December 12
Nassau Coliseum
New York City, NY

K-Rock presents Claus-Fest 2002
(Taproot, Boxcar Racer, New Found Glory, Kelly Osborn, Queens of the Stone Age, Jimmy Fallon, Coldplay, Zwan, Audioslave, The Vines and Stone Sour.)

One recording that has surfaced has only first 5 tracks and is distorted. 

RS33-3028 > sony mz-r70 > Coax Cable > cool edit pro > master wav's > MKW

Unknown setlist**


scientist synopsis: Coldplay is somewhat out of place with this lineup.



OK - so I went to the K-Rock ClausFest at the Nassau last night - let me tell you! Quite the interesting line up equals quite the diversified crowd!! First off there is The Vines, Queens of the StoneAge, Audioslave, Zwan, Box Car Racer - all bands that you would figure the hardcores and so forth would be all about... then to top it off, the Prince of Darkness Himself was there (with daughter ta boot, also performing), so then you throw a bunch of old timer Sabbath fans in there (mullets and all).... Then you had the coldplay fans - woo hoo! We were a small bunch, but determined to make the best of our surroundings!! Anyhoo.. A bunch of the brutal bands were up first (including Jimmy Fallon bands, he is fucking hysterical - i love em..such tribute to the 80's, one of my fav eras, hence the avatar!!!) .. The crowd was very mellow at this point - not too crowded on the floor (general admission show = mayhem), but no one really into what was going on... THey didnt give us any lineup schedule or anything, so u kinda had to guess who was coming on next.... All of a sudden Jimmy leaves and I see the piano come rollin out (with all the same brit stage crew settin up that was there in boston the night b4!)... i KNEW IT WAS GO TIME! So I muscled my way through the crowds of teenboppers, mullets, etc., which 90% were already pretty shitfaced (uh oh, this means trouble) ...
It was a scary scene, something was in the air - i couldn't quite put my finger on it, but something big was about to happen... I was able to get my way up to ride rail right in front of the stage... Just as the lights dimmed, the crowd made an unusual shift - and my entire body became an orange in a juicer!! People rushed the stage like maniacs!! Its was chaos!! My long red haird now became ropes for people to help give them leverage to climb up on the masses! Pandamonium!!! Chris came crawling onto stage, hopped up on his bench and jumped right into Politik (last 3 shows i have seen they have opened with this).. Well I think that may have been a bad move - that song gets me riled, I can image what it does to a crowd full of drunk ozzy fans!! People were going nuts!!!! All of a sudden a mass of crowd surfers were on top of me - one poor little blonde next to me got a boot right to the left eye, it was a sad sight!! A hugh mosh pit broke out to my left - security was EVERYWHERE!!!! Not only did this make for an uncomfortable show for me (seeing as this fucking band was the only reason i drove 2 hours!!!) but also every 2 seconds a security guard was climbed up on the railing in front of me pulling some other sorry bastard out of the crowd and blocking my view!! i couldn't help but scream at everyone "THIS IS FUCKING COLDPLAY@!!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYZ DOING!!!" They obviously didnt listen nor care if they heard.. I wish you all could of seen the look on Chris and Johnny's face - they were shit shocked!! They looked at the crowds like " what a bunch of crazy Americans!!" I don;t know if they liked the response, or if they are gonna run back home scared of every coming here agaiN!!! It was nuts! Chirs made a silly comment thanking the audience for being so curtiuos to the fact that they were not covered in tatoos and piercings yet they still were getting a positive repsonse (not sure if you would call that positive)...

Once the scientist was played to close their set, there were a few of the boo-ing dickheads around me (don't worry, they got a taste of fnkybitch's foul mouth tellin em where they could go)... But in all honesty, I think there is a bunch of closet coldplay fans out there in the world, who are just afraid to admit it or something?? There were BIG BRUTAL guys, wearin their Kiss 89 tour T-shirts lovin these brits!! i don't know if they should be flattered or what - It was damn eerie tho!!

I will take coldplay anyway I can get em... but this radio combo touring in the future is gonna be a questionable one~~!! Next time I go to something like this, I am gonna wear a helmet.....

P.S. Sorry so long.. much to say - Chris was a brave soul and snuck a little "Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas"... Luckily he got off there before any bottles were tossed.... he's my hero