September 10:
Greek Theatre

Los Angeles, CA

Recording has not surfaced

One I love
Don't panic
Everything's Not Lost
Green Eyes
God put a smile upon your face
The Scientist

In My Place
Life is for Living

scientist synopsis: Another Los Angeles show that hasn't surfaced.



Just got back home from the LA show... let's see well I went with Sarah and Joves (who by the way is a very cool girl) we got there like around 2....the boys showed up at around 5 maybe and said they were going to come out but never did. The concert... well I can't say that they played bad, because they played wonderfully, but I have to say that it was a bit predictable (in regards to the different things Chris does during the show) The crowd, well in the section where I was seated people mostly sat, screamed obnoxiously, and for the most part it didn't seem like people knew the songs.... from what I saw, the songs that people went *crazy* for were Yellow,Trouble, and IMP. It was at a beautiful venue.... even Chris said something about how they had never played anywhere where it looked like they were in the middle of the forest.

We waited and finally we saw Jonny and Will (who came out from the afterparty) singing things for people. I have to honestly say that Jonny is a very very very nice guy. He signed things for people, made conversation, and took pics.....even though we all told him I have to say Happy Birthday Jonny lol. We went around to the other side and Chris came out, he signed stuff and (hesitantly) took pics with a few people... he didn't want to hang around for too long he said (I have to say he acted so rushed and annoyed... I know he had to be tired and all but yeah anyways after that he left in a cab with some girl and that was it. I have to say though that I had a great time hanging around with everyone!

An hour sounds right.. and no covers this time around. I'm slighty bummed... the music was great, I have no complaints about the music, but it all seemed like it was so rehearsed (Chris' act anyway). ie: the little nelly bit during everything's not lost, the way he jumps on top of things during IMP, etc) at least in his part, it didn't seem like anything was spontaneous. I don't know, I don't think I'm explaining everything right, but this being the last show of this tour that I was going to attend it was disappointing, definitely not one of the best CP shows I've attended, besides hanging out with everybody.


i really enjoyed the show. i'd heard not-so-great things about the band's shows on previous tours, so was a little nervous, but i thought they sounded great. the setlist covered everything i wanted to hear and then some...and i thought chris had a great stage presence. i loved that he dedicated the scientist to "my girlfriend, gwyneth paltrow" (ha!)

as for the guys coming out after the my experience, it's always toughest for the singer. the other band members have less pressures, less demands on their time, etc. in 95% of my experiences meeting bands after shows, i've spent the most time talking to everyone but the singer. that's just kinda the way it is.


the crowd was realllly strange. my friend and i commented on that, right from the start.

i've been to quite a few shows out here where the crowd was just awesome...totally into the show, singing along, etc. for better or worse, it was people i would have expected to see at a show by whichever band i was seeing.

last night i was surrounded by teenagers who seemed more into making fun of everyone around them than the show itself, a bunch of older couples who kept trying to move seats to get around people who were standing, and some random groups of families...oh, and the obnoxious woman who was yelling "siiiiiiit doooooown" at every moment, but who left before the end of their set. it was just a weird mix of people--not at all who i'd expect to go out and see coldplay.

it sucked, but i focused on the music and the stage, and managed to zone the rest out.

I agree with Mon....the show was not as good as the rest...I think it was the crowd that screwed it up...

EVERYONE in my section was sitting down...and I was the only person standing up for rows and rows.... People got up when I said "Yellow is next....that means you can get up now"

also Chris didn't throw water out during IMP...I think because lotsa celebrities were sitting in the front

also did you see that pit!?

no one was all....when Jonbo threw the harmonica no one moved...and hardly anybody was on Jonny's side

only in LA.



well, heres my analysis... the music and the show were wonderful... amazing! buuuut, the crowd really killed it for me too! me and my friend were the only ones standing in our row, and a couple of rows in front of us and behind us. we were the only ones from how much i saw that were singing along with every song they played! all the people around us were there just getting drunk and smoking - thats all. i really hated most of the crowd. when people started leaving right before the encore, i was screaming out to them to go back! and its not over! geez. well, i wish i could have stayed to meet them, but my brother wasn't felling well and was too stubborn to want to stay longer.
now that i think about it, during the show i didnt really pay much attention to the crowd because i didnt really care how they enjoyed the show. i just wanted to enjoy it the way i wanted to. and it was wonderful. some of you are saying it was a short set, but i thought it was a good short set.

those are my thoughts about last nite....


Everyone was right about the L.A. crowd... no one wanted to stand up! I thought that was a given when the headliner comes on! Then everyone finally stood up for "Yellow," and I even saw people start to leave right after they finished the song. That made me kinda mad! But then people sat right back down again until the encore. Ergh!

I heard a lot of rude comments from people leaving the show, and I felt like kicking 'em in the shins. I unfortuately had a seat by an aisle, so there was constant commotion with late-comers and people who kept throwing me accusatory glances thinking I was sitting in their seat (when their seats were located in a completely different section).

I think I would have enjoyed the show much more if I was in Section A, because everyone seemed to be on their feet, not just because it would have been closer to the stage. Too many people around me having to get up and get one more beer or take yet another smoke break.

Monday's San Diego show and last night's were pretty similar, except I think Chris was much funnier and talked more to the audience at the Greek. I was kind of hoping the band would change up the setlists (or even the order of songs), but it was still a good show.


Thank you Coldplay for giving 'Los Angelies' (as Chris would say) the best show ever. It was totally awesome. Please come back very soon, and I am looking forward to listening to you guys tomorrow morning on Kevin and Bean on KROQ, and watching you on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Thanks again for bringing the love and entertainment all the way from Great Britain.

That was the best concert I've seen in my life. Being 30 years old, I've seen some pretty amazing shows over the years, but this one took the cake! The Greek was a perfect was a beautiful night...we had excellent seats in section B...The light show was perfect...the band was perfect...I didn't want it to end!!
I feel very fortunate to have been there and witness to such an amazing night all around. Chris and the were nothing short of spectacular! I Love You! Please come back to LA soon!