December 8:
KROQ Acoustic Christmas Show

Universal Amphitheatre

Los Angeles, CA

(Audioslave , Beck w/Flaming Lips, Coldplay, Creed , Dashboard Confessional, Disturbed ,Good Charlotte, Jack Johnson,  Jimmy Fallon, Jurassic 5, New Found Glory, P.O.D. , Queens Of The Stone Age,  Sum-41, Taproot, Trust Co., The Used, The Vines)

video webcast (but might not have been recorded)


duet w/ Beck and Flaming Lips "Do They Know It's Christmas"


god put a smile
trouble (shania twain- "that don't impress me much" at end) one i love
in my place
have yourself merry christmas


scientist synopsis: A great show with Coldplay beating out its competition (except maybe for Beck/ F.L.)




the concert was great, the boys had a lot of energy especially jonny he was bouncin around and playing with more energy than usual

Jurassic 5, beck/flaming lips, and jack johnson were great!

i think nearly half the crowd left after coldplay when creed were supposed to come on, there was a guy behind me wearing a shirt with Jesus on it that said "even Jesus hates Creed"



Jurassic 5: I'm not a big fan of hip hop but they weren't to bad. The DJ did some cool stuff. They were better than some of the other bands.

Good Charlotte: They might be okay if they weren't trying so desperately to be punk. Or maybe not. Their songs are stupid and I was not liking it at all.

Dashboard Confessional: I was not familiar with their stuff at all but it was pretty nice. Pretty boring too but I got preoccupied with how much he looks like the Wolverine. But I think it would be good leisure music..

The Vines: sucked. sucked so bad. the best part of their set was when they would talk in between songs with their australian accents. I got very annoyed with the whiney vocals. They weren't all together and the songs sounded like crap. They did a cover of Outkast's "Ms. Jackson" and that was very unamusing. They smashed all their equipment after and looked like a bunch of idiots.

Jimmy Fallon: he had a 4-piece band and he played lead guitar. He was trying to be funny but wasn't pulling it off too well. The songs were okay and it was a generally entertaining set. I kinda liked it.

JACK JOHNSON: terrific! He played a bunch of new stuff and again did the bob marley covers. They also showed his surf videos on the screen behind him. Ben Harper came out for flake on slide guitar. It was so gorgeous.

Beck with the Flaming Lips: The Flaming Lips rock. They sounded great together. I only knew about 4 of the songs and he did Lost Cause but faster than the album version. At the end all these people in animal costumes came out throwing confetti and really big balloons. Then Juliet Lewis, Chris Martin, Jack Johnson, and Dashboard Confessional came onstage and they sand some Christmas song I never heard. Most of them didn't know the words but with all the animals onstage it was one of the funniest and ridiculous things I have ever seen at a concert.

COLDPLAY: their set was heaven. I had tears in my eyes nearly the whole time. It is really indescribable but I will try. First of all, their albums do not do justice to how good their music can be. They seem like a mellow band but live they really rock and give out so much positive energy. They opened with Politik with Chris pounding on the piano. He is an excellent frontman. He is very good spirited, funny and just a dream to watch. The ended the show with The Scientist (my favorite coldplay song) and I wanted to melt to the floor and cry not because it makes me sad but because it's one of the most loveliest things I have ever heard. Then he sang a few verses of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by himself on the piano. That was cute. When they are playing it makes everything feel so right. They make you feel thankful for being there at that moment. I have seen them at this show the past 3 years and every year they get dramatically better. 3 years ago was their first US performance and they were one of the first bands to go on. Its nice to see them get more time and support now.

Creed: my plan was to bolt out of there the second coldplay got off the stage but jeff I had to wait around a bit. So I saw a very little of their set. The funny thing was right after coldplay you could see this masses of people making their way out. At least half of the audience left. So they walked onstage with theirs heads high as if the world owes them a big ass favor. I hate those arrogant "oohh I'm a big rockstar look at me" type of attitudes. I know this band means well (sort of) and it's cool if people like them but i feel like they are one of those that take the stuff i like about rock and ruin it. So they start the song and then about a minute later.... scott stapps mic stops working. HALLELUJA!


I saw Coldplay's set at the KROQ acoustic Christmas last night. They were wonderful!! I sang along to every word and I have never had such a good time at a concert! Chris is an excellent frontman and the blows away the already breathtaking CDs. The redition of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" was adorable. They definitely upstaged evey other act-including the Vines, Jack Johnson and Beck-who were all very entertaining in their own way. Creed might have been good (doubtful) but I was long gone the minute Coldplay walked off-they were all I needed to hear to make the night worth every penny of my overpriced ticket. Now all I have to do is drive to Arizona (no LA show this winter!??) so I can see a complete Coldplay show! Can't wait!