September 6
Greek Theatre
Berkeley, CA

Several audience recordings exist
FM exists


One I Love
Don't Panick
Everything's Not Lost
Green Eyes
God Put a Smile
Rush of Blood
In My Place
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Life is for Living

scientist synopsis: A great show and one of the best aud recordings I've heard to document it.



I am back home LA on my wa to riverside in a few hours. Its good to be home. I had a great time in Berkeley/SF. My gf and I flew in late to the show with two of my friends at around 8 so we werent in the very front..but we were close enough. I had a little run in with some asshole that didnt want us to stand in front of him cuz he "wanted to dance" even tho he seemed to weigh a ton and had cankles. He threatened to call the usher...i called him on it..he did...usher said tuff luck fat exact wording..and i was happy. The show was words to describe it.

Next day we walked SF...chinatown...fishermans wharf/pier 39, 1/3 of market st...and other stuff.
Sunday...we ferry'd to Alcatraz...I liked that alot! Then we went to Ghiradelli Square and then to the shopping centre on Market St. My gf LOVED that.

All in all it was a great weekend....Now..coldplay tomorrow...cant wait.!!!!



 the show was awesome, i am sorry you were next to a mean scary fat guy that wanted to dance. i was next to some evil girl that didnt know any of the boy's names but thought they were all "hot" and the only songs she really new were yellow and trouble, but yet, she got to be right in the front? whats up with that? and she screamed during the whole freaking thing. it ok, i caught chris's guitar pick right after he played shiver with it, which is my favorite song of theres ever, so i was way excited.

Berkeley Show: Excellent!

Just returned from the Berkeley show. Excellent show and fine sound quality. They covered most of the tunes from both albums, although they didn't do High Speed, a favorite. Band was very psyched to be in the U.S. and Chris was joking throughout the show. Lasted about 1 1/2 hours max. Any ColdPlay fan would love these guys live!!!

Amazing, Energetic, Fun, Mesmerizing - UC Berkeley Greek Theatre Show

I just got back from the UC Berkeley Greek Theatre show--listening to coldplay's last & current album on the way home. The show was one of the happiest that I've been to--and that's not the secondhand pot smoke talking! There was a tremendous amount of energy--in the band, in the crowd. My throat is sore from screaming my brains out from the nosebleed section of the threatre, but tonight was, without a doubt, so worth it! I sincerely hope that coldplay takes in all of the positive energy that every one of us who were with them tonight gave back to them & that coldplay believes that what they did on their past album, what they did on their current album, and what they will do on their next album, will be well-received, especially by the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA!!!!!!!!! Coldplay, come back & play for us real soon!!!!!! Oh, and PLEASE, play WE NEVER CHANGE!!!!!


I saw Coldplay with Ash last Friday at the Greek Theatre. They were AMAZING!!! Who could ask for a better show? It's the best concert I've been to in my life. They were so great live. Greater than great! I'm glad they're doing so well here in the states. I hope Ash makes some more appearances too.


Just got back from the Berkeley show. Loads of people and of different ages and races. Never seen such a diverse crowd. From tall to short, white to black, and of course girls who just can't stop screaming (especially those behind me...even louder than the loudest part of the music.)

Setlist was virtually identical to Seattle's, except they played "A Rush of Blood To The Head", and "Green Eyes" (Jonny and Chris only) instead of "See You Soon". No Amsterdam! :-(

A shame about the 11:00 pm curfew at the Berkeley Greek Theater, otherwise we would have gotten more songs.

Highlights included a mini piano jam by Chris of "Sitting on the dock of the Bay" for a few verses before launching into "Life Is For Living", plus another song which Chris sang a verse of (Nelly?) towards the end of Everything's Not Lost that sent the crowd wild and the annoying little girls behind me screaming to no end.

Maybe it was the acoustics and the lack of intimacy due to the 8000 people capacity venue, but I enjoyed the SF Bimbo's gig a whole lot more.

Ash to my surprise were really good. Lots of fast and hard rocking songs, and the audience seemed to recognize most of them.


Those girls were driving me insane. i've never wanted to smack someone so hard in my life. there was one to my left who screamed a scream from hell every time chris said something. and i can't say how many times i kept hearing "he's so cute" or something to that effect.
my god, i'm so bitter and that's so uncool of me but in all honesty this gig was depressing. the music is incredible still but when you can't hear bits cos of the screaming, that's mighty fucked up. it reminded me of what i think an nsync concert must be like with so many wannabes and scenesters trying to get the band's attention at every turn. it's just that something special's over and it got me down a bit but i need to let that go.
bimbo's blew tonight away. and no one threw their granny underwear on stage that night.

i did however see will before the gig and waited after but we hadda leave at midnight and they'd not come out yet. i know some of you had to be there, there was quite a little crowd going there.


