September 16
Pier Six Concert Pavilion
Baltimore, MD

Taper: George Wang Source: DPA4022 Sonosax SX-M2 SBM-1 (Oade Mod) Location: Sec. LFT Row T Seat 44, 50 ft. right stage stack DAT SHN: Archive Python DDS/DAT2WAV .wav CD-WAV/mkwACT .shn (Direct DAT extraction, no soundcard)

Also an aud dvd exists of a low quality soundcheck (including several unplayed songs)

One I Love
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
Green Eyes
Streets Of Baltimore lyrics
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
The Scientist
A Rush Of Blood To The Head

In My Place
Life Is For Living

scientist synopsis: Streets of Baltimore cover!!



This is my first post. Just wanted to share what a great night it was. (Sorry to hear what happened to the fans in Atlanta.. )

It was a really cool venue, Pier 6. Much smaller than I'd expected. Cool light show, and enjoyed the closeups on the video screens behind the band. They played most of the new album but neglected to play my favorite song (Warning Sign). Oh well. I think they played a cover in the middle of the set but I had no idea what it was. They also played "Streets of Baltimore" (or something like that.) Played all the "hits" off Parachutes. 2 song encore was In My Place & Clocks. Chris made funny jokes - the one I'll always remember was when he launched into "it's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes" in all seriousness during one of their songs (sorry I forget which).

I will say that several people wound up sitting directly behind tall poles that were part of the venue, and as far as I know they had no way in advance of determining that when they bought their tickets. I felt lucky to have an unobstructed view (well, as much as you can when you're only 5 feet tall..)

Was anyone else there?
I wish I could do it all over again.

simply amazing!!!!! best concert i've seen so far, and i've seen quite a few, but coldplay beats them all! (even though this is my second show, the first one doesn't count cause it was at a huge music festivle last year, and you couldn't see let alone hear them over the asshole's in the crowd anyway!!)
chris's voice is just absolutely beautiful, jonny's guitar work was out of this world! even though it was a fairly large venue chirs made it seem smaller and talked to the crowd, and gave lots of love to the people in the back, i can't remember all of the set list, but they opened with politik, and in no particular order spies, trouble, don't panic, a sing along to yellow, streets of baltimore (country tune for us baltimore folk), god put a smile on your face, green eye's, rush of blood to the head the scientist (beautiful!!!) everythings not lost, and encoure was clocks (i think) in my place, and life is for living.

so yeah it was a perfect night, nice weather and beautiful music! can't get much better!!


That was the best show by any band that me and my girl have seen in the last 5 or more years!!! Chris is phenominal at getting the crowd into it and the other guys are just solid as a rock! The crowd and energy were unreal for a Monday night!! I sang my voice gone. Coldplay is without a doubt the best thing that could have happened to music in these times. When Chris was playing "The Scientist" I just imagined him playing that at the World Trade Center in the days after last September. It would have brought everyone to their knees. Amazing.


The show was awesome! The last time I saw them was last year, at Radio City Music Hall. The set was shorter and the crowd was blah...Chris had to urge them to to stand up! They did so for a few seconds before sitting back down again! Anyway, I definitely had a great time and the set was awesome. I have a little story though. I got to the pavilion early and went to the restroom near the entrance for the stage. All of a sudden, I heard screaming as I was trying to buckle my belt. Turns out, Chriswas greeting a few fans and I missed it! All because of my stupid belt!


Bubble McNeil
Oh Gosh!!!!!!!!!! I just don’t know what to say.
I am a French who missed their show in Paris on June 20th, cause they cancelled it, I don’t know why. Then I miss their performance in Paris again 3 weeks ago ‘cause I had to come to Delaware for studies.
Going to Baltimore was unexpected to me, but I have two friends of mine visiting me who surprisingly took me there…..
Awesome!!!! We were suppose to stay at the back in the grass, but bad boys as we are we decided to come near to the stage. And when Chris told us to move forward, we were so happy. I was standing, sticking to the stage, on the left. Dream. I couldn’t stop pinching myself to see if that was true. I cried when Chris sang “The Scientist”, the most beautiful song I have ever heard. Ok, I was drunk too!
I was wondering how you, American, would react, and you were great. Lol, there was this girl keeping on yelling “You’re so hot!!!”… And the Pavilion is tremendous.

Shame that my understanding of English limited me to understand all Chris’ comments.

But yes, this was a real moment of happiness……..


dude the show last night was amazing. that was the first time i saw them live and i can't wait to see them again. i can't stop smiling every time i think of it, it was just so great. words can't describe how much i loved it. coldplay rocks. my friend and i got so close to the really was the best concert. i absolutely loved it.

Mcatone: really was a great freakin show. First time seeing them and first time at that venue. I also liked how Chris said "don't be afraid to rush the stage" after the first song.
I knew how much I liked their music, but I didn't realize he was going to be that much of a showman. They really are one of the best bands and best live bands out there.


the show in baltimore last night rocked! the band was great, the sound was great, the venue was great....awesome. i thought pier 6 was gonna be like the e-center in camden (yuck) thank god it was MUCH better. it was completely worth driving an hour and ahalf to get there. coming home took even longer but at least i got to listen to the iggles kick the redskins' ass on the radio! still can't believe i missed CP when they were in philly! argh! oh well there's always next time....


God, the show was awsome
Last night was my fourth time seeing them, and they get better every time. I think I was standing next to Bubble McNeil, but I wasn't the girl screaming out to Chris. She was a dork, plus I couldn't hear what Chris was saying half the time 'cause she was talking about Chris during the whole damn show. Listen to the music anyone? But I think her and her friend where a little more than slightly drunk so hopefully there not like that all the time.

