August 27
Paris, France

A couple different recordings exist:

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01) Politik [5:27] 02) Spies [6:53] 03) Trouble [4:51] 04) The One I Love [4:58] 05) Don't Panic [3:21] 06) Everything's Not Lost [8:05] 07) Yellow [6:00] 08) The Scientist [5:45] 09) Clocks [5:33] 10) In My Place [4:10]



One I Love
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
See You Soon
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
The Scientist

In My Place
Life is for Living

Lips Like Sugar (Echo & the Bunnymen cover)

scientist synopsis: Great double encore show!!



So, I'm back home, I left Paris and Céline this morning. Been there for more than 2 weeks, had a great time.
And, of course, the highlight was on Tuesday, when our dream came true!!!
As you probably already know, Coldplay was more than fantastic that night, and I'm still under the shock!!
We were at the front row, just in front of Chris and Guy!! I thought I was dreaming!!
They started with Politikand that blew me away! (I'm talking for myself, Céline will probably tell you her own thoughts...)
I swear I'm still recovering from that wonderful night, so that's why You didn't hear about us since last week-end...I think we just wanted to keep our feelings for ourselves a little while, just to appreciate what happend to us to the max...
oh!! and we got some stuff signed!!! (I got my Brothers&Sisters and my NME signed by Chris, Guy and Will (I only miss jon's sign ) and Chris asking me my name made my day lol!! ) and at the end of the gig, I got a piece of Will's drums kit whoohoo!!!! and got it signed by Guy
The only bad point is that the quality of the tape Céline used to record the concert on TV was sooooo poor that it's impossible to watch it grrr!

Sparkling Celine:
It was one of the best gig of our life!!
When the gig started, i thought i had an heart attack.
The new songs were as good as the old ones. I espacially loved "The Scientist", "Yellow", "Clocks", "Politik" , See you soon"(oh god this one was amazing)"and "one i love". The cover from the Echo and the bunnymen "lips like sugar" was fantastic too!
At the beginning of "one i love", Chris looked at us and i "said" him hello with my hand! We were really surprised and happy!
Chris was so confident on stage! he jumped and danced!He tried to speak french but it wasn't really good...
They made 2 encores (yay!)

When we met them before the gig, i was really stupid...
Will was in front of me and he was looking at me. I told him "hello" with a bright smile and he replied "hello" with a cold voice...i wanted to be nice...maybe it's just a wrong impression

An american girl asked me to take a picture of her and Chris. i took the picture and my nme and my cds fall on the ground. Chris looked at me and he seemed sorry...then he came into the building.
Finally Jonny, Will and Chris signed my NME.(i missed Guy )
I was really dissapointed 'cos we didn't talk with them.

I feel sad 'cos it's probably the first and the last time that i see the band in a "medium" venue...

It was an amazing gig.

I saw coldplay live in paris last week. very good Thank you.I can't believe they are my age.I didn't like the first album, get me board I don't know why. but Since I went to this concert I changed my mind and franckly speacking I LOVE the last album, something is coming out of this. I can't stop listing to it. It feeds me every day.
I event start to reconsider the first album. ....
Thanks to the band and please keep enjoying what you are doing. I hope you know how lucky you are to do music.

I attended the Coldplay concert in Paris at the Olympia on the 27th of August.

This was my second time seeing the band live, after their initial warm up for Glastonbury in the Queens hall Edinburgh back in June of this year.

The set was terrific and the sound was crystal clear, starting the set with Poltick and finishing up with In My place - it really was an amazing evening.

I cant believe how they manage to make each song sound so fresh and new, while looking and sounding as though they are enjoying every minute of where they are and what their doing - remembering also these guys have been on the road now continuously from June this year and are set to continue with live gigs in the U.S for all of September and then beginning the U.K arena tour in October, how do they do it?

As I said before I had a great night - the only sad part about it all is probably not getting the chance to see them play in small intimate surroundings - This group are so set for super size stadium success.

Anyone going to the Forum tonight - hope you enjoy every minute of it as much as I have and tell us all about it afterwards.

Have a good one!!!