August 16th
Paramount Theater
Boulder, CO

No recording has surfaced

One I Love
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
See You Soon
God Put A Smile On Your Face
The Scientist

In My Place
Life Is For Living

August 16th - KBCO acoustic show Boulder, CO

Also live on the radio on Cities 97 (97.1) in Minneapolis (simulcast).

In My Place and Trouble were performed along with an interview
Recording has surfaced

scientist synopsis: While disappointing for the lame crowd and for the band, this show helped hook ME in as the die-hard fan I am today.



By Shawn & Robin:

Well we got to see Coldplay in Boulder last night. Boulder is about half and hour away from Denver and is a predominantly college town. They had a very small venue, about a 600 person (all standing) venue. Me and the wifee got to be on raised level right above the stairs at eye level with the band and only about 10 feet away. (If anyone was there I was wearing the solid red t-shirt with Caffeine logo on it and my wife is shorter and was wearing a white top and glasses. We also got to hang out with Dollface who we hooked up with from the board.)


First off, great opening acts, they aren't touring with Coldplay but its great seeing excellent opening bands and we got to hang out with them inbetween the show and afterwords. Mark Copley was a hard rockin American band with a sound somewhere between Gin Blossoms and Todd Snider. Great band with a lot of great songs and they were very solid. Kim Richey went next and had a southern Sean Colvin sound. Very cool and very down to earth.


Coldplay of course was awesome. 1/2 new stuff and 1/2 old stuff. Lighting was fantastic, sound was great, and the band did a great performance. They even performed the older See You Soon and the current B-side One I Love. Chris was in full Yorke mode and only opened his eyes occasionally but was fantastic and energetic. Jumping all over the place when he had a guitar (only went instrument free during In My Place near the end) . Johnny and Guy barely cracked a smile all night but were solid. 


Sad thing is what I heard after the show, I talked to Kim Richey (opener) and while I thought she had a warm reception she said that the front row people were very rude and lots of the girls were rolling their eyes at the band and made it a very unfun gig for her. She said that she was constantly looking for friendly eyes while playing. After Coldplay's gig she said the band was devistated by the show and that they sat around moping calling it "the worst gig ever". They also mentioned during the night that the day had been a disaster. Several fans we talked to afterwards said that some of the same crowd in the front row were unresponsive and that there lots of chatter and talking in the back of the venue. While I thought it was a good response (a bit of audience sing a long) I also some some really stupid Boulder people who were obnoxious, drunk, and unfamiliar with the band.


Since this was a small venue and was not listed on their tour dates given by the Coldplay emails I have a feeling that a lot of the true fans were unaware thast coldplay was even playing as their was NO press in advance about the show. Most people found out about the show in Denver from a small listing (no picture ads at all) or off this forum. Unfortunately the boulder audience may have hurt Coldplay's reception.


Sad thing is that when Coldplay came to Denver on the first tour they had a very lukewarm experience as they didnt sell out the venue (much larger that 600 people, several thousand ) and said that they were having a difficult leg of the tour. Now they've had 2 bad experiences in Colorado and we may never have them visit us again. One thing is for sure I'll never get to see a band that will headline arenas in a 600 person venue ever again.


It was a great show and whie there were some devoted fans let down by not meeting the band afterwards (rumors were they split immeditely after the show) it was a great show to all us fans who were lucky enough to catch it.



I did fairly often to see how they were reacting to the band, and yes, it was very disappointing. At any rate, being a true fan and a proud ex-Boulderite, I thought their performance was exceptional, and the lighting was very unique and dramatic. Too bad we were behind Chris's piano. But we could still see him shaking hid head like Thom Yorke, fully into what he was doing. Very good show I must say.



It makes me sad to hear that the show went horribly, here in Boulder. I was up front and all I could hear was people yelling out praise to the band. In all honesty, I have to say that the show was the best concert of my life. I saw the band last year at the Fillmore and thought it was a great show as well.


My friend and I did get to shake hands with Guy. And talk with Chris for a little bit. He recognized me from the front singing along with him and gave me a guitar pick and also took a picture with my friend and I. It was such an awesome experience. The only sad thing about the concert was that it had to end.



I'm skyler, i'm 16 (dont ask how i got into that god damn 21+ show) but i consider myself a true coldplay fan. I've loved them for over 2 years now. This show was the first time i'd seen them live. Now, I admit, i was thinking some of the crowd was a little bit rude...but i still thought the show was incredible. That's very sad if they thought they weren't well-recieved, I was going out of my mind i was so blissed out. it seemed like most of the people in the front (such as myself) were quite enjoying themselves. I noticed that chit chat in the back though...that pissed me off. Anyways yeah I loved the show. Never thought i'd say it, but i liked it better than Travis.