August 20
El Rey Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

No recording has surfaced



scientist synopsis: No recording for an LA concert? hmmmmm.....



Coldplay's last show on its North American club tour at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on Tuesday (Aug. 20) was quite the star-studded event.

The British foursome was greeted with whoops, cheers, and screams from the audience. Loudest among the whoopers was none other than Drew Barrymore, who sang along at the top of her lungs to every tune, applauding enthusiastically with her hands over her head -- when she wasn't dancing maniacally or shouting herself hoarse, that is.

Also included in the audience were actress Minnie Driver and R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe, who joined Coldplay's afterparty at the Nacional in Hollywood. They closed out the night at the Chateau Marmont lobby where Coldplay singer Chris Martin was dividing his time between tete-a-tetes with Driver and Stipe. Over in the balcony, Julia Roberts and the man she stole from another woman, whom she now calls her husband -- no judgement there, ;-) -- were spotted making out like crazy. (Lily Moayeri)

I heard last night's El Rey show was complete chaos. They oversold the show and the bouncers were pretty arrogant. I mean, c' are you supposed to move when there are 200 more people there than capacity should allow. Plus I heard celebs were able to just walk in without tix while ticketholders had to wait outside. My friend missed the first number due to the mess and I heard that they even need to haul somebody out on a stretcher.

Coldplay at the El Rey was Awesome:)!! I have Pictures!!:)

First of all i have to say that coldplay fans are awesome....i have never had so much fun at a concert with the people in line, and have them be so totally cool, and not be like "bitch get out of my way" when it comes time to go inside and for the concert to start. everyone was awesome, i went with pete/bloodflowers and while in line i also met Shirin, and Bazabba/John, i also cought a glimpse of Valerie/LesIsMore but she ran off real quick...i have pics of all of them but i will be sure and ask them all before i start posting any of the

im not really gonna review the concert, i think Shirin is doing it, and im not very good at such things, i get to emotional and just start saying how awesome everything was....Me, Pete, Shirin (and her friends) and some other people from the line were right in the front cuz we started waiting at 4pm....Coldplay opened with Politik it was absolutley jolting and beautiful, then they played Shiver and I almost started crying, but i didnt want to look like an Nsync fan so i controlled myself....they played lots off the new album, like God Put a Smile on My face, The Scientist, Clocks, Daylight (on of my very very favorites…J)…they also played several off the first album, like Don’t Panic, Everything’s not lost, and of course, Yellow and Trouble, which was great, cuz everyone sang along for Trouble and for Everythings not lost…I called like everyone I knew on my cell phone so they could here….they closed with Amersterdam, if I recall correctly, I freaking love that song… “I know im dead on the outside, but I am screaming underneath…” so sad and beautiful…anyways Shirin will write a better review when she gets home…I think she got into the after party or something special afterwords.
ß-------- very jealous

Oh!….I did indeed see drew barrymore, and Minnie driver, but I didn’t Elijah wood…I heard he actually waited in the will call line for his ticket, and I didn’t want to leave my side of the line to see him

I’m really sorry to the people that couldn’t go, I didn’t know til Monday that I was for sure going, and I know there are lots of people that deserved to go that didn’t get too….the ticket situation was terrible, pete and I payed about 220 for 2 tickets, the people behind me payed 300 for 2, and the people behind them payed 400 for theres….they were hard tickets to come buy, not even the scalpers outside had tickets, they kept asking all of us if we had tickets…I don’t know what happened with all the ambulence stuff, that seriously bites, I didn’t know it was that chaotic outside, cuz we got in and too the front and didn’t leave, so I don’t know what else was going on, but im sorry if it was crappy…and the security people were indeed DICKS….that’s LA for you, it is very industry oriented, its not the best place for the fans to see their favorite band, although it is cool in LA cuz bands almost always stop there on tour…