January 22:
University of Miami,
Miami, FL  

+ Acoustic set
@ 94.9 ZETA

dvd audience recording exists.

01. Politik

02. Shiver

03. Spies

04. Daylight

05. Warning Sign

06. One I Love

07. Don't Panic

08. Everything's Not Lost

09. Moses

10. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

11. Yellow

12. The Scientist


13. Clocks

14. In My Place

15. Trouble lace (Justin Timberlake adlib)


Acoustic set @ 94.9 ZETA:
In My Place
The Scientist

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Acoustic set @ 94.9 ZETA:

article :

Coldplay heats up new Miami venue
There were two tests Wednesday night at the University of Miami but they had nothing to do with maddening midterms or unready undergrads. Instead, the performance by the English-band-of-the-moment Coldplay was the debut concert at UM's new 7000-seat Convocation Center and it was the group's first show in South Florida, a virtual exploratory trip to see if there's an audience here for its melancholic yet romantic Britpop.


As for the first test, the venue gets a passing grade. Parking is free -- and relatively hassle free -- and sightlines are good. But there's no getting around the fact that Convocation Hall, with its high ceilings, is built for sports and that means reverb bouncing off the back wall.


That leaves the second test and Coldplay aced it. The quartet packed the place -- in a market that most Britpop bands avoid -- and managed to compensate for the sound problems with a generally crisp mix and a knockout 85-minute, 15-song set.


Coldplay showed why it has been one of the few English rock bands to garner mainstream American success in the last couple of years. Blending a typically British sense of intelligent lyricism with an avowedly American sense of arena stage presence, the group pcked its songs with added punch without overpowering them.

Frontman/guitarist/keyboardist Chris Martin didn't say much to the crowd at first, preferring to lead the band -- bassist Guy Berryman, guitarist Jon Buckland, and drummer Will Champion -- through strong versions of the opening Politic, Shiver, and a slightly reworked Spies.


It was in the middle of the set when Martin loosened up, the four screens over the stage began to be used in intriguing ways (including a close-up of Martin's left hand on which he had scrawled "maketradefair.com," a site for Oxfam, the British relief agency), and the group kicked into overdrive.


Martin joked with the crowd -- offering a mild anti-Jeb Bush dig in front of Don't Panic -- and lit into rousing versions of Everything's Not Lost, God Put a Smile Upon Your Face, and the inevitable Yellow. Leaving the low-key The Scientist as the final song before the encore was a bit anti-climactic but the band rebounded with stirring takes on Clocks, In My Place and the elegant Trouble.


In the end, Coldplay proved there's an audience -- an enthusiastic one -- here for its style of music. Now if only Radiohead and Sigur Ros would take the hint and get down here.




de nola: I MET COLDPLAY AT THE MIAMI AFTERSHOW PARTY!!! IT WAS AMAZING! Chris commented on my glasses and then we spoke a lil bit after... I told them how great the show was ( the vibe was amazing at this show). I had a wonderful time with the guys! Epic records was there along with some important member of UofM. They gave them some awards ( I have pics when they were receiving them). UM... ahhh I had the best time!!!! Chris was drinking a Beck ( beer) through out the party... hehehe he's funny! well, I don't know what else to say! THE BAND WAS GREAT THIS SHOW, THE MOOD WAS AMAZING!!! I'm so happy i went! loyalCDP: Yo, i was at that concert too. IT WAS AWESOME! everyone was having such a good time. They played only superstition and i freaked out. I freaked throughout the whole thing. it was so cool. I have to get my grubby little hands on one of those dvd's. if they really exist.


Johana: The miami show was just brilliantly beautiful. seriously one of the best concerts ive ever been to..... i felt tears coming down my face. that was actually one of the first times the Convocation center @ UM was used...what great way to use that place???

Coldplayted: Hey! i went to the concert at UM last night and it was so amazing! The guys were all great, the energy in the crowd was great!...it ended too soon! i loved the concert and i hope they come back next year!!

