August 14th
1st Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

Recording:Core Sound low end binaural mics > bass roll-off/battery box > Sony mz-700 w/low sensitivity element > analog transfer > Cool Edit 2000

One I Love
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
Hungry Heart [Springsteen cover*]

See You Soon
God Put a Smile on Your Face
The Scientist

Set 2
In My Place
Life is For Living -break-

Lips Like Sugar[Echo & the Bunnymen]
1.36 (b-side)

Scientist Synopsis: A lot of great rare songs perfomed at this show!!

Small radio interview and performance: (93.7

played In my Place (album version) ,Trouble and Yellow(live)

see transcription below (recording hasn't surfaced)

Transcription of the radio show:

dj: thanks for coming to our studio

chris: thanks a lot man, thanks for having us

dj: great to have you guys in, cause i don't think you guys have been to minneapolis before

chris: no never

dj: did you just get in today ?

chris: well we thought we were here yesterday, but in fact we were in St. Paul. I got up this morning and said 'ah Minneapolis' and someone said 'welcome to St. Paul' (Johnny laughing in bacground) and we got all confused

dj: oh well it's really just a river spliting the city, how are you liking it so far?

chris: it's cool man, i went running this morning by the banks of the Missisipi, that was beautiful

Johnny: I just got up (laughing)

Chris: this view outside your window is pretty nice

dj: Johnny's on rock and roll time, yeah it is great in here, so yeah the last time you guys tried to tour the states you had a bit of throat trouble, had to call things short, is that what happened?

chris: yeah shit that was the first time, but then we managed to come a second time, last summer, we were here for what 2 or 3 months?

Johnny: yeah it was about 3 months

chris: yeah we did get it together

dj: so you've had a proper tour of the states then?

chris: yeah we just haven't been here before

dj: so how is it going this time?

chris: yeah it's cool you know, we're neverous cause our new record is coming out, and we're playing small venues to try to see if anyone still likes us, but it's going alright

dJ: i know it was an MTV promotion, the show in chicago, was like a 2$ show, that's a pretty cool promotion

chris: laughing, yeah, it was pretty good

dj: so why are you playing the club shows, is it to try out the new stuff?

chris: yeah partly that, to try the new stuff, partly because sometimes particularly in Britan we are playing bigger places and some of your early early fans don't really like that, so it's nice for some of the website fans to come see you in small places, and also it is good for us to get back to basics and to not hide behind big production

dj: i may sound like a hometown cheerleader but i've been to a lot of clubs in a lot of cities, and first ave is among the best

chris: really

dJ: yeah you guys are gonna have a good time

chris: we're very up for it

dj: so are you guys going directly to soundcheck after this?

chris and Johnny: yeah um yeah

chris: we are playing early tonight since it's an all ages show

dj: right it is an early show

johnny: yeah very early

chris: hopefully we will play for the under 6 ers, that's our best crowd (johnny laughing)

dj: hey so when does the record come out, oh wait i have it here, Aug 27th, actually i haven't heard it yet

chris: really, it's terrible

dj: that was my next question, how do you like it?

chris: we're here to promote Spiderman, (Johnny laughing)

Johnny: Great film, really good,

chris: great film, buy it, watch it, see it as soon as possible

dj: yeah any books you like?

chris: yes we love the work of Sherlock holmes

johny: yeah not really his work

chris: yeah the guy who wrote it, yeah the album comes out near then that's why we're here

dj: how was the recording of it? did it come right off?

chris: it was tough, you know how it is making a radio show, you have to make a good one, gotta sweat a little, so we tried to sweat as much as possible

dj: alright i can't wait to here it, good luck tonight at the show

chris: thanks man

dj: you guys are gonna have you live on the air on friday, do you know about that?

chris: yeah you told us

dj: ok so you guys are going straight to boulder or stopping some where?

chris: no we're going straight to boulder

dj: ok so we will be listening in as you perform on our sister station in Boulder with guitars and everything proper set up

chris: thanks a lot for having us in

dj: thanks for a lot for coming chris and johnny from Coldplay

johnny: cheers man

dj: lets open up the phone lines for tickets to the show tonight, now you guys sold your tickets to the show through your fanclub

chris: over our website

dj: the venue never sold any tickets to this show, it all was sold over your site, and it sold out just through your website and your fans which i thought was kinda cool

chris: yeah it is amazing, we just have 4 incredibly fat fans

dj: yeah it is a great way to serve your fans

chris: yeah that is what we were saying

dj: cause you are communicating directly with them

chris: yeah because sometimes you can really annoy them by sort of forgetting your early fans who are on the website most of the time, and our managment are very good at keeping us aware of that

dj: alright so ..... thanks here's coldplay...




