September 17:

Fleet Boston Pavilion

Boston , MA,  USA

Audience recorded DVD exists





Trouble (Aerosmith reference, walk this way improv)

One I Love

Don't Panic

Everything's Not Lost (hot in here improv)

Green Eyes

God Put a Smile



A Rush of Blood



In My Place

Life is for Living

scientist synopsis:




Just got back from the show in Boston at the Fleet Pavillion -- it was fantastic! The band was so together and sounded great. I can honestly say that they are the best live band I have seen. They played the usual set list for the tour, including the "Hot in Herrre" section and the 3-song finale. At the beginning and end of one song they segued in with an Aerosmith plug and ended with singing "Walk This Way" (Aerosmith is from Boston). When Chris first got on stage he said "this is the most beautiful place we have ever played" - which the crowd loved. It was a gorgeous, cool night with clear skies. The pavillion faces downtown Boston skyline and is on the ocean. It was a beautiful night.

Amazing show, amazing band. Had a blast and want to do it again!



Coldplay was definitly an eyeopener by the impression they gave me at their show in Boston. It's been about a month since I've seen them but it already feels like too long- I can't wait to see them again and I'm mad they'll be in Europe for so long. Chris Martin is so.... amazing. He has so much wild energy and it's so entertaining to watch how much he gets into his performance. I love the way he played the piano in Politik- he looked like a mad scientist with the strobe lights and his crazy hammering. My favorite live Coldplay songs were Politik, Shiver, Spies, and Yellow. I'm mad they didn't play the original version of Don't Panic because that is one of my favorites. If anything that's my only complaint but the show was soo good and I loved the low-key and layed back location at the Fleet Pavillion. Getting there was a bitch (RI) but it was more than worth it. My friends weren't nearly as amazed as I was but that's only because they didn't know them too well. I also noticed how different Coldplay fans are from everyone else- in my opinion everyone seemed really sensitive and honest- sort of like Colplay is. I also can relate to that because I think that's how I am too. I almost get offended when people talk about them because they're either ignorant or shallow. All I can say is that I pity them for not opening themselves up for the experience Coldplay can give.



The day at school was long and annoying to get through. All my friends were bugging me about the Coldplay concert later that night, asking me if I was excited, so on and so forth. (Well, of course!)

A series of events darkened my mood: my field hockey game the day before was postponed until that day, making it impossible for me to go. I wasn't shedding tears over this fact, but my best friend Shelley, who was going with me, really wanted to go. I hate changing plans at the last minute; so she went and I stayed. I had homework (a big essay, too) that I needed to finsish. I was frustrated with the fact she was going; it made me look stupid. But I accepted it and moved on from there.

Finally, the last bell rang at 1:51; a moment of joy. I had to wait, however, until 2:30 because my ride home, my friend Jason, had detention. "Oh well," I said to myself. "I've been waiting months, what's another 45 minutes?"

(Note: I found out later that everybody and their mothers knew about the concert that night. How, I don't know. I only told my friends.)

Finally, I got home and started my homework; not before talking to none other than Sara, the gal I was going to meet for the first time that night after talking to her for...about 4 months. I was almost as excited to see her as to watch the show!

I wondered how my hair looked and what I should wear. I am, after all, a girl. I had to look good for my favorite band; and I wanted to make a good first impression on Sara. She had never seen me before, because alas, I have no scanner.

As the clock neared 5:30, our launching point, I began to make sure I had everything. "Camera? check. Sketch book? check. (I had a pic I drew of Chris Martin I wanted to show Sara) Marker? check. (To write down set list) Money? check." Ok, I was all set.

Shelley arrived, and the night began. We loaded into my father's truck (he was going too; not sitting next to me, though.)

The car ride didn't seem too bad; I thought about how it was going to be. Like, if I could MEET them. (I was dillusional.)

I had to start reading the directions I printed out on my computer. I was nervous about getting there on time. Of course, although we followed all the directions, we got lost. Not too badly; a nice woman with a thick Bostonian accent gave us directions. I never knew there was a World Trade Center in Boston. (We thought she was nuts.)


