December 5

Radio show

was broadcast in video mp

Green Eyes (Jonny & Chris)


December 1(may be 6th)

Tokyo, Japan

Secret gig (1200 capacity)

recording has not surfaced


1) Politik
2) Shiver
3) One I Love
4) Trouble
5) Daylight
6) Warning Sign
7) Don't Panic
8) God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
9) Everything's Not Lost ( part of Eminem's cover : The Real Slim Shady )
10) Green Eyes
11) Yellow
12) The Scientist
- encore -
13) Clocks
14) In My Place
15) Amsterdam




It was at a live house so I got to see the band quite close. But I couldn't take pictures. I was too scared since many guards were around. Although there were a lot of people taking them.
All the songs were played beautifully esp. One I Love, Warning Sign, Green Eyes, Amsterdam, In My Place, Yellow, Shiver, Everything's Not Lost, The Scientist. Shit, that's about most of the songs they played.. During Everything's Not Lost (I think) Chris sang a part of Eminem's The Real Slim Shady which was hilarious. And during Green Eye's Chris took all the microphones off and sang it and told everybody to stay quiet to hear the song. But then one person kept clapping so he stopped the person and told her/him that Chris will tell the person when to start So funny!! But the bad thing was that the sound system was really bad. In the first part of Politik you could hardly hear Will's drums and there was a problem in Chris' keyboard during Amsterdam which made him quite pissed. I don't think I heard a lot of Guy's base either..

Well I really hope everybody understood what I meant. I don't really know what I'm talking about and I still get the shivers when I think about yesterday's show!!

Thanks I did have a great time! I couldn't stay long to meet the band but Rinaldiinjapan (a board member) said he stayed but they left early and didn't come out to see any of the fans. Well anyway that was one the best days of my life!

They took place at the venue that is called the Liquidroom in Tokyo, Japan.
and so, It's about 1,200 capacity but I thought that there were a lot of peoples more than it.
When he was going to finish "GOT PUT A...", then a string of Chris's guitar snapped suddenly. Then he took a step forward on stage, and next he sang by no microphone and perfectly pulled off the song until the last line.
So it was really really fantastic!!

And Chris said thank you for Taka. (maybe... coldplay's producer - Japanese EMI Records Co.) Because they got to eat them in a sushi restaurant in their free time!

I just watched Coldplay play their "Special Gig" in Tokyo which was by invitation only. Let me tell you a couple things that really irked me about last night.

1) As much as Coldplay relentlessly tours America (and now adding a SECOND leg to the US tour), they only played ONE gig is all on Japan which was "Secret" IE no advertisements/or opportunities to purchase tickets. They included entry forms in their latest album where "500 lucky fans" would be fortunate enough to win a pair of tickets. However, after paying $100 for a ticket outside the venue because these music industry people had EXTRA tickets I finally got in. However, judging by the pretentious assholes in the venue and the masses of people with ID tags on it came clear to me this concert was not about the fans. It was a marketing scheme designed to increase demand and true fans beware. This concert was to satisfy all those individuals in their EMI world and if a couple of fans could take a peep at Coldplay...good for them.

2) So....after meeting individuals who drove 4 hours etc WITHOUT tickets to see Coldplay and waited after the show to meet them etc, Coldplay skirts out in a van and doesn't even have the decency to sign a couple autographs or recognize their fans that weathered contests, scalpers, etc to do whatever they could to see their favorite band.

This was my 3rd time seeing Coldplay and they disappointed me live. They are much more animated which is good and bad for Chris...but it's bad for about white boy...holy macarel. Chris was unbelieveable playing the piano on Politik and in general his "moves" didn't seem TOO choreographed. I definitely preferred the band when Chris was playing guitar or piano but when he holds the mic he looks like he is instructing us in a gd Richard Simmon's video. least Radiohead haven't lost their edge...Thanks for nothing Coldplay,

Wow!!! Just got back from the Coldplay secret gig, they were amaaazing! The highlight maybe Green Eyes, which Chris did completely unplugged - yum!

It was invite only apparently and so it was people who'd won some competition plus media people I guess, and it was very secret - probably 1500 people. The band seemed to enjoy themselves, although they said "this is a weird gig for us" - I'm guessing the Tokyo weirdness hit them?