Conan O'Brien Appearance



September 19
Jones Beach
Wantagh, N.Y.


A MD aud recording exists but is in low quality and was offered as mp3 initially.



One I Love
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
Green Eyes
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
The Scientist
A Rush Of Blood To The Head

In My Place
Life Is For Living







This was the first time I ever saw the band live and these guys kick ASS. The crowd was great, the mood was great, Jones Beach Theatre was great, and most of all Coldplay was GREAT. When everyone stood for Yellow it was so awesome. Right after Yellow they went right into The Scientist. That has to be my most favorite Coldplay song to date. You can tell their hearts go into their music. I hope I can see these guys again someday soon. Thanks for a great performance Coldplay!!!

fourth time seeing the boys and it was their most phenomenal performance yet. they never cease to fully amaze me. i cried at a few points during the show cuz it was just so beautiful. when they did green eyes, i totally lost it. man, they are angels.

i had this cute stuffed fabric flower and a letter ive been trying to get to chris forever. well i was in the 7th row (yes i am so obsessed i had to sell mine in row 24 and pay a shitload for closer seats) so i walked up front during in my place. chris was right there dancin all around and my legs started to shake. i couldnt stop. i freaked out, threw my stuff up there, and jetted back to my seat. haha, i am such a mess for this band.
i don't think he saw my letter cuz he didnt pick it up so that sucked cuz i really wanted him to read it. coldplay have kickass roadies though so i hope they got it to him.

i did get johnny's towel though.

I know how you feel.

I feel your everything.

The SECOND that he hit the first note for The Scientist I burst into uncontrollable tears.

Sometimes I felt like I wanted to go outside and collect myself.

They played life is for living to close it. As if it wasn't amazing enough up to that point.

Well...can you think any of the stuff Chris was saying? I'm trying to remember every little comment but I remember nothing.



I shiver:
this show was really good, and i must say a lot better than the Boston show...The set lists are exactly the same for every single show on this tour, so just look at other posts to find the full one...

Chris said a few funny things...said that Nsync play places like this and that they weren't nearly as handsome but they write good ballads, and then he said Will looks like Justin Timberlake...and at the end of Trouble I think he did part of 'bye bye bye'...he did the 'hot in herre' improv again as well as the 'i'm a slave for you' improv at the beginning of Trouble...

I can't remember the other stuff, my mind is mush right now...really great show on a beautiful night!
ps- during the soundcheck I heard them try this Echo and the Bunnymen song 3 times, I have no idea the name of it...also they sang Happy Birthday to the great guitar technician, Matt...who also got a song dedicated to him during the show!!


He also made that funny comment about them playing in cruise ships when they are fifty. That was great. And he said it drove him bonkers that all the new yorkers would come out just to see them. I bought the tour t-shirt, 30 bucks, what a ripoff! But man that concert was unbelievable. Just insane. The best band in the world at their finest. God how amazing.
Ash sucked though.

I went to the show too... man... it was my first time but they completely blew me away. My boyfriend and I went so early... got there at 7 pm... hahah.... so we sat there for all of Ash's performance... which wasn't that great, but that's just me cause i don't like that type of music.... but when coldplay came out..... man was i on my feet.

wasn't it just a beautiful setting too... i mean, the moon was so bright and full... and it reflected off the water... and chris was singing..... man..... i was totally swept away by it all. And when they started playing green eyes and the scientist.... forget it... i couldn't even see them cause my eyes were so watery....

it was a great show...... BLOODY AMAZING!!!!!!!