this is the last bit of singing we're going to do this evening, so let's make the best of it." The whole crowd got into it then, and Chris and Jon were all smiles.

"I guess we can do one more song for you guys, if you like," Chris said when he finished. We went nuts.

Ladder in The Sun- another new one, and I like this one even more than Moses. The chorus at the end where he sings "lift me up to your soul" (I think) is really beautiful.

When it ended, Chris said how great it had been, and the band all came forward and applauded the crowd as we screamed for them. Jon and Guy threw their guitar picks, and Will tossed both drumsticks into the crowd. I got one!!! Pretty thrilling stuff. The band was off-stage at 10:45, making the concert a short but sweet hour and half.

The experience of this concert was incredible. I've been to Weezer, Incubus, Tom Petty, Jack Johnson, Roots, John Mayer, Dispatch, Guster, and a bunch of DMB concerts, and this was one of the best. The only ones that compare are DMB. I'm so incredibly impressed with the band in general, and Chris as a performer in particular. This was my first Coldplay concert, and the experience is going to increase my obsession even more . If you get a chance to see the boys sometime, don't miss it! I know I won't.


AMAZING!!!!! my legs are killing me from standing on the floor for hours last night, but i would and will do it again in a heartbeat. i just got home from Charlotte so i will post more thoughts later, but i was blown away by this concert. i can't wait for the march show.


I have to totally agree with everything Shane said. Most amazing concert I've been to in my entire life. I wasn't on the floor but was in the balcony, first row second section on the left. Had a perfect view of everything.

Chris blew me away. He's so animated and not to mention hilarious. I laughed my butt off when he stopped during Trouble. I go back and forth between which songs were my fave, but definitely Yellow was one! Chris jumped up and down the entire song. they made even the mellowest of songs ROCK!!! Clocks was also amazing and In My Place was unbelievable!!! Everything not lost was also great with the audience sing along. Oh and the opening of Politik with the lights...undescribable!!! Chris made it the best experience for me, although I have to say I like him better when he's playing the piano or hopping around on stage (ala during In My Place) and not so much when he's playing guitar.

The only thing I found irritating about the show were the people talking during Ron Sexsmith (there was even a couple making out behind us). I thought he was much better live than on his CD but all the people talking really got on my nerves. Plus, during some of the songs I looked around and saw people sitting!!! C'mon people, it's a rock concert!!! I couldn't believe it!

All in all, an unbelievable night. I think I'm making a road trip to Georgia in March!!

Oh and just a random thought....

Concerts are both good and bad in my opinion and here's why. You can listen to the songs on the CD and love them (like AROBTTH for the past 6 months or Parachutes for 2 years) but you can't even begin to fully appreciate them until you've heard them live. I was amazed after each song last night. The band puts a whole different spin on the songs. For example last night Spies. This is probably my least fave song on Parachutes but last night I couldn't believe how much I loved it in concert. Daylight was the same way. Oh and Don't Panic also (although I love that song on Parachutes).

The bad part....now I have to go back to listening to just the CD's...knowing how even more amazing they sound live. It's kind of a small let down I guess. I need a live DVD or CD now!!!! But for now I guess I'll just have to wait...and listen to the CD's...and catch them on TV whenever possible.

first off the show was amazing! I was surprised how close i actually got , since there were already a ton of people waiting 2 hours early . I've seen taped performances but had no idea how great it would be. oh yeah there were some extremely nice people there ...big thanks to the guy who switched w/ me so i could actually see. hope they come back soon.

Hey yall,

First of all, I'm semi-new to the board...I live vicariously through my friend who is a bigger fan and she tells me all the on goings! Second of all, I just wanted to say thank you to quite possibly the best group of fans I've ever interacted with at a show. We got to Grady Coole around 4, stood in line with some cool people, shared some food and what not... I was with two friends, one of whom is handicapped so we found out we had to go around back (no luck spotting the band) to get to the floor. Little did we know they opened the doors early so we got inside at about 5 till 7 and the floor was already filled up at the front! So it was looking necessary to get to the railing that separates the stage from the floor so my friend could stand and have something to hold onto....and everyone was SO cool about letting us up there, trying to see what they could do to help, and making sure everything was alright. And even aside from that, everyone was so laidback and I was impressed by that. Now I'm sure there was a fair share of drunkards, but what show wouldn't have those? So I just wanted to thank all of yall for being a very cool fan group to associate with.

As for the show....I was amazed and still am. Of course I've only got partial hearing in my right ear (we were on the side, angled towards the stage), but we've got to make sacrifices at some point! The opener was incredible, we definitely saw it coming I think, and from there on, it was just such a solid show. The lighting ROCKED and the sound wasn't half bad for a converted basketball court/location for a high school dance as Chris called it! I hope all of yall thoroughly enjoyed the show and hopefully we'll meet again in the future for another CP show.