December 11
Orpheum Theater
Boston, MA

WBCN radio show
(Zwan, Ok Go, Coldplay)

Recording exists with digital clipping/error during "Shiver" at 4:20-4:30. And last minute or so of "In My Place" cut (ran out of tape)..




Warning Sign


Don't Panic

One I Love

Green Eyes

Everything's Not Lost

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face


The Scientist





In My Place




Well I've just got in the door after the 7 hour drive back from Boston today and I am still in awe of the show that I witnessed last night. I cannot put into words what I witnessed at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, it was simply incredible!


Going into the show I knew I had a good seat, I just didn't know how good. Well I ended up being in the 4th row just off to the right hand side of the stage. My seat was perfect except that I couldn't see Will at all  !!! The damn speakers got in the way, but, all in all I can't complain because I was less than 10 feet from Guy and had a perfect view of Chris at the piano as well as Jonny just beyond Chris.


The guys came on stage, with Chris crawling to his piano, just after 9:15pm. As usual, straight into Politik, which has to be one of the greatest songs to start a show, ever. One of the best moments of the show came before they'd even played a note! Chris counts in the band at the very start of Politik: "1, 2, 3, 4..." , that split second between 4 and when the song finally began with a bang seemed to last forever!


After Politik came Shiver. Great guitar from Jonny, and with Chris jumping around with the acoustic, it was a simply stunning performance.From there the show went on with the likes of, in no particular order, Daylight, Trouble, Everything's Not Lost and the song of the night: One I Love.


One I Love, there's something about this song played absolutely rocks! I've seen Coldplay twice now, and both times One I Love totally blew me away! Jonny especially gets into it during this song. I really hope that this song never leaves the set list, at least not in the near future, because it cannot be topped by anything.


God Put A Smile Upon Your Face was great as well, some of the moves Chris comes up with when he's strumming away on the guitar during this song are priceless!

Other random thoughts and observations from last night:


- during Yellow Chris did not play acoustic, just off stage to the right, one of the roadies played it, not sure why this was. probably just so Chris can get the crowd more riled up during this song. Personally I didn't like it. I think Chris does a smoking job of getting the crowd going, with or without a guitar in his hands.

- at one point after one song (Yellow maybe?) Chris did a Justin Timberlake impression, complete with dance moves, and got a big chuckle out of the audience

- Chris just before starting Trouble: "this song would have been

a huge hit had Shania Twain sung it....or if I had breasts"

- Chris mentioned about how he and Jonny had been in San Francisco (or maybe it was LA?) a few days ago and had been to a radio station or somewhere to meet fans, and they had had tons of girls just screaming for them like they were the Beatles, "was the best feeling I've ever had in my life", Chris said.

- Chris begged the balcony crowd to stand up during the intro to In My Place. At one point it looked like he wasn't going to start singing until they did get up, and at the last second they finally all stood up allowing Chris to seamlessly start singing the song on time.

- during Clocks Chris was having trouble with his audio...he kept using one hand to adjust the small electronic thing on the back of his pants, didn't effect his singing though, still was spot on.

- Warning Sign was played! It sounded great....Jonny's guitar on this sounded amazing live. Chris played electric throughout as well...I thought he might go to the piano for the last bit but stayed on his guitar the whole song.


Overall it was an amazing show, very intimate and the guys seemed to enjoy it tremendously.

Here's the songs they played, not sure of the order but it is the best I can remember it. If anyone can remember better please let me know because I'd like to have the right order if possible.




oh goodness, where to begin......


first of all, i just want to say that last night was completely amazing. it was seriously one of the best concerts i've ever been to. i am still in awe even after being at school all day. Jenna-- i wish you could have been there because the orpheum is such an awesome place to see a concert, especially a band like coldplay.


ok---so there were 8 of us who went. we got into boston around 5:30, went to get something to eat, and then headed over to the orpheum. we had planned that my friend jackie and i would sit on the balcony seats with 4 other friends until zwan was finished, then we would switch seats with our two friends who had really close seats. our balcony seats were so good--- front row center. the orpheum is so small that it seemed so close even up there.

the first band was ok go. their music was ok, but not great. i thought they were pretty good preformers though-- they were pretty funny and one guy had this strange high singing voice, and the lead singer had a broken leg and had to sit on a chair  over all, though i thought they were fun to watch.


next was zwan. i was never really a big smashing pumpkins band, but i thought that they were really good. i would have liked them more if i wasnt so anxious for coldplay to come on.....all i wanted was to go down to the orchestra. zwan played a bit longer than ok go.

after zwan, we ran downstairs but couldnt move anywhere because the lobby was so full of people. we finally reached our two friends who were sitting down there and said that the seats were extremely close to the stage.....instead of them being 8th row like we thought, they were actually 3rd!!!! we went to our new seats, which were on the left side right down in front. while they were setting up for coldplay, we were going insane because we couldnt believe how close we were.


oh my god. let me just say that i was standing about 10-15 feet away from johnny. they were set up the way they were at the fleetbostonpavillion....jonny on the left, chris in the center, guy on the right and will in the back center. i couldnt believe it--- i could see them all perfectly, expecially jonny and chris. chris faced us when he played the piano, and he was just so close....i could see him sweating like crazy!


they were brilliant. the sound was so good and they played beautifully.....its hard to explain but they were just so amazing. you could just see how passionate they are and how much they love it-- i could also see how good of friends jonny and chris are. they were always smiling. it was just so good. they played all the same songs as at the show back in september except they didnt play spies AROBTTH, or life is for living, but they did play warning sign which i was quite suprised about but really enjoyed.

i really cant explain how much that show meant to me. when you see coldplay live, you just get this energy or something....i dunno.