HazelEyes: Shiver So after I've had a day to recover from my overdose of happiness at finally seeing Coldplay here in Miami, I've been able to admit that I have a few gripes about last night, though they are not even directly to coldplay. 1) The Crowd. I wouldnt blame CP if they never come back to perform here again! I had floor seats, and though there were some Coldplay fans who were able to sway and sing along to every song, there were a few zombies there who just stared at the band with such disinterest, it was all i could do from walking up to them and pointing them to the exit. IT was a mix of people who love Coldplay, and people who seemed to have had nothing to do, and stumbled across this thanks to their College Agenda. I blame UM for that, for using lame ads to promote Coldplay's concert, labeling them as a " College band" popular at " colleges across the country" " nominated for 2 grammy's". UGH. I would haved preferred going to Orlando, I keep hearing excellent things about the show ANd the crowd. Chris was practically begging the crowd to sing along, and kept his cheerful, people loving demeanor through the whole show. His jumps and romps around the stage made me laugh and appreciate the band all much more. Especially when he flipped it in reverse!!! LoL 2) The Opening Band. Again, I wil blame my impatience and anxiety to see Coldplay on my current dislike for the band. They were on for 45 minutes, that time couldve been used to have played some more tracks from AROBTTH, like the title track and " Green Eyes" or even oldies like " Bigger Stronger", " No more Keeping My Feet on The Ground, even " Sparks". 3) The tshirt vendor not accepting credit cards. I shake my fist at you!!! Either way, I would go see them again and again, and i am curently trying to get tickets to see them In GA. I love 'em, and hopefully they will come back and perform in a more intimate setting, with a more appreciative crowd. I'll surely be there

part of the disease: The show was fine, but it didn't measure up to the last time I saw them. That has a lot to do with it being Miami. Miami crowds suck. I saw them in Baltimore last October and I was awestruck. In Maryland the crowd was into it, the band was mixing it up with both albums, covers and what-not. No one in my section (111) seemed to care. They sat there. This guy next to me sat with his leg twitching the whole time and it was very unnerving. From where I sat it seemed like no one in the place was even singing with them. I've seen several shows in Miami and, with the exception of U2's recent tour, the crowd has always seemed "to cool for school". In Baltimore Chris had the audience swarm the stage and it really affected the performance. From where I sat it looked like security wouldn't even let people lean on the rail up front. I had to lean on the woofer in Balto. and every kick of the bass drum gave me a puff of air, but it was a fantastic show. I will say that Coldplay concerts attract the most gorgeous women though... How could they not play "Rush of Blood..." Its so phenomenal live. Small disappointment there.

And UM's arena sucks. I has house lights shining down on me for the entire show. Might be alright for basketball, but I doubt I'll pay money for a concert there again. And with the lackluster respinse from the audience I doubt Coldplay will do Miami again. I wouldn't. I doubt I'd have done an encore.

fh3: I was at the Miami show and oh my god... I cannot explain how good it was... it was my first time seeing them live, and it was just a spectacular flawless performance... Everything was excellent... but I didnt really like the crowd... even though there were so many people that knew all their songs it (being the crowd) still didnt feel as good as Oasis did in the summer... everyone was so proper in this one... they were all just standing in their spot with their hands tied around them... I expected alot more energy from the crowd... I tried jumping up and down during the "open up your eyes" in Politik, but seeing as how I was the only one I stopped one of the best moments was the crowd singing the end of Everythings Not Lost... The band did a wonderful job... truely appreciated... thanks alot guys.

sye10: I just got home from the Miami concert... it was absolutely amazing!!!! My first Coldplay concert, and I had awesome seats... I'm really sick (and sleepy!) so my review isn't going to be too detailish, but...

They opened with 'Politik', sang a good amount of songs, for ex, in NO particular order because I don't remember!: 'God Put a Smile Upon Your Face', 'Yellow' (had so much feeling to it!! Dedicated it to us Miami people), 'Everything's Not Lost' was AWESOME, he had EVERYONE singing along with him, it was great.... Closed up w/ 'The Scientist' (thank GOD, I was dying to hear this one!), then did the encore w/ 'Clocks', 'In My Place', then the grand finale... 'Trouble'.

I know I'm missing some songs but I really can barely think straight! (I'm sick and still my friend and I insisted on hanging out by the tour buses to catch a glimpse at the guys leaving... and it worked! So that was fun...) So I'm glad I created a new Coldplay fan tonight (my friend), and I just become a bigger fan myself. As soon as I got home I started checking out their websites and registered to this one (instead of going to sleep!)

They absolutely ROCKED!!

TheScientistChick :I went to both the Orlando and Miami shows. Coldplay put a smile on my face! They were both phenomenal shows.

The crowd in Orlando was a lot more intense but I think that had alot to do with the venue. The band gave it 110% each night, though. Chris even told tonight's audience that they did a fantastic singing job, when that quite obviously, wasn't the case. There was a lot of fun banter between Chris and the audience. One thing that made me laugh was when he told the audience not to panic, even if Jeb Bush is our governor. He also said that the band was given such a warm welcome during their first trip to Florida that they felt like Dan Marino. I just can't get over the energy and talent that Coldplay displays during a live show. The songs come to life in a way that's breathtaking. It's been a long but fabulous two days. I will post more after some sleep!