"What concert are you seeing?" she asked. "Coldplay, " I replied, confidently. "Wow, should be a good show!" She exclaimed.


We headed on our way, looking for this stupid street. 6 turns and 1 stop for directions later, we saw the white tent that was The FleetBoston Pavillion.

We had to park in this garage. The were playing Coldplay. I hear the sweet sound of the Scientist. I jumped around, hitting my friend in excitment.

The walk down was crazy. We entered the place; the patted us down, and looked in my purse. I thought they would find my camera. (I hide it in a picture case. Sneaky) They didn't.

It was amazing. Booths, everywhere. I didn't know where to go first. I bought a COLDPLAY T-shirt. (The black one) and a poster (the one with all of them on it.) $40 gone, but not wasted, we had about 45 minutes to look around. I saw the MAKE TRADE FAIR booth; they rambled on about the organization, which I already knew about. I think they thought we were college students...ha! I wanted a t-shirt. But it was $10, and I had no money. Darn.

I looked for our seats. Top section, to the left. Not too bad. I checked for Sara every 5 minutes! I could see her seats from mine. I was so nervous...

We looked around some more. Got more free things, which I love. Then, we came and sat down, cause Shelley was eating her $8 sandwhich. "It better be damn good for $8!" (It was, she said)Then Sara and her friend Sam walked in. I knew it was them as soon as I saw them. It was weird. I don't know how to explain it.


I ran over to greet her. I kinda stood there for a minute. Thier backs were turned to me, but I didn't want to say anything. She saw me though.

"Are you Jenna?" Sara asked, looking surprised.

"Yep!" I said nervously. My legs were shaking so bad; I hope she didn't notice.

I gave her this disturbing pic of a cat my school had, and showed her my drawing.

It was kind of weird. I didn't really know what to say. It was a little awkward, but not too bad.


"Let's go explore!" Sara said.

We walked around some more, and she gave me a sparkly pink braclet. Super cool!

Sam seemed nervous and didn't want to talk to us. That's ok; he was nice, and did a good Irish accent. We got some pictures of us with my camera. I haven't develped them yet...

We heard music, and Ash was starting. Darn. I didn't get to talk to them for too long. Oh well. We took our seats.


Shelley liked Ash. She got up and bought their CD. "Good," I thought. "I am brainwashing her!"


Although i didn't mind Ash, I wanted them to be done. They said hi to all the Irishmen in the house. I thought "Does that mean Irishwomen, too?" (I'm Irish)

So, they ended, and we had about 20 min. We met up with Sara and Sam, and tried to get to the front of the stage. They wouldn't let us without a ticket. Wankers.

We stood in the isle, and got told to stop distrupting the pathway. Oops. There was about 5 seats next to mine that nobody was in. We sat there and talked, until the show started.



Everybody stood. Crap. I'm only 5'3 and couldn't see very well.

I'll survive. They started with POLITIK. I took a picture. I took one for about every song. This nice British/ Irish? guy told me I could stand on my seat to take them. What a nice guy...he was drunk, and in the middle of the show asked if I wanted him to take a pic of Shelley and I. Why not? I couldn't hear him, so he had to repeat himelf about 5 times. I felt stupid.


It was amazing. I "danced" ( i can't dance. it was more like the stepping craziness Chris does. I believe we are very similar in a lot of ways.) and sang all the words. Man. It was surreal. It feels like I was never there. I hate it in a way; it never really hit me.

But my favorite parts was the "Hot in Herre" addition, Don't Panic (still one of my favs...esp. with the harmonica! how I wanted that harmonica!) The Scientist (shelley said she liked that one.) Shiver, Everything's not Lost (we didn't sing along very well) God Put a Smile...(Chris was still singing when the music stopped, and he accidently kicked his guitar. He rushed to finish)

One of the TV's didn't work: "That's what you get for buying them off the Home Shopping Network!"


