January 24:
Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex,
Birmingham, AL

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Set List:
Warning Sign
One I Love
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
The Scientist

In My Place
Ladder to the Sun
ce (Justin Timberlake adlib)


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Stranger@TheGates: A dream came to life last Friday night in Birmingham. Everysince I saw them perform on the MTV $2 show I dreamed of the day I would witness such a magical performance. My chance came last Fall when I received and e-mail for pre-sale tickets for Birmingham. I bought two at that moment. I invited my girlfriend of 3 1/2 years to join me in this special evening. I was almost as excited for her as I was for myself. This would be her first concert of this level. After the show she would not stop talking about it; she's forever hooked. As for me, the show could not have came at a better time. On January 4th of this year my father died very unexpectedly at the young age of 50. He left behind my mother and myself (only child). It's been extremely difficult dealing with this tragedy. But one of the things that keeps me strong is music, especially Coldplay. Their music has a special power to reach inner fellings and mend them. Coldplay is music for the soul. People are drawn to music like that. That's why I wasn't at all surprized at the number of fans. Even my father liked them. This was a man who listened to Bob Dylan, one of the masters of soul music. Nevertheless, the performance...brilliant, the atmosphere...magical, and myself...lifted. Bravo, Coldplay, bravo!!!

verte76: OMG!!! That was an absolutely *amazing* show!!! Chris was all over the place, giving it 200%!! The absolute highlight for me was---surprise, surprise---"Clocks". I couldn't believe that! The lighting, the *song*, I thought I was going to faint. I'm not in the mood for a long note or whatever but I *had* to post something. My mind is completely blown. I'm on a high and I'm going to stay on one for the forseeable future!!!

nicko14: that was a wicked tight show. i was pinin' for 'trouble' and then after 'in my place' he was all like, 'trouble trouble trouble' and i was all like, 'whoo!' and then they played that one new song at the end so a FOUR SONG ENCORE. i went with this girl i'm in love with but she has a boyfriend, so i was all just like, hey i'll be your friend . anyways, the show was amaaazing. chris was too funny, kudos to the whole band. my fave part was the FREAKout in shiver. my fave song off parachutes, might i add also the girl i went with's fave song off parachutes. tell me we were meant for each other, and we have the same favorite oasis song... *sigh* GEEZ

nicodemus: I've probably attended 500 to 600 concerts in my lifetime. Last night's show was easily in the top 5 performances I've ever seen. I was blown away by how rabid the crowd was. I was sitting in the 7th or 8th row and it sounded like the crowd knew every word to every song. I think the band seemed truly impressed too. The venue was a 3,000 seat concert hall that was originally intended for classical music & opera. The sound in the place was great. I think the band was impressed with the venue as well as the intensity of the crowd. Chris Martin said something to the effect of "We never dreamed we would be playing a packed opera house in Alabama...this is f***ing cool!"

IloveChrisMartin: Last night was truly the best concert I've ever been to!! The whole band (especially Chris) seemed so happy and excited to be playing, which was awesome! My friend and I were in the center of the front row... awesome seats!!! We were truly impressed with the whole show and look forward to seeing them again in the near future!!

world's own optimist: I don't know if it was that I was preoccupied or if it was because after the ten tons of STRESS of trying to make arrangements to go and to actually get there combined with the exhaustion of the driving, but I didn't react the way I thought I would. I kind of expected a quasi-religious experience. Maybe because I was so excited up until the show, the excitement of the show just seemed normal to me? Or maybe because there were no real surprises because I knew the set list [even though I'd never heard the three non-album songs]! I don't know. I didn't even get weepy once... probably because they didn't play any really weepy songs. They were so energetic! I was completely blown away by the energy level the guys maintained through the whole performance and that long, WONDERFUL encore!!! Chris is so hyper! Plus, I loved the lighting effects and the acoustics in the hall were unbelievable! But what did surprise me most of all is that in person they sound just exactly like they do on their albums. I like that. Not that I like everything to sound pre-recorded or anything but I like that they don't seem to have a whole lot of engineering going on on their albums.

My mom went with me and she loved the show even more than I did! Mostly because she hasn't listened to the songs over and over again ten billion times so it was all a bit new. I was so glad she went instead of one of my friends because she's the only Coldplay fan I know in real life and my friends wouldn't have gotten nearly as much out of the experience. She's amazed by how talented the guys are -- as am I, but I knew that already. We had awesome seats, third or fourth row on the right side of the "grand tier", with a perfect, almost straight-on view of the stage. I don't think I would've wanted to be on the floor because I couldn't stand up that long!

