December 19
Sports Hall Laugardalsholl


No recording has surfaced

No exact setlist known

scientist synopsis: The show with Coldplay doing a Sigur Ros cover



Hi my name is Ragnar and I just came home from a Coldplay consert in Reykjavík.
They are so good that I had to tell other people about it.
I honestly think Coldplay is one of the best rock groups in the world today along with groups like Sigurrós, Radiohead, Travis and more.
If there are any other Icelanders out there with a comment please reply.

THANK YOU Coldplay for a night to remember forever.


I went to the Coldplay concert in Reykjavík last night and my god were they fantastic. It was my fourth Coldplay concert and by far the best one!! I didn´t have a pen with my so I don´t have the play list, but it started with Politik. When he played Life is for living (I think...) he kind of mixed in a song with Sigur Rós which was brilliant!!
I´m still floating around in a Chris Martin cloud..... After the concert I went to this Coldplay aftershow where Guy and Jonny seemed to be having fun. (Chris Martin wasn´t there, probably having a cosy evening with Gwyneth.... )
To sum it up - a perfect evening!!!



I was at the concert last! It was amazing...the best concert I´ve been to...they were even better than U2 (Elevation tour).

I had the feeling Chris didn´t want to end the "Have yourself a merry little chistmas" song, because he just kept on singing "Have yourself a merry little christmas" over and over again at the end.

Went to the show last night ... excellent! Ash rocked the house, and Coldplay were an excellent comedown. The Sigur Ros tag was great, and they did a 'private' song towards the end with Tim of Ash, then commented: "That was Tim from Ash, the second greatest band in the world." Chris' vocals were spot on, except when he screwed up a bit during the intro of Life is for Living ... got the whole crowd laughing with him. It was great! Had everyone singing the quiet bridge section of Trouble. Here's a generic setlist, in no particular order:

Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
In My Place
God Put A Smile On Your Face
The Scientist
Green Eyes

A few of the songs they did little extended jams, and Chris was doing his dancing around jig during the rockers ... didn't play on Yellow though. Jonny played the main riff I believe. The song they did with Tim was almost like a punk song ... rocked though. I think they played a few more, but nothing new, except for the private song.

On another note, Ash played most of their big hits, and also played their new one, "Envy" I believe was the name of it, if I heard it right. Also played "Jack Names the Planets".


I don't remember that much about the 'private' song. The song was over pretty quick, and I didn't catch much of the lyrics as the crowd was pretty hyped and dancing around. I'm assuming the song is 1.36 since Tim plays guitar on it.

Also, after listening to AROBTTH a few times this weekend, I have to say that they also played Amsterdam, AROBTTH, and quite possibly A Whisper. They came back on twice after walking off, and also threw in a bit of 'I'm Dreaming of A White Christmas' during the bridge of 'In My Place', and then ended the show with 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas'.


Kata coldplayer:
The concerts in Reykjavík last thursday were GREAT!!!! They were just.... just great!! And Chris Martin was so funny and he was having such fun! I also went to the coldplay concerts last year and they were also great!!! And I got to keep Chris Martin's guitar nylon and I've been playing with it on my guitar since I got home from the concerts!



The Best Concert of the year in Iceland!

Last night or on the 19.12 Coldplay and Ash played for about 5000 people (Hey, its Iceland only 280.000 people there and iam one of theme) and it was the best Concert i ever went on besides Rammstein which came to Iceland in july. I wanted to take pictures but the batteries where not full .Damn!!!!!!!! But hey it was great. Chris, We thank you.

No  new songs but they took "Have your self a merry litle Chrismas" and a small part of "Svefn G Englar" from the icelandic band Sigurrós. All other songs where frome "A Rush of Blood to the Head" and some songs from "Parachute". Man, it was great.


Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Greatest Concert I´ve ever been to!

Last Thursday I went to the Coldplay concert here in Iceland, I was so amazed this concert was so much better then the last time they were here.

The band´s performance was excellent and the music sounded quite magical. Chris´s soothing and gentle voice had a tranquily influence on my body and mind but the guitar, drums and bass-playing gave my body back the energy I needed.

I just want to say that if someone, a member of the band will ever read this (which I doubt) that Coldplay has had a huge impact on my life, and I find it so good to come home from school or work and sit down and just relax by hearing your music. And sometimes if I had a bad day I will put your CD on and I listen to the lyrics and find a way to solve a problem or I will feel better about something I´ve been worrying about. Sometimes I just don´t know where I would be if I hadn´t heard your music. So Coldplay is a good therapy