BooRadleyMIA: I also was there last night at the Miami show. Aside from some minor problems with it being the first show at the new UM Arena, (ex. They sold some tickets that didn't exist, to some girls sitting next to us!) The show was simply amazing!! The setlists being posted are fairly accurate, so I won't post my own. I thought the highlight of the show was Chris' banter with the crowd. The Jeb Bush comment was hilarious. Also, as they were about to start YELLOW, Chris mentioned how this 'was the song that brought us to America, that brought us to you'. It was almost to much to take when they started playing, Sensory Overload!! Awesome show,, Thank You Thank You!!!!

Tinafilm: I went last night as well. It was real nice!!!! The Jeb Bush comment was a highlight! They were just amazing! He kept saying that this was their first time in florida, but I thought they had been to miami before? Didn't they do some show with someone else at the bayside amphitheatre a couple years ago or something like that? Maybe I'm just imagining things again. I had really good seats, and hopefully got some excellent pics, I shall find out today. Oh and I loved his funny little dance like a little yummy leprechaun!

FireOpal: I thought the Miami show was excellent too, lots of energy from the band and the audience was L-O-U-D! Ron Sexsmith did a great job opening as well. I liked Chris' parting remarks to the crowd as he thanked us for coming to see "a poxy English band" -- wot a cutie he is. The highlight of the show for me was the gorgeous new song "Moses" -- damn I hope they release that as a single someday. Chris introduced it as "a song about when you meet someone really beautiful, and you're waiting for them to call you, and then they do and life is happiness" -- something like that. I expected him to say, "And it's called 'Gwyneth'" but nah....

LilRed: i came back from the miami show and while i thought that the audience was a bit mellow, that coldplay put on an excellent show. i asked the soundboard guy for the setlist and it seems like they have one set for the tour but a choice between 2 encores

scientist275: One of the best concerts I've ever been to. I finally got to see them. I remember when they tried to come down here at the Hard Rock Cafe. I had tickets on my hands and the gig was cancelled. Thankfully, they returned. And what a return! UM sucks! Our bar codes on the tickets were not dark enough and could not be scanned. Had to come down to customer service only to be told to go up and try again. The staff on the gig were so uptight. They would not let us rush up front to the stage. What harm is that gonna cause? Even when I was taking pics, this guy comes up to me and says: "No pictures!!" Besides that, the gig was amazing!

Briggs: coldplay is my favorite band, ever since the first time i heard their music, i was in love. fortunatly, my best friend also feels the same way for the band, and lastnight at the miami show, we bonded more than ever. we cried together, laughed together, and danced our happy little butts off i would have to say, the show was one of the best i have ever been a part of. i have never gotten such a vibe from a concert ever in my life, the fans showed appreciation for the band and one another. i am on a natural high, and cant come down (not that i want to).... Thank you to the band, for making my night a truly heartfelt experience

jericho_54: I thought the Miami concert was awesome...the band had great energy... It was the first time I saw Coldplay live...Man! Chris is a great performer. The lights and video panels (helping people like me who were stuck in the back see) were unbelievable.


I shiver: hey my friend Sarah wrote a small review of this show...here it is.. They began by thanking everyone for coming and started "Politik". The lights were CRAZY blue and strobe-like and Chris was flying around on his seat. The venue at U.M. was JUST built and Chris commented on that they were the first band to ever perform there. They played "Shiver". Before "Don't Panic" he said that this song was for anyone who had Jeb Bush as a governer. Hahahahah... Ummmm and also they played "Moses" and Chris went on about how it was new and that he wrote it about when you meet someone beautiful and you want them to call you and you're waiting and waiting and finally they do, but this was written about the uncertainty part. And before "Yellow" he said it was a song about the most beautiful girl that ever lived.

Barbiesunrise: WOW! I saw their show in Miami the other night (first time to see Coldplay live) and was completely blown away! What a great performance! I was also given some passes, so I got to meet the band during the aftershow "meet n' greet" and asked them to autograph my pass. I also got a photo with the band. I only spoke to them for a brief moment. I told them that I was disappointed as I had something else for them to sign, but had left it in the car, and asked if they could just sign the pass itself? Will replied, "oh that's okay - signing the pass is fine"... and I told Guy that I enjoyed the show and he thanked me. They were very pleasant, which was really nice. I used to work in the music industry here in South Florida (hence, how I came about getting to go backstage) and trust me when I say, some of the artists that I've worked with in the past or have met in that setting were not at all nice people. But these guys seemed very sweet, very polite....

Christina Miafocus: just got back from the concert and i must say it was the best i have seen. them boys really now how to put on a show. makes up for driving all the way to atlanta and having a no show. cant wait til there next cd comes out, hopefully there will be another one, and hopefully they come to miami again. good job boys