September 4
Paramount Theatre
Seattle, WA

Field (Bill J): FOB, centered 25 feet back on the floor Core Sound Cardioids (batt box with 'flat' bass setting, headworn, elements facing upwards)SONY PCM-M1 Mic-In w/20dB Pad, 44.1KHz Post Production (dwonk): SONY PCM-R300M-Audio AP2496Soundforge XP4.5CDWave v1.6mkwACT v0.97

1. Politik
2. Shiver
3. Spies
4. Daylight
5. Trouble
6. One I Love
7. Don't Panic
8. Everything's Not Lost (including cover clips from Nelly "Hot in Herre" and Pearl Jam "Alive")
9. Green Eyes
10. A Whisper
11. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
12. Yellow
13. The Scientist
14. Clocks
15. In My Place
16. Life Is For Living

scientist synopsis: A Whisper was performed in concert at this show. (the only time)



Great show last night in Seattle.
All the fellows were in fine form and it seems the longer the show goes on the more excited Chris gets. You'd think he'd get worn out but it seems to invigorate him.
They did their little Nelly verse and Chris sang the refrain from "Alive" by Pearl Jam. He always makes a few references to Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden when he's here. I'm not sure he realizes that most of the fan base present was about five when grunge peaked.
On that note, lots of very young groupie types in attendance. Lots of fist pumping and shouts of "I love you Chris!" Some of them seemed better suited to a Blink-182 show.
Anyone else notice that the fan base is shifting? No offense intended to those of you who are new or young fans. Just an observation.


Oh yeah... I just got home from the Coldplay show at 1 a.m., last night... it BLEW my mind. We were about five feet from the front....AMAZING. Their set list, their performance, the energy, the light show (yeah, yeah... it's SO over the top to have a light show, but it was really cool!) the video screens on the back wall with live feed from each musician, the audience participation, their stage presence, the encores... it was ALL perfect. I can't think of a single complaint from the whole show... I wish the Morrissey show last week would have been as emotionally charged, and energetic... That's kind of what I expected and it was no fault of Moz, but the audience just didn't get into it as much as he generally gets.... But yeah, back to Coldplay... So beautiful... and so charming and so fun.

And Ash rocked... I wasn't really sure what to expect from them, and the audience participation was kinda lame, at least in comparison to how they reacted to Coldplay, but I did really like Ash's set.... Very energetic, and fun.... Plus their guitar player chick was pretty right-on. She had that cool Chrissie Hynde hair cut with the long bangs, and just attitude out the wazoo.

Yeah, I think that was THE best concert I think I've ever gone to, other than maybe Depeche Mode last year.... Not even because it was a "big show" in a big theater... But it was just amazing.... the music, the lights, the stage presence, the audience reaction, the whole enchilada.... Just blew my mind.

And you know what else I loved?? Chris Martin incorporated some of the funniest little bits into his songs.... Like for about two seconds he started singing a pearl jam song, just to amuse the audience (He started - at the very end of a song - but I can't think of which one - singing, "ooooh.... I-i-i-i-i-..... i'm still aaaaaalive, yeaaaah........." But right before that, he started singing "it's getting hot in here... let's take off all our clothes..." All in the same song... but of course, on the piano, with this slightly different vocal take and inflection...) And at the end of a particularly moving and hushed vocal part, some idiots in the audience starting to "Woooooooo!!!" and he looks up w/ a sort of amused, yet stern look, and says "Don't holler during this bit right here!" But as he played two or three more bars on the piano and wrapped up the song, he looked back out at us and said "Okay, NOW you can holler."

During "Yellow" all the overhead lights were a bright canary, but instead of illuminating the band only, they turned toward the audience, and for the first entire verse, he just turned the mic out toward us, and the audience sang the whole thing, as he just danced around with a big grin, and enjoyed the audience interaction... It was kind of .... well, for lack of a better word.... magical. I know that sounds sappy.

 I went the dude who didnt know what Pearl Jam song it was it was their classic "Alive," which is pretty much impossible not to reconize (especially if you live in Washington)...then when he did the "take off your clothes" bit, it was poking fun at the Nelly b/c his album is #1 in the US and Coldplay's new album is pretty much dominating the charts worldwide. The band sounded great, unfortunetly I did not catch one of the songs they performed, the one where Chris was singing "Come Together" or something I couldnt make it this a new bside? That song rocked and sounded great...but when the came out to "Politik" to start the show off that was simply spectaculer. I missed Ash sing "Candy," but I heard em sing "Burn Baby Burn" and "Walking Barefoot" two of my fave songs off their new album. The only bad thing about Ash's performance was the audio was too pumped up, and as a result kinked their set...Coldplay's whole show was solid and in contrast to their last Seattle (the one with Grandaddy) perfromance they really did a great job. We need the setlist so I can find out what that mystery song was. Actually the only minor gripe I had about the show was it was too short and I wanted them to play some old bside stuff like "Only Superstition" and "For You," but im sure they dont play those anymore........very sad, but "Clocks," "The Scientist," and "Daylight" sounded abosolutely perfect last night..and Mr. Martin's energy, audience participation and humor went a long way in providing excellent entertainment last night at the Paramount.


Nevermind.......I knew it was a b-side off of "In My Place," well I guess I better buy it now..i thought i heard that song before someplace really sounded fantastic live last night. I think some ppl in attendence didnt quite understand what they were hearing, especially after the brilliant light show for clocks, the audience seemed to settle into a lull silence after that one, what was wrong with them, that was a great song!