But I digress, 'The Scientist', 'Green Eyes', 'Clocks', and suprisingly enough 'In My Place' where such great highlights for me. Oh god, and the new intro to 'Spies' blew me away, those guys are just too cool. I loved the vibe between Jonny and Chris, and the crowd singing along to all the songs. It was soooo great. I lost my voice by the end of the night, I swear I don't know how Chris does it.


I don't think that words can describe the show last night! For the 2nd time i got the chance to play up on stage with band. At the hfstival a few years back chris picked me up out of the crowd to join them in playing "don't panic". Being in total shock and having no idea what was going on Chris handed me a harmonica and yelled in my ear, "fuckin blow into this as loud as you can when i tell you!!!". It was one of the coolest things to ever happen to me. So last night when chris told everyone to "feel free to come up to the front" i jumped up and got in the very front and center. When he said that they were about to play "Don't panic" i got the harmonica out that they gave me at the hfstival, and i started yelling at him. He looked down and kinda looked at me for a few seconds and help me up on stage once again to play "Don't panic". It was sooooo fuckin fun playing with them, and once again an incredible experience! The whole show was amazing. Everything was right on! After the show i waited outside the venue for an hour and a half and finally the band came out and i got to meet and talk with everybody. The whole night was to good to be true, and i woke up this morning wondering if it was a dream. Thank you Coldplay for being the best fuckin band in the world.


Darth Halibut

This was the first time I've seen Coldplay in concert, and I must say, it was amazing. Having my favorite band play twenty minutes from my house is such a privelege (props to everyone who drove so long to get here) and I'm still in shock. Chris was so cool, and his rendition of "Hot In Here" was as funny as hell. Yellow was awesome, him letting the crowd just take it, and of course Streets Of Baltimore was great. Best concert ever.

so i was front and center (3rd row) last night, magical as everyone has said for sure. here are some memories to share as i can recall....
.Will came out front of the venue prior to the show and posed for a great picture with my GF, very nice guy
.soundcheck (the new songs that they are toying with sound superb and quite wonderful -yes indeed 'full of wonder'
.nice venue on the harbor, Chris mentioned that it feels as though we are floating.
.Chris asked how the people in the back were and said that the large screens should help their view, (and that the screens would be showing Jaws 1 and Jaws 2 later on)
."hello, we're system of a down, don't boo.....then while singing 'Trouble' he briefly goes "wake up" in Chop Suey voice. very funny.
.....of course 'Hot in Here' is a classic rendition
..Chris then says that the day prior he was informed that Maryland is known as the "crack capital of America" to which the crowd very strangely cheers to, he says"no, no we can try to find something else for you to be proud of, then the guys played 'streets of Baltimore'
''''after the Harmonica kid's display Chris says "that was some of the worst harmonica playing i have ever heard, we should take the harmonica, melt it, turn it into hancuffs, cuff him and throw him into the harbor...he is a riot, that is funny stuff
...."this is it, last song, goodbye" crowd frowns "awwwww" Chris replies "don't say awww, you know the deal, we leave, you cheer loudly and we come back for a couple more"
...panties thrown on stage from a very vocal female, (though none of the guys seemed very interested in picking up the sweaty garment).
...Chris ended the show stating thanks , and that they really had a good time was heartfelt and I believe him....

Thank You So Much To The Greatest Band in The World! Life is for Living!


I have been going to concerts for 10 years now and have seen everybody more then once, this show was in my top ten concerts.
My sister and I just walked down to the 6th row and sat there,
our seats were originally in the back. When the show started Chris told the crowd to come down to the stage. I was right up front, stage right!!!! I loved every moment. I have thought for a while now that we have seen all the best there can be, that we have to soak in bands like U2, RHCP,Springsteen, and so on. But Colplay have transcended my expectations. There is something magical about being a witness to brilliant music, and this was most definitely magical. If you haven't seen them run, don't walk. Besides the great music Chris is quite funny. Does anyone remember what song he said, It's getting hot in here let's take off all your clothes? Funny guy.

It was an asskicking show last night. I am still on a high today, and thankfully that passed me thru my hangover painlessly! 4hrs sleep b4 work - not bad!
Bloody hell - Coldplay ... Damn proud I was, just damn proud. It was a serious performance that could have been in the sitting room at home.
Speechless really - !
Who was the geezer with the Georgie X? I tried to get you closer to the front! Hard luck!!!
Thank you guys for posting the quotes and stories - they were all a bit of a blur in my mind ... Crack city though, that f-ing cracked me up!!!
Truly, what diamond musicians England has given us! Last night, oh yeah ... I was definitely proud to be English - my ties were definitely revisited! Come back again soon, and the offer of a decent cuppa is still here ....


My ears are still ringing. It will definitely go down as one of the best concerts I have been to. Chris is so passionate and so energetic. Talk about talented. What a bonus that he invited us to join him in front of the stage. I thought that God had answered my prayers. I could have listened to them play all night long. I have to admit that as the night went on all I could think about as I sang along was how much I REALLY wanted Chris' sweaty shirt. Then when he changed, all I could think about was how much I wanted him to take his shirt off


I couldn't believe how amazing they were. It was my first Coldplay show, and I love them now more than ever. I'm writing a review of the show for my college newspaper, so check it out online if you guys get the chance.
Did anyone besides me stick around after the show to meet the band? Will is the coolest guy, so nice to everyone, friendly and talkative. Chris was in an obvious hurry but no biggie, at least he came out and signed my stuff and said hello.
That show SO made my week.
Hope everyone else enjoyed it too.

I ended up going to the show alone because my friend couldn't make it. I had a seat in the lawn, and then I managed to make my way up front and ended up in second row!!! (I ended up right next to the French guys in the earlier thread) I've been a fan for years but this is the first time I saw them live, they were just amazing. I also waited for and hour and a half to meet them after the show, and it was so worth it, they were so nice and friendly.