I thought the crowd was AWESOME, and after what I'd heard of the Miami show I was so happy to see three thousand people who had come out because they love the band, who know all the words to the songs and were actually INTO the show. I saw four or five lighters being raised during... ummm... I think it was "Warning Sign". And I loved that they asked for audience participation. That was so much fun. Not like I wasn't going to sing along anyway but that gave me an excuse to sing loud! Everybody knew all the words to "Yellow" and joined in at Chris's request for a few choruses of "Everything's Not Lost". During that song he made a remark like, "George Bush is your president... you might be in trouble..." which cracked me up. And he sang the words "Sweet home Alabama" at the end of... mmm... "Clocks"? That got quite a cheer from the audience. Chris is adorable... the first thing he said was "Everyone needs a first time in Alabamer" [God I love the English accent] "and this is ours" -- before going into "Politik" if I recall correctly. And the crowd reaction when he said "This is the song that brought us to America" [before Yellow of course] was fantastic.

I loved the way they set up the four video screens -- combined with the gorgeous lighting effects and Chris hopping around like a madman, it was QUITE a sight. I'm so glad I went to all the trouble to go... for a first concert it was certainly a good one! My one regret is that I couldn't run around the building and try to find the bus and accost the boys for autographs after, but it was F---ING FREEZING and we needed to get some sleep so we'd be able to get up early and drive home.

Also, we both loved Ron Sexsmith. He reminded me a bit of a combination of Jackson Browne and Elliott Smith. We'll definitely be buying one of his albums soon. So overall, it was quite an awesome experience. I hope I get the chance to see Coldplay in concert again, maybe when they tour to support Album #3 -- which, if "Moses" and "Ladder to the Sun" are any indication, is going to be UNBELIEVABLE.

Silverbugglx: This band is with out a doubt the last of their breed. It was pure music and showmanship at its best. A concert the way I remember them, no dancers, back up singers, acrobats or small replicas of Stone Hendge. The lighting was great!!!, the sound was blended perfect and the added projected images were very artistic. They went from rocking the house with Politik to moving me to tears with Warning Sign (my husband is in the war, and the truth is, that I miss him, so much). They played a full 1 1/2 hours and came back with 3 songs for their encore. They also introduced a few new songs that were wonderful.
I would gladly pay big bucks and travel many a mile to see these guys again. They are all wonderful musicians and writers way beyond their years. They will only get better, and I'll be there to back them up!
Alabama has good taste, don't let the sterio type fool you, the house was sold out!

my_loudest_tones: That was the best show I've seen in a long time. Every song was perfection, well almost ('member when Chris messed up on "Shiver") but we were still singing right along. it was beautiful. i recommend this band to everyone. and i hope they come back. Please come back Coldplay. We love you…. I had the most amazing time, with my best friend Apryl, at the Coldplay concert. It is now 12:48 pm. The show ended at 11:00 pm. The most beautiful 2 hours I've ever spent on this Earth. They did a kick ass set, which included 1st- "Politik" 2nd- Shiver 3rd-Spies....ummm..and "Yellow" (and of course, the whole concert hall was bathed in yellow lights) "The Scientist", "One I Love"(In My Place b-side), "Moses" new song about "falling in love" and "Ladder to the Stars", this one new as well; "Warning Sign"; "Everything's Not Lost"; "Daylight" "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face" "Clocks"....Sweet home Alabama. Dearest Birmingham fans, weren't we marvelous!, as Chris said. It was so lovely, everyone singing along in unison, as I had my lighter flicked and standing wobbly atop my chair, as I am quite short. I know everyone at that show had an amazing time, as I surely did. I sorely missed "Green Eyes", but all the extra songs were a surprise, which I adored. The WHOLE show was gorgeously beautiful. I can't explain, unless you were there, then you and ALL the Coldplay fans know what I speak of. Chris seemed to really like Birmingham, and the Make Trade Fair people were so nice; they said we were really cool and were so glad that most of us took the time to check MTF out. I sincerely think this is a good cause and everyone should get together and make some change.

starlet3929: Okay, so...what can I say, the show was awesome. For those of you who were there, you know what I mean. The lights were phenomenal, the sound was phenomenal...it was everything I had hoped for and more. We drove from Nashville to see them, because, unfortunately, we can't get tickets to the show at the Ryman in my hometown. If anyone knows where I can score 2 tickets for that show...please let me know!!! Thanks to the band for giving everything that they had for the Birmingham show!!! Ho

annaliisa01: coldplay was amazing tonight! It went by so quickly. They played their new songs--"moses" and "ladder to the sun" the second one being my favorite. I love those guys--they are the best!