I went to the Gorillaz concert in March there and it was the same thing...really crappy audio..they really need to fix that b/c Ash's set was a joke its too bad i missed "Candy" if they even played i that i do not know.....but really how great was "A Whisper" and "Clocks" live? Simply brilliant last night I cant get over how good they were....I was really expecting them to be rather drab and sour like my fave band Radiohead (afterall Coldplay is an evoled version of Radiohead circa Bends era) and actually reviews of previous concerts (meaning last year) were rather poor, but I think their new material on "Rush" has helped them spark a little energy in their setlist, which is really entertaining (especially when Chris is completely geeking out on the piano once "Politik" approaches its end). Speaking of sparks can somebody tell me why the hell they didnt play "Sparks" last night? Damn, its one of their best songs! I guess thats why Chris said they F***'d up and played too many new songs towards the end of the show, but anyway simply entertainment at its finest last night!



The opening band Ash was ok but they blew out the vocals with the guitars. I am a fan of loud music but it was a bummer that it distorted all the lyrics and nuances of the songs.

Coldplay was fantastic...I can't remember in recent history where I have seen a relatively new band like this put on such a great live show. Great energy, great guitar rifts and set list. One classic moment was when some joker put their lighter up in the air and Chris told'em to put it out. Once again a great mix of new and old and I can't beleive their new album has as many great songs as Parachutes....definitly one not to have missed...too bad they will be too big the next time the come here...


Brilliant show! I was in the front row and I had a FABULOUS time.

My only complaint is the audience.... by far the most subdued, blase audience I've been in, and I've seen Coldplay a grand total of five times now...


What a great show! I was impressed with Chris' energy. He was definitely in a good mood. I liked the choice of songs they played and I liked their overall performance but I do have one complaint, and I know people get all ticked off when they hear a complaint but I think whoever was running sound wasn't listening. Compared to the last show I saw at the Schnitz in Portland the sound was poor. For this type of music they need to turn down the base, it overpowered every other tone. Chris' mic was way too hot as well. Don't get me wrong...this was an "A" performance and im not old, i like loud music but did anyone catch the blown speaker towards the end that was distorting thru two songs? It took em two songs to cut the signal? Im not the only one that had this complaint.... I talked to several other people after the show that agreed. Anyway im glad I got to see the ol' chaps again.   



it was such an awesome show,

this was my 3rd time seeing coldplay.
the other times were at benroya hall in june 2001 and also december at the deck the hall ball.
i had tried to meet the band before but they had left immediatly after their set and were rushed to a private plane at boeing field so that they could make it to KROQ acoustic christmas the next night.

so i met the band and i also met ASH,

my friends and i we left to go get hamburgers after the concert and decided to come back to try to meet coldplay . i knew there would probly be an aftershow party so we maybe waited an hour before the band started to walk out the stage door at the back of the paramount theater.

i didn't bring a camera but i got to chat with Chris for a few moments while he was signing autographs.
the only person that i didn't get to meet was Jon ( lead guitarist duh) he was feeling sick and had food posioning ? or had eaten something rotten i think. Ash was very cool the lead guitarist... Charolott she was soooo drunk she walked out the stage door after coldplay and she jumped onto a car that was waiting for her and she started dancing and rolling around on top of the car and her people tried to get her to come down but she was so tipsy and she didn't want to get down from the car... that was amusing then i talked to Tim Wheeler and the drummer and nobody seemed to recognize ash, everybody was waiting to talk to coldplay.

the whole concert is swirling around in my head as if it were a dream i still can't belive that i got to shake hands with the band. they were very down to earth , in my opionion.

the whole concert was like a dream.
my only concern is that coldplay are getting bigger and bigger .. this is a good thing but has it's down side also.

you must see coldplay on this tour.
yeah also the other highlight was the debut of green eyes being played live.


I just returned from another awesome Coldplay show. The show ended about 30 minutes ago.... They debuted a lot of their new stuff.. and I have to say they performed very well. Of course, the audience went wild with Yellow.. One of my favs was Green Eyes (live debut in Seattle). At the end, Chris sang "the best guitarist in the world.. is Jon Buckland" very sweet.. I am so sad it's over.. I'm counting down the days until Coldplay returns to Seattle.

seattle was an amazing show...politik was awesome, it hits you like a freigh train when it good.....they played green eyes live for the first time...(is that about natalie imbruglia??...i think so......chris said it was about a girl that was at saturday night live when they went last year.....were they on when she hosted????) they also played A Whisper as well..i think for the first good....

top moments were:

during "everything's not lost"...when chris broke into "hot in herre" by nelly....
Everyone standing up for "yellow"...including those at the back
The intro to "spies"
Jonny's playing on "God put a smile on your face"

Basically the whole damn show was amazing.....

can't wait to see them again....


I could not agree with you more. I saw them last year, it was a great performance but their Seattle show was full of so much energy and creativity, Chris really let loose!! I drove from Portland for the show! Who needs sleep anyways!?!? I would do it all over again!


In Theory:
Me and one of my best friends got to see them soundcheck in Seattle! It was the greatest moment of my life. It was just us two sitting in the huge place listening while they rehearsed the songs and went through the new ones they would debut at the show. We even got to hear Chris playing some new songs solo on the piano. They sounded so beautiful. I cannot describe it to you. It was a one in a million experience!