This is gonna be really short (for I am hungry right now, and must leave to get some dinner/early breakfast...somewhere in the city...whatever's opened) but tonight's show was AMAZING!!!!!! Highlights included Chris singing a verse of Otis Redding's classic "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" (in honor of San Francisco of course....YEAH! SAN FRANCISCO ALL THE WAY!); an acoustic rendition of "Green Eyes" (Chris introduced this song with a little joke about how Coldplay would be reduced to just him and Jonny playing songs in Vegas); Tim Wheeler (ooh what a cutie!) joking about the number of heads they - ah, I won't get into that; seeing Coldplay in utter amazement of the fans! Did anyone else watch Guy's reaction during "Yellow"? I've never seen him look like that...ever. Guy was totally IMPRESSED!!!!!! (note: Guy is a very sexy man...and so is Jonny!). Ok, I'm out. I'll add more later. Watch this space.


Chris also mentioned that the show at the Greek was the band's biggest solo concert EVER! He thanked us profusely for it...and the band performed their hearts out! Coldplay are the best fuckin' band on the planet...and they're the nicest bunch of guys around. And damn it, I didn't get to see Will (again!). I guess you guys have to come back so that I can see the genius pounding away on the drums! I'll make a note to stand on the left side of the stage the next time around.


Coldplay and Ash @ UC Berkeley (Greek Theatre) - September 6, 2002

As review of last Friday’s concert at the Greek (...finally!). I suppose I should call this a “final copy” as opposed to the “rough draft” I posted early Saturday morning? (What a pleasantly cheesy sentence!). Ok, let’s move on...

Here’s a little piece advice for ya--if you’ve never seen Coldplay live in concert, then go bustle your butt over to ticketmaster and buy yourself a pair of tickets (bring a very good pal along). As I said before, I’m awfully horrible when it comes to writing concert reviews, therefore this may look a bit unconventional...but here goes nothing:

Opening Act (ASH):

Um, can Tim Wheeler get any cuter?

The four heroes from Northern Ireland came back to the States after gracing the stage of Moby’s Area 2 Summer Tour. I’ve been a fan of Ash’s music since 1996 (my first year in college), and oddly enough this was my first time seeing the band in action (so thanks to Coldplay for giving the coveted support slot to Ash). Those in the crowd who were familiar with the band shouldn’t have gone home disappointed. Unfortunately, there were a couple of rotten people standing near me taunting Ash to “get the fuck off the stage”...sounds like some people need to go home and learn some manners.

Tim was a very kind frontman...saying “thanks” after every song (there’s nothing like a guy who says “thanks” every now and then!), and cracking a couple of jokes with the audience. I don’t remember all the songs they performed, but Ash put on a solid set. Highlights of their set included:

- “Girl From Mars” (second song of the set. spotted chris watching ash from the side of the stage...and later saw guy watching - towards the end of the set)

- “Cherry Bomb”

- “The Shining Light”

- “Sometimes” (with a line like “cigarettes keep you skinny”, who the hell can resist this song?)

- “Goldfinger” (tim introduced this song by saying thanks to coldplay, and dedicated it to the sweet!)

- “Kung Fu” (do you recall the clapping part towards the end? tim encouraged the audience to clap along...a good moment for all ash fans)

- “Burn Baby Burn” (last song of the set. ash received a hearty round of applause. after witnessing this performance, i’ll be sure to catch them the next time they visit san francisco!).

Headlining Act (COLDPLAY):

The band who had given the performance of a lifetime at Bimbo’s made a triumphant return to the San Francisco Bay Area. Having sold more than 100,000 copies of their latest cd in the USA (in its first week), the Coldplay fellas proved to the capacity crowd just why they’re considered one of the best bands on the planet. Performing a set somewhat similar to that at Bimbo’s, Coldplay amazed their crowd with each and every song. As usual, Chris was fantastically funny, Jonny (with his gorgeous, gorgeous smile) was in fine form, Guy was extremely sexy in his charcoal colored Adidas track top, and yes, I couldn’t see Will...AGAIN! I don’t remember their set, exactly, but...

Highlights of their fantastic set included (in no particular order):

- “Trouble” (apparently, chris has done his fair share of watching “american idol”. he said that “trouble” was a little indie hit and quipped about having kelly--the winner of “american idol”--sing the song one day and making it a huge success! chris invited the audience to sing the last few lines...he said we were “marvelous!”)

- “Yellow” (what can i say? the song is phenomenal. the band is phenomenal. the crowd went absolutely nuts! chris thanked us repeatedly since it was the band’s first biggest solo gig ever. guy--the sexiest bassist on earth--was in total awe of the should’ve seen the look on his face, it was priceless! did anyone capture this on film?)

