September 14

Atlanta, GA

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In My Place
Green Eyes (aborted)
Green Eyes
The Scientist

September 14
Parking Lot acoustic
Atlanta, GA

Coldplay was forced to cancel its show Saturday (September 14) at Atlanta's Masquerade Music Park due to inclement weather. "The weather conditions were so bad that a freak wind blew the roof of the stage when they were setting up and thus all the equipment got too wet to turn on,"

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and guitarist Jonny Buckland did their best to salvage the evening for at least some fans by performing a brief acoustic set outside of the venue.

The Atlanta show will be rescheduled, according to the site.

no recording has ever surfaced

Green Eyes
Donít Panic
In My Place
The Scientist
Georgia on My Mind

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September 14:
Echo Lounge

Frames concert with guest appearance by Coldplay and Ash
Atlanta, GA

scientist synopsis:Either the best of times or the worst of times depending on where you were at on this date.




They played "Yellow," "In My Place," "Green Eyes," "Don't Panic," "The Scientist" and "Georgia On My Mind." It was mostly Chris and Jon, but Will joined in for some harmony. Guy mostly worked the crowd and gave autographs. At the end, he was up on the stairs to the inside of the Masquerade.

I was only about ten feet away from them, but even still, unplugged, the music was so soft that it was hard to hear at times, but I didn't care. (I don't mean to rub it in bones, honestly.)


Chris said some really nice things. He said that the band was about to break up, and then they played in Georgia and that was the turning point. (He didn't say reason -- just the turning point.) Then he asked whether anyone was from Amicola Falls and said that they have written a new song called "Amicola."

He took a vote on whether we wanted to hear "Don't Panic" or "Trouble." It was about even, and so I think he just picked "Don't Panic."

Someone asked what was written on Chris' hand, and he said that it was lyrics and a girl's e-mail address, and from where I was, I could see the "@" symbol; so I'm pretty sure he was telling the truth.

Chris asked that we sing along, and then we got really quiet when it was time for Jon's solos 'cause they were soooo quiet, but beautiful.

Someone yelled out "England Rules," and Chris said, "We're, well Jon's from Whales." The guy next to me was British and drove in from Charlotte; so I feel pretty bad for him. But he seemed pleased too.

During the last song, "Georgia On My Mind," a helicopter flew over, which looked like a news helicopter. So you may want to watch the news.

Again, the guys seemed truly apologetic.

Before "The Scientist" Chris looked at some poor schmuck in the back and said that it might be hard for him to hear but that they looked good and that should be enough.

And my oh my, coming from an old married woman, they sho' did. Chris' cheeks were really rosy and his eyes more blue but a little squinty. I thought Jon actually had the prettiest eyes of all. Of course, Chris had on his "Make Trade Fair" shirt, a long-sleeve t-shirt beneath and black pants. Okay, I admit it. I don't remember what Jon had on but he looked cute too. Will was wearing a dark parka. Guy looked thinner in person. Chris looked taller. Jon shorter. Will -- about what you'd expect. They were all adorable though. (Again, coming from an old married woman.)


Well, I can honestly say that I'll certainly be eager to see them whenever they grace our fair city with their presence.

It was an incredible experience. I was so disappointed with the announcement, which I could barely hear. I'll never forget it. I don't know whether it was on this thread, but it was so worth the $30 just to hear them for that brief time. I'd have paid 10 times that for the same. (Don't go gettin' any bright ideas, if you're reading this fellows.)


Info about the Atlanta concert

So as you know the rain did us in. From what I was told the tarp covering the equipment didn't do its job and because the Masquerade is an outdoor facility the soundboard and other vital equipment was damaged thus not making it possible for them to play. The show would be rescheduled for January and everyone with tickets is supposed to go to ticketmaster and get a refund. That announcement came about 5:30 pm just as they were going to let us in. No one left though, and it was a good thing. Because out came Chris and Jonny. Chris apologized to the crowd of a couple hundred people saying they wish they could play. But since they couldn't they would play a few songs for us accoustically. The whole performance Chris was real jovial. He joked around with the crowd a lot and was smiling the whole time.

They started off with "Yellow". As the small crowd sang together it appeared they had quickly forgotton that the real concert was not going to happen. Chris then started taking requests as this was all impromptu. Unfortunately Chris didn't have the piano with him out in the rain, so a lot of requests were turned down. He finally heard someone say "Green Eyes" and went on to play it. He beckoned Will to come over from signing some autographs to sing some harmony for him. (Guy was hanging out about 50 ft away on some stairs) They then sang "Don't Panic," "In My Place," and "The Scientist." Before "The Scientist" he said that at one point after finishing the album they came to the USA and realized the album was shit. "The Scientist" was the first song they recorded when coming back to the studio. They then finished with "Georgia On My Mind" which I think is a Ray Charles song. Chris said that last time they were here, Georgia saved Coldplay. They were about to quit touring, but decided to stick it out. Because of that they wanted to play this show even more.