I donít even know where to begin. Last nightís show at First Ave in Minneapolis was just phenomenal. Better than amazing. Unbelievable. I can say this because I have been to many, many concerts in my day. It ranks up there as one of the best, if not the best - I have seen.

We drove down from Fargo and got to First Ave around 4:45 to get in line. There were about 15 people in front of us waiting. Doors were at 6:00.

Once we finally got inside, we went straight to the stage to park ourselves in a good spot. We were on the right side of the stage, right in front. Awesome spot. I knew that we werenít on the side of Chrisís piano, but there were too many people on that side. I was happy with where we were.

The One Giant Leap video was first. It started out cool (that song with Robbie Williams is awesome) but began to get kind of boring fast. We were all just so antsy to see Coldplay. Maybe if I was at home on the couch and I could hear everything they were saying in it, I might enjoy it more. It was interesting though that they were talking about capitalism and all that, and here we were, have gotten screwed because we bought our tickets from Ticketmaster to see this video grrr..

Afterwards the crowd was ready. From what I could see the place was completely packed more people than I have seen before in First Ave. The roadies did some last minute checking of mics, put out the towels, placed the beer on amps and then...


The band came out, met an enormous roar from the crowd, and went into Politik. Chris was at piano. The lights were greatstrobes to really give it a dramatic feel. The pounding rhythm was intense.

After that they went into Shiver. Then Spies, then either Daylight or Trouble. I was trying to remember the set list throughout the show, with the first letter (PSSDT) but I was just too into the show to try to remember it all, so I lost track. I donít even know if I could pick a highlight of the show, it was all just one amazing experience. They did a ton of songs from AROBTTH, including The Scientist, God Put A Smile, Clocks, and even the b-side One I Love. Chris made a comment that this was the perfect time for them to lose their Minneapolis virginity. And First Ave is a great place to do that. Chris tried to introduce a song by Backstreet Boys, and had us boo. He also talked about a couple they met at a Mexican restaurant that just got engaged. He dedicated a song to them but I donít remember which it was. Yellow was magical; Trouble was beautiful; Everythingís Not Lost was touching. The first encore included In My Place. When they came out for the second encore, Chris handed a flower to a girl to my left. Guy gave a rose to my friend Erin right next to me. There was a rose over by Will on the drums so I though maybe I would be lucky and get that from him after that encore. They did Lips Like Sugar and went right into a hard song; Iím assuming it was a cover. Iím not sure what it was. Will threw the rose into the audience so I didnít get it. Then they left the stage and the screen started to come down we all thought it was over. Even a roadie gave a signal to the sound guys that it was over. But... Chris came out and got on the piano! He made a comment before he started playing that you can leave if you want... They had to retract the screen and I could tell the roadie was not happy. Slowly each of the other guys came back on stage as Chris was doing Amsterdam. They each joined in on the song,it was amazing. Then they left the stage for the 4th time. Even after the 3rd encore people were still cheering loudly in hopes that they would come out again...

After that we waited outside with some other fans by the truck and a van. I saw some friends from Bismarck and it was cool to chat with them and catch up. After waiting for awhile they guys finally came out. I got Jonnyís autograph first, and then Chrisís. I also got a picture with Chris!! I first asked him if I could get a picture, and he was a little hesitant, but did it anyway. Then they guys bolted across the street to another waiting van.

The guy that was next to me during the show took notes throughout. He gave me his email address, so when I get all my pictures developed (2 rolls), I will send them to him and he will put them up on his site, along with his review and complete set list. As soon as I know what that is I will post it on here! My pictures should be great; I used 800 speed film, some pictures with flash (since I was close) and some without.

What an awesome end to a remarkable night. Iím so glad I got to see them in such a small and intimate venue. Coldplay is a truly amazing band, very unique, so much energy,they have it all. Thanks guys for giving us such a tremendous

performance one we will never ever forget!


I got my ticket just yesterday, thanks to a kind soul on this message board. I just got back from being out-of-town for a few weeks and was caught totally by surprise when a guy on the radio said that Coldplay was here tonight. I freaked out and spent the day frantically trying to find a way to get a ticket.

