September 7:
the Joint
Las Vegas , NV

Recording has never surfaced


scientist synopsis: A lot of out of towners at this show. Too bad no recording. A lot of good sightings with the band before the shows.



Blankdog: Well I hate to speculate, especially for those in San Diego and LA, but I think that Chris is having problems with his voice !! Towards the end of the concert tonight he seemed to have real problems hitting the high notes. Yesterday in Berkeley I saw him spraying something up his nose towards the end of the concert. So maybe he just has a cold. He certainly wasn't as energetic tonight as he normally seems to be.


Anyway, the concert was quite different. Same songs played as Berkeley, and it looks like the the second encore and Echo and the Bunnymen fans are going to be left wanting on this tour. But the crowd seemed much more enthusiastic than last night. However, the sound was not as good. There was also a loud hum from the amplifiers, which Chris asked about as it was sometimes very annoying. Overall I didn't think that the band were quite as tight musically as last night.


Fans of Green Eyes and AROBTTH will be pleased as they seem to be regularly playing them on this tour. Last night Green Eyes was just Chris and Jon doing it acoustically. Tonight Jon played electric, Chris acoustic and the rest of the band came in towards the end. It sounded a lot better.


Overall though, it was a good night


last night's vegas show was unbelievable. this was my very first coldplay show. I've been wanting to see them for years now. I was so pumped up for this show and they did not let me down. I did notice the bandage on his hand. I wonder what that was from. I was right up front and watching them play and jump around was amazing. Chris is an awesome piano player. I loved it when he layed his head on the keyboard and played. I would definetly recomend seeing coldplay to anyone. I'm not a big concert follower like the first person that posted about them but I thought it was awesome. he sounded like he was on. very good mix of songs. I thought his little stories about the tigers and vegas was cool. everyone get's so pumped up playing in vegas. I just moved here from wisconsin and so far vegas has been exciting. nothing will be better than a show at alpine valley in wisconsin. that place is a mecca for all bands. I was really happy to be at the hard rock. it's really cool seeing a show there. i had a great spot and the crowd was really good. no pushing or shoving up front. I loved the video camera's that showed every aspect of the show. i thought at first maybe they were recording the show or something. definetly recomend them. ash sucked basically. couldn't understand a damn word he said. to many bands like them out there. it was cool i guess but like i said to many bands that sound like them. i guess they must be somewhat popular cause people were cheering for them. i don't know. coldplay was amazing. I plan on going to more and more shows.


Carrie: all I have to say for last night I mean that was absolutely amazing. That was my first Coldplay concert (actually my first concert ever) and I am so glad I went. I dunno if they could actually have more energy than that. I was right by the speakers on guy's side. I had a pretty good view of everyone (except) will, but the cameras helped out...good idea btw. I'm kind of mad that they didn't do amsterdam or warning sign, but it was still fantastic. ash wasn't that bad, I liked some of their songs. I wouldn't have changed anything about it except that I wish I had brought a camera!!!!


David: I drove 650 odd miles from Boise, Idaho to see this concert. (Surpise birthday gift from my wife.) It was one of the best I have ever seen. Well worth the eight hours... I ended up in front, stage left. I really enjoyed the Web-cam look. Talked with some people from LV, everyone was very friendly. This was my first trip to LV, I'll definitely be back!


The sound/acoustics were completely incredible, compared to most Boise venues... there was a 60hz hum somewhere that was a bit annoying, but easy to get over. My guess is that it was coming from a bass amp needing a ground lift or something... It came and went as the rest of the band stopped playing.


Coldplay is a quality band, I was impressed with their live performance. Its great to see/hear a group that not only sounds good in a studio, but can actually play their instruments and stay on pitch in front of an audience.



Holly crap man! What an awsome performance! I couldn't belive how amazing they were live. I have seen them on reverb and thought it would be great to see them live, but they friggin rocked. I noticed the hum, but every show can't be perfect, it was a minor problem.


What was also infrigincredible was my ability to get a set list, I know how hard it is for a guy to get one cause I used to work barricades at the palace in Detroit. What was even more amazing was how we seen them in the casino playing blackjack

(minus Chris) We freaked out, but were too chicken sh*t to talk to them. I talked to a guy who was with them ( a manager or somethin ) and he said they enjoyed playin at the joint since they could get that looser feeling. He was cool but once again I was too chiken sh*t to ask if I could hang. There table said reserved and I almost sat down next to will, but I didn't want to get slapped by him or a pit boss or somethin. So we just sat at the bar and stared. I wish I could have worked up some balls.



Hey peoples!! I was at the Vegas show as well and, if I may say so myself, it rocked all kinds of ass! My two friends and I stayed at the hotel and we had tons of fun spotting the CP boys wandering around the casino all day, it seemed like everywhere we went we would run into one of the guys. It was rad.


Me and my friend were walking down the hall after the show around two in the morning and we actually happen upon Chris going into his room, but we didn't want to freak him out so we didn't say anything. On my way down to the gig I also rode in the elevator with the bassist from Ash, although I didn't realize it was him until I saw him on stage like twenty minutes later. He seemed pretty cool though, abeit a little out of it.


My friend and I also spoke with Guy (and Will too, he is such a sweetheart) a little bit after the show but it was really late, like three in the AM, and he was wasted off his ass. He just kind of stood there staring at us like we were speaking in tongues or something. We have been laughing about it ever since, silly little Guy. His hair smelled nice though, lol


Oh yeah, How funny was it when Chris hit his face on the mic, made it fall off and then had to keep bending over to sing into it. He is such a goofball sometimes.



I travelled from Tucson, AZ to see the Las Vegas show this past weekend. It was both my first Coldplay show and trip to Sin City. The show defies description, as Coldplay moves me as no other band has ever been able to. To see them live was truly a gift. The venue was perfect, the sound was wonderful (the buzzing was successfully covered up with only 2 drinks!) and I really felt that a great deal of heart and soul was put into their performance. The crowd was friendly, and it was comforting to see so many people who came from all over the US to support the band. I felt like I was a part of something incredibly special.