- “Clocks” (move over mozart!...chris is a genius on the piano! look at the way he plays. goodness, he’s practically kissing the keys!...fabulous song. fabulous performance. chris closed it by repeating the phrase “make trade fair dot com”)

- “Green Eyes” (oh goodness, chris and jonny performed the most gorgeous acoustic version of this song last friday...definitely worthy of a future b-side. it was the first time i’ve seen them perform “green eyes” and i do hope that one of the local radio stations recorded it. anyway, chris introduced the song with the prediction that the band would “split-up”--halved to him and jonny--and play shows in vegas a couple of years down the line. i was never a fan of this song till i saw this performance...simply superb! the best song of the night. caught jonny smiling when chris sang “whoa oh oh”...oh honey, jonny is hot!)

- “In My Place” (no wall climbing tonight...chris’ mic chord got tangled up!)

- “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay/Life is for Living” (the final performance of the night. chris, armed with his piano, wowed the audience with a verse from otis redding’s classic “sitting on the dock of the bay” before launching into “life is for living”...”i left my home in georgia/headed for the frisco bay...” the audience clapped in, this was for us, the people of san francisco...what a moment...)

- and a classic line from Chris -- “let’s see those tanned Californian hands”

I’ve been a Coldplay fan since the year 2000. This was the third time I’ve seen them live in concert, and I still can't believe how down-to-earth the guys are. What an exceptionally humble band (the members even clapped for us before exiting the stage). Overall, the show at the Greek was amazing...but not as brilliant as the one at Bimbo’s (I just finished listening to the re-broadcast on KFOG, and I’m convinced that nothing could ever beat that show). Hopefully Coldplay can have another round at Bimbo’s and outperform August 18.




Coldplay are wonderful! ASH ROCKS too!!
At the greek theatre i believe me and my friends were a few of the very scarce Ash fans there. There wasnt nobody else jumpin and dancin around us during Ash, they were all still( and/or making out, it was gross). But whatever dude, Ash was cool! I've been a fan of theirs since '96 and i've finally FINALLY been able to see them! And of course I just didn't go for Ash, it was a lovely 2 for 1 deal with Coldplay (lucky there wasnt any moshing!) SHIVER was great and going into the intro of YELLOWwas fun and mysterious. I enjoyed the Nelly reference and well as Otis Redding. It was a great set, wish i was able to get the set list, but i got some awesome pictures with my snuck in Digi cam, maybe they'll let me post them up here when im done recharging the battery! ne? HEE!!! HEE!!



the show was truly amazing. the energy and wow the fans were all so excited. i really believe the band performed and put on such a wonderful show. i met some cool people from the boards, i can't remember all your names but i think there was sarah w/the angelina picture and her friends.

your dig cam must have been small, my sister tried to sneak hers in but couldn't. But I took pictures with our disposable camera so that makes up for it. Did anyone else wait after the show for the band? My sister and I waited 2 hours and the band came out afterwards and signed stuff. But Chris declined to take pictures with people probably because he was tired.

I'm going to get my pictures developed and I'll put a link to them when I get them scanned in



i almost got a little annoyed when i read some of the lesser enthusiastic posts about the berkeley gig... and it's not because i travelled 6000 miles to see that concert... i never knew there were obviously 2 berkeleys in the sf bay area, with 2 greek theatres and, you won't believe that, 2 bands called coldplay performing there on the same night! for the gig i went to, could never have been the one i read about in those posts!
now, let me tell you i've been to quite a few concerts all over the world during the last 25 years and am therefore not easily impressed... but last friday night was special.
i got to the greek pretty late, just as ash had started playing. i did not want to miss any of that as i like ash and was looking forward to seeing them open up for coldplay. i also did not want to waste time looking for a good seat in vain, so i settled for the lawn. well, i was amazed at the quality of the acoustics up there, not to mention the entire visual setting... a simply, not extravagantly, but still effectively lit stage covered by a dramatic, slowly darkening sky, bringing out the lights of berkeley and the bay bridge in the back... pretty stunning! it may not have been the front rows, but gosh... what a view, what an experience! and all of that while listening to the perfectly mixed, overwhelming sounds of coldplay...
definetely one of the best gigs ever, thumbs-up for the all-over feeling.
did i read about someone apologizing for singing along in a post? i believe so... please don't, i wish there had been more "a little less cool" people singing along without being constantly asked to do so by chris... (i was one of them and if i annoyed anyone by doing so, i really don't care!) yes, that was for me the only flaw about yesterday's show: the audience was - for my taste at least - a little too mellow...
ps: thank you baby for taking me there...


Although I came to the Greek to see Coldplay, I was glad to hear that Ash was opening for them. It made the show even better! I was also one of the few rocking out to both Ash and Coldplay last night. I caught Ash a couple of months ago at Popscene and they were great. They were even better at the Greek.
It was my first time seeing Coldplay and hopefully not my last time. After seeing them live and how humble they are (being brilliant and all), I just can't get enough!! I love love them!! That show is at the top as one of my all time favorites!!