September 9
SDSU Open Air Theatre
San Diego, CA

A dvd (audience recording) exists of this show


Also a different aud recording (audio) exists for this show and quite possibly several exist.

Source: Core Sound low end binaural mics > bass roll-off/battery box > Sony mz-700 w/low sensitivity element > analog transfer > Cool Edit 2000


The band performed an acoustic radio show on San Diego's radio station 91X (91.1) before the concert.

One I Love
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
Green Eyes
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
The Scientist
A Rush of Blood to the Head

In My Place
Life is for Living

scientist synopsis: One of the first aud dvd's to surface!



Very tired - have to go to bed. But must say they were AMAZING. Chris is boundless energy man bouncing all over the stage - how does he not twist his wee ankle?
Anyhoo - "It's getting hot in here/so take off all your clothes" impromptu on piano was v. funny - you must tell me if he did it at other venues,
Half the audience was -- get this -- SEATED!!! -- after first several songs. I danced my arse off right in front of him though - hopefully he got a good impression of us. He was very jocular. Uhhh!! LERRRVE HIM.
Very ashamed of SD.


I thought the crowd was having a great time even though they were seated! Everyone was singing their hearts out, applauding...what a great night! I think people were comfortable and really able to listen to the music instead of being forced to stand up! And it was a great venue for it...a steep ampitheater under the stars, no less!

It was a bummer that Jonny had some problems in Green Eyes and Chris ended the song on the wrong chord...pretty funny! He laughed about it. And the piano was way out of tune for Clocks. But what a great great show!! The lights were awesome - especially the one behind Will. The cameras were genius also - multimedia adventure! Chris was a cut-up and everyone loved how he made fun of the crossed-arm girl. He was so appreciative and just a wonderful showman up there. He seemed really comfortable on stage...but just UNcomfortable enough to stay humble! I just wish the other guys jumped around more...or spoke!! The show had much more life than the December show here. Excellent job!!!!


I am a Coldplay fan from Los Angeles, and I drove to San Diego to see them Monday. Man oh man. What an amazing show. So cool, and humble. What an incredible way to be for such a groundbreaking band.

I hope this is the direction in which great music is headed. True people, playing heartfelt music, with passion and intensity.

Thank you Coldplay, for being AMAZING.


Wow I was so amazed by their performance. I have been a fan since the begining.

They played in San Diego before a show called "Frosty the Showman" but the only way to go was win tickets. Of course I begged the 91X(local radio station) dj for tickets and got nothing.

I almost screamed out when I heard they were coming to San Diego. I even waited 4 hours at SDSU for tickets. I was suprised when I found only a few people there. Of course I was first in line, and only got 5th row seats.

I did not know that Chris is so funny, I laughed my ass off when he was talking about us going to show to see him play coldplay songs and not to listen to his "bad british jokes."

Personally I would pay $30 to hear 2 hours of his so called "bad british jokes"

Anyways, the show was the best concert I have been to ever!!!!
Chris gave off so much energy, emotion and passion for his music. Something lacking in many musical artists' performances these days.

And I think Coldplay is already the greatest band in the world. So Chris can mark that off his to do list.