After that, security rushed them out. Not the way I anticipated spending my first Coldplay concert, but in some way it was better. The whole performance I was standing up about 3 ft behind Chris, Will, and Jonny. Because there was no microphone, I felt like I was performing with them. As an extra bonus, during their performance I got Will's autograph. And as an extra, extra bonus thanks to their lovely assistant I got rest of the band's autograph's too! So not such a bad night. I just feel sorry for the people who showed up to the concert after their performance.


the atlanta show truely was awesome when they first came out and signed autographs for us they were like apologizing to me and my friend and me of course i was like freaking out so i was like oh its okay oh its okay lol and i didn't even know what they were apologizing for so finally i asked someone and they were like oh they canceled the show b/c their instruments got fried and i was like omg but hey i don't even care now i think that the acoustic preformance kicked as much ass as the concert would've if not more cuz it was more personal but it just shows what a great band coldplay is (and by the way i was the one screaming green eyes that song is just amazing)


This is what I wrote in my Live Journal sorry I don't feel like typing it again, but I went to the Atlanta show & here is what happened....IT WAS AMAZING!

We JUST got back from Atlanta. I mean we just walked in the door! I have to tell you all what happened!!!!!!!! ugh I'm so tired. We left Atlanta at 2pm...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we get to the Masquerade at 5 & about 150 people are there waiting...the gates were SUPPOSE to open at 5:30, but at about 5:15 a lady with a megaphone came out & told us all the horrible news........

The show is canceled because the equipment is flooded with water & if the band plugs their stuff in it will all BLOW rained all weekend long...We were all soooooooo crushed. I was almost in tears as was everyone else....

BUT we stuck around for a few minutes and guess what......

COLDPLAY came out from around the building, guitars in hand & played a FREE acoustic show for about 100 of us....some people had already left....Chris told us what was going on & they all apologized like mad, but said they would love to sing for us anyhow. They played for about 30 mins. Chris & Jon played while Will sang along & freaking Guy stood 2 feet from me and watched YAY!!!!!! They played Yellow, In My Place, Don't Panic, Green Eyes, The Scientist, & Georgia On My Mind.... Chris chatted up the crowd & was smiling like a little kid in a candy store. They were all so nice & wonderful & all the fans there were so cool & DIEHARD too which was rad as hell, but here is the best part.......

I have 70+ pictures of all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was (no fucking joke) 5 feet from Chris while he sang!!!!

I was & still am completely star struck. I can't even believe it. I think it was better than anything ever.
Ticketmaster is refunding us & Coldplay said they would be back in January, so that was freakin awesome!!!!!!!!

I am putting the pics in my PC right fuckin now & will email or whatever to anyone who asks.


ahhhhh more later....I need a drink...

It was so awesome


Coldplay showed up at the Echo Lounge in ATL and performed until 4am. Kinda cool to see a Coldplay performance for 7 bucks. They also hung out with the audience to listen to a few Frames' encores. People asked them what happened with the Masquerade show - no real reason was given. Chris certainly didn't look or act sick - guess their equipment got misted on?

The Frames rocked, by the way. Everyone should go pick up a copy of their latest.


it was a kick ass show to begin with (the frames are the best band in the world ) and then ash and chris showed up-- soooo cool!

chris did you are always on my mind, georgia on my mind, and a few other songs i can't remember now. it was a great time! when he was done he said "thanks to the frames for letting us do our little thing... oh and we're a band, check out our website" which i thought was pretty amusing.


all i want to say is that the echo lounge show was even less impromptu than the acoustic show outside. Guy and Will weren't even there, so don't start thinking that you missed a Coldply concert, but you did miss an amazing show first of all by The Frames, but then add in Chris and ASH (Jonny just watched from the crowd) and you missed some music history. But again, it wasn't Coldplay's fault .

i'm glad i took loads of pics. how great was chris singing "Shining Light"? after ash wrapped up, we went to the back lounge and kept partying with the frames and ash, chris and jonny had left. we ended up taking rick and mark of ash back to their hotel. unbelievable night. anyways, the frames are here in austin tomorrow night, i can't wait. i'm glad our friends ash introduced us to their music.



It's monday morning and only now can I reflect on a truly momentous occasion for me on Saturday early evening.

On Saturday afternoon I was stood in line at the Masquerade club in Atlanta, eagerly awaiting my first live Coldplay show. The venue was outdoor and the weather was truly crap; so I was hesistant to say the least. Two hours into waiting (I was at the front of the line), a representative of 99x radio station came out with a megaphone and announced the inevitable. "Sorry guys, the show has been cancelled".

Truly pissed off and utterly disappointed; I stood there bemused. Low and behold the man of the moment Chris Martin, accompanied by Jonny Buckland, cruised into the parking lot full of apologies and with an acoustic in either hand. Wow!! Chris and Jonny stood 1 yard in front of me and began playing acoustic tracks for us. Unbelievable. As Chris took request's I shouted out "GREEN EYES" in my thick Brit accent; he took the request and played it like a dream.

They were truly phenomenal!! To play that well in the middle of the parking lot was truly wicked. I probably had the best seat in the house as I was literally within touching distance of both of them; hence I could hear them very well.

They played Yellow, In My Place, Green Eyes, The Scientist, and Don't Panic; and then Chris' version of Georgia on my Mind. If I had the choice to watch the band live on the stage that night or hear Chris and Jonny belt out tunes in the parking lot, there would be no other choice; the parking lot indeed!!

Huge thanks to Chris, Jonny, Will (backing vocals!!), and Guy on the staircase!! You made up for an inital disappointment by making it one of the most memorable evening's of my life. Thank you.