EVERYTHING was great. No way to explain.


The down side was this couple in front of us that groped eachother all night. They were older too. Eww. Sara saw them.


At the end of the night, I didnt want to believe it was done. I was about to leave, and the British guy said to me "My bird and I are sexy beasts!" (again, he had to repeat) I said "Ok see you later!"


Sara managed to come over and say goodbye. She had to hurry, but we got one more picture.

I found my dad. He said they reminded him of U2.

I wanted to get a pic of the sign, but they took it down already.

We couldn't find the truck in the parking lot. And we had to wait forever to pay. I still don't understand the process.

These two nice girls left their lights on and my dad helped them with the jumper cables and stuff. They were very gratefull.


I was still wired by then. On the ride home, however, I fell asleep. I was soo tired. We got home at about 1:00. Great, school the next day. Shelley slept over.

I wore my t-shirt the next day.


WOW AMAZING GREAT TERRIFIC. no way to describe it. I'm sad it is over. I have nothing to look forward to.


The Putts:

I went to the Pavillion show like most of you in here probably did. Was that not near perfection? The light show in Politik, Spies, and Yellow was awesome. Then there was that 1 projector that was defunct, but you got over it. But opening with Politik was what I was hoping for. It's been 24 hours since the show and I'm still in aww. maybe it was the 7th row seats? no... it was Coldplay... I wanted them to play more... at least play Warning Sign! so when are they comming back? Rumor has it they will be back in the states in January... but who knows for sure. For those who didn't go, shame on you.


I Shiver (Maria):

I got to the venue really early so I was able to listen to the soundcheck...There was a group of radio station listeners that won the chance to go inside for the soundcheck...During the soundcheck they played One I Love,Scientist,Politik,In My Place, and Yellow...For Yellow they had a guy come on stage and sing it with them, and it seemed this guy had a southern they decided to do the country western version of yellow, complete with guitar solo by was really hillarious...They also brought a girl on stage who I think asked to sing with them...Her name was Molly and they sang 'Amazing Grace' together.. the whole band played and Chris let her sing by herself and then joined sounded so good that I recorded it to my cell phone! She had an amazing voice and it sounded really good...even though there were only a few winners, when they finished the song the applause was so loud....wish I could have actually seen it, but listening to it was just as good...


Also during soundcheck the band debuted a brand new song! It has Chris on the piano and was very mellow, sounded very Scientist like, had a big funky soul feel to it...they did't say the name of it unfortunatly...



I have to say that the new light show is compltely amazing!! From the strobes during Politik to the yellow light that engulfed the stage during 'Yellow', those guys do a great job!


Ok so some other people have already commented about what Chris said...Before Trouble he said the last time they were in Boston they played a festival with Arosmith and some other rock bands, and he said no matter how much black they were they will never be a hard rock band...during the song he sang "'an Aerosmith fan is chucking things at me''...thought that was funny...


Before 'One I Love' (I think) Chris said 'we just got our haircut and we wanted to show them off' and dowm came the drapes that were covering the 4 big monitors behind the band...I hadn't read this in any of the other reviews, but this is a new thing for US shows...the video cameras were in front of each member with one extra camera that shot just Chris's hands playing the piano...very Thom Yorke if you ask me, but it was cool to watch...and Will made a few funny faces into it which i took pictures of...


Green Eyes brought Johnny over to the piano bench and he sat there and played while Chris stood and sang...this was when the security guard pointed at me to stop taking pictures


Yellow was amazing, and Chris was once again hoping around like a mad man...such great the end he droped his guitar down and turned the mike to the audience to finish out the song...he did the same in In My Place, he fumbled the last few lines and had the audience finish it up...I personally liked it better when he played the keyboard during this song, now he just jumps around which I guess is just as good...


Clocks sounded completly amazing and some people around me just started to rock out after sitting and being still for the whole show...


This was a really great show and even though they are playing these huge places they still are humble and greatfull for being able to play for people..It was a beautifull night and I really can not wait until they come back in January...