August 29
Kentish Town Forum
London, UK

FM recording :  Radio1 Digital Broadcast on PACE DIGITAL STB > SONY PAL VHS > COOL EDIT > CD (44khz, 16 bit stereo)
Heavily mp3'd so be wary of quality.

One I love
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
Shining Light (Ash cover)
Warning Sign
(First time performed since once in 2001 and perfomed solo by Chris)
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
The Scientist

In My Place
Life Is For Living

(not broadcast after)


Happy Birthday for Phil
Lips like Sugar

and stub :

scientist synopsis: One of their best concerts ever (in my opinion)



Just got back
Thankyou Chris for just you and your piano singing 'warning sign,' one of many best bits for me....

I seemed to be in a minority where I was stood, singing along[not too conspicuosly] I hope to the new album tracks, others obviously havnt listened enough to it yet!
Why do they go so bananas for 'Yellow' ........many more high points than that ..........brilliant evening, even if we wernt allowed our cameras, taken away and had to collect it at end, so no pics

Same set list as Paris, except 'Warning sign' instead of 'See you soon'

brilliant brilliant

What a day! When I first woke up yesterday morning I had no idea that I would be at the Coldplay Forum gig, but then with a massive stroke of luck I was incredibly over the moon to get two tickets from a fellow coldplayer aka 'Cav_TX'. Thanks so much

The gig was absolutely amazing!!! Intimate, almost felt like they knew half the people they were playing for. I was sitting upstairs among what seemed to be the whole record industry, including their manager whose birthday it was... Chris even got the crowd to join in on a Coldplay rendition of the ever popular 'happy birthday'.

The opened with a blinding light and the intensely brilliant song ‘Politik’. Throughout the night they mixed the tracks playing songs from both the new album and from Parachutes. Chris did a couple of acoustic numbers on his own, with Will doing some beautiful backing vocals.

Compared to other times I have seen Coldplay play, this was AMAZING. They were happy to be in their hometown, and even more over the moon that everyone was really getting into it (especially downstairs).

Upstairs there were quite a few record industry people hangin up at the back bar talking all the way through the gig – I really felt like this was a huge let down, even more so disrespectful to the band. BUT THE BAND PLAYED ON and boy did they play!!!!!

Congrats Coldplay on a fantastic night, can’t wait to see you at Wimbledon in October.