August 18th

San Francisco, CA

Several audience recordings exist (and possibly an FM)


One Recording Notes :Core Sound High End Binaurls DPA 4061 > modified core sound battery box w/rolloff at 80 > M1 Transfer: Sony DTC deck (forgot the model #) > optical cable > Philips CDR880 > CDR audio raw dump > EAC secure mode > SoundForge 4.5 (normalize peak value) > CDWAV > CDR > SHN

1. Politik
2. Shiver
3. Spies
4. Daylight
5. Trouble
6. One I love
7. Don't Panic
8. Everything's Not Lost
9.See You Soon
10. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
11. Yellow
12. The Scientist

13. Clocks
14. In My Place
15. Life Is For Living

16.   1.36 (b-side)
17.Lips Like Sugar


scientist synopsis: A great double encore show and with several high end recordings, its a good show to look for!



Review from SFGate:


Coldplay opens up vast yet intimate world
Second-wave Brit-pop group boldly shows its new direction at Bimbo's

At Bimbo's Sunday, eight songs into Coldplay's sweaty wonder of a set, singer-songwriter Chris Martin paused for a moment of audience appreciation. "There's this guy who wrote to us today," he began, going on to explain that the writer had requested that the band phone a sick fan from the stage.

"This is f-- cheesy," Martin chortled, brandishing a cell phone. "This is the type of thing Bono does in stadiums, calling on a cell for a sick girl. But f-- it."

He made the call, placed the phone on the stage, then led Coldplay into "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" from the band's new album. Starting as a hushed acoustic ballad, the song built into a roar of acid-rock distortion and soaring, bittersweet vocals.

It was quite the serenade, and it captured both the mood in Bimbo's and the new direction Coldplay takes on its forthcoming album, "A Rush of Blood to the Head," in stores Aug. 27. At once intimate and vast, it marks a turning point for the British quartet, whose Grammy Award-winning debut album, 2000's "Parachutes," and its hit single, "Yellow," established it as second-wave Brit- pop's first breakthrough group.

To launch the new CD, Coldplay has embarked on a small-club tour (the band returns to the Bay Area for a larger show at the Greek Theatre on Sept. 6), with tickets available online for its most hard-core fans.

With Martin seated an upright piano, the members of Coldplay emerged from a wave of fog to open their 90-minute set with "Politik," the first track from "A Rush of Blood." As the song moved from rhythmic pounding toward a sweeping coda, it set a tone for the night's music, which alternated between soft, confessional verses and lavish choruses.

The group embellished and reworked material from its first album and 1999's "The Blue Room" EP to fit its more complex new sound. "Shiver" and "Spies" became heavier without losing their melodic roots, and "Trouble" remained catchy enough to inspire the crowd to sing along. Not surprisingly, the surging dream pop of "Yellow" ignited the night's most enthusiastic response. By song's end, Martin simply turned the microphone over to the crowd for a note-perfect sing-along.

Whether hunkering at the piano, whirling in circles with a guitar or crawling over the monitors to reach the audience, Martin was the music's soulful nexus. His keening falsetto invested the brightest lines with emotional depth, turning a lighter song like "In My Room" from an infectious pop tune into a cathartic love anthem. "See You Soon" and "Everything's Not Lost" were delivered as gorgeous plaints, and the night's best number, "The Scientist," juxtaposed lilting musical simplicity with thoughtful, melancholy lyrics.

Coldplay ventured into fresh psychedelic turf on "Daylight," with guitarist Jon Buckland sliding through chord changes to create an Eastern-tinged backdrop. "Clocks" featured ornate exchanges between guitar, piano and drums that perpetually shifted the number's mood and texture.

Before launching into an encore rendition of Echo and the Bunnymen's "Lips Like Sugar," Martin sang the sweetly haunting "Life Is for Living." It takes a rare grace to pull off a line like "Life is for living . . . and I don't want to live it alone" without sounding hackneyed; Martin made it heartrending.

"For $15, we could come on naked and play Bon Jovi songs," he joshed at one point, referring to the show's low ticket price. Judging by Sunday's performance, it's possible that they could -- and make it sound transcendent.




This is my first time posting here, and I'm awful in writing reviews, but I just can't keep my mouth shut. Last night was the most amazing gig I have ever had the pleasure of attending. I hate to say it, but it topped the Norah Jones one (by the way, I'd like to send a shout out to the two Norah Jones' fans in line--EVIL DEAD RULES!).

Okay then, for anyone who doesn't know, Bimbo's by far is the friendliest venue in the city. The security and staff are amazing and they don't take anyone's shit. The big security man was kind enough to leave the side door open so that everyone on that block of Columbus could hear Coldplay during their sound check rehearsal. A bunch of us hung out around the corner to meet the band and some of us got some pics in. Met Jonny in Houston Alley (very fine man indeed, very friendly, gorgeous smile), heard that the band were playing cricket (either in the alley or up the hill) either before or after sound check (I don't know which it is, anyone here can clarify?), and heard that Guy was walking in front of the venue holding a button up shirt on a hanger (damn it, I missed it!).

Okay now, let's go inside the venue...saw the turntable (hey Mr. DJ!) at the back and the video screen set up on stage. Heard in line that the opening act was a video, (what? a video?!) but glad to see that it was one of those educational/documentary types (with loads of phat beats and a bunch of cameos including Bono, Robbie Williams, and Michael Stipe). Couldn't hear much though for the sound was a bit low, but I took home the message (and that's all that matters).

Anyway Coldplay arrived on stage with a very warm reception (the audience was going nuts!). They opened with "Politik" and Chris apparently perfected his Thom Yorke dancing. Check this fella out...he played the piano while madly stomping his left leg...I cannot describe this guy's performance in words...but all I can say was that he looked as if...okay, it was...highly orgasmic! Jonny and Guy were looking orgasmic as well (hi Guy!). What an awesome performance...hey did anyone get this thing on tape?

They played well over 12 songs (including 2 encores, thanks guys!)...I know some of you grabbed a setlist so do me a favor and post it here. The best ones included "Shiver"; "Trouble"; "Daylight"--with Jonny sharing the duty on vocals, and Guy oozing sexiness on his bass, perhaps his sexiest moment ever; "See You Soon"--very interesting point in the set, Chris had a fan on a cell phone and asked us to make a lot of noise when given the signal (the cheering just wouldn't cease, so Chris asked us to stop because it was getting too "cheesy"...funny guy, he had plenty of jokes last night); "Yellow" was phenomenal; "Clocks"; "The Scientist"--amazing song, never fails to send shivers down my spine; "Don't Panic"; "Spies"; "In My Place"--Chris with his wallclimbing antics and flinging the water from his water bottle onto the people on the floor...

Oh man, I'm getting super hungry right now so I'm going to end it here. In conclusion, last night's gig convinced me that Coldplay are the best f**king live band on the planet. That's all.