Thankfully, I scored a ticket to one of the best shows I've ever seen at First Ave (or anywhere for that matter). Oasisjennie-- I was probably standing right behind you when I first got in and staked out a spot. Then I decided to go upstairs on the right (next to the railings and by the bathhrooms) so I could get the overhead, all-encompassing view. In retrospect I probably should have stayed down there, but either way I really enjoyed the show.

They played an incredible set, and sounded even better live than on the CD. These guys are fantastic musicians and performers. It was a great mix of songs from both CDs. I hadn't heard much of the new songs, but they sounded great and I am really looking forward to the new CD.

The only disappointment for me was that they didn't play "High Speed", a song that screams to be played live. From reading other setlists on this forum, I knew they probably wouldn't play it, but I had my fingers crossed anyways.

When Chris said they were about out of Coldplay songs, I almost yelled out a request for "High Speed". Instead, I was happily blown away by an incredible cover of Echo and the Bunnymen's - "Lips Like Sugar". Here, the guys showed their great musical talents and reincarnated a great "classic" with tons of energy and flair.

Yellow, a song that radio stations have played to death, was given new life as well with great crowd assistance. Shiver and Spies started off the show with a bang and they kept the ball rolling through 3 encores. I think they would have played for another hour at least, if they could have.

Overall, this was an incredible show, and I am so happy I made it inside. Coldplay definitely knows how to put on a show and give the crowd their money's worth...even if they are back in the "Starship Enterprise"


Picked up my friend, who for privacy's sake we'll call franny. Drove not 15 miles to first avenue and found an enormous line streaming about 60 yards from the main entrance, which was surprising considering we got there about 50 minutes prior to the scheduled show time.

We finally got into first avenue at about 6:10 and situated ourselves in the left viewing area in the second row, unfortunately behind people who likely had never heard more than three coldplay songs and talked on cell phones for more than half the concert. We watched as staff members adjusted the settings and placed water bottles at strategic positions. Accompanying the water were towels.

At about 7:00 a projection screen played a video about free trade and how corporations dominated everything. Which is true. But after about 40 minutes of repetitive messages, we just wanted to see coldplay.

8:00 came and the band finally appeared, greeted by whoops, hollers, cheers, and clapping. Darkness engulfed us as each member took their position, Chris at the piano. After a brief moment of silence lights more than luminated the stage and the band members pounded on their designated instruments. Watching Mr. Martin pound on the piano with intense force and rhythym was delightful and entertaining. It was apparent after about 10 seconds this was the beginning of 'politik'. Chris swayed to and fro, singing with passion.

Next they played 'shiver', then 'spies', both beautiful and inspiring. Chris mentioned losing his minneapolis virginity, but i couldn't make out much more of his funny british mumbling . 'Daylight' was soon to follow, then an awe-striking 'trouble'. They then took a B-Side and played it beautiful ('One I Love'), his studdering "Could ye-Could ye-C'mon" was brilliant.

Throughout all of these songs the band members jammed slowly and wonderfully, and JONNY [edited.. christ i'm tired] fashioned some beautiful harmonica skills, then threw it into the crowd not five feet from myself (I dove for it but a more aggressive type immerged with it)

After the B-Side they played 'Don't Panic', and then a magificently beautiful 'Everything's Not Lost' in which he added during the end "If you came to the wrong concert and was expecting to see N*Sync *grins* ..... Everything's Not Lost."

That Chris. After the song he went on to tell us there was a short 10 second cover the band has been working on for a while. They went into a lovely, jovial rendition of Billy Joel's 'Hungry Heart'. He tought us to boo the mention of the backstreet boys and nsync.

After this he mentioned that he met a couple at a mexican restaurant (at least i think thats what it was... couldn't make it out through the cheering and his mumbling), who were to be engaged. Apparently they were there because the girl in front of me turned around and looked up at the "Starship enterprise" and shouted "THATS YOU! THATS YOU!"... *sigh*

Martin dedicated the following song to them. What else other than 'See You Soon'. It was one of the most beautiful and best songs performed that night.

'God Put A Smile Upon Your Face' was next. Then, a crowd-lead 'Yellow' which was actually very well done as Chris bobbed and weaved with his guitar on stage and smiled with us all. I still can't decide which was better: His singing or his dancing.

Then, the supposed last song came on. 'The Scientist'. I was tempted to just go on stage and sway with it, but this temptation was ruined as staff members lined the stage front. The song itself was unreal. It was an excellent "closing" song.

They walked off stage and the crowd knew exactly what to do. Everyone clapped with mad rage, demanding they come back. Sure enough, they did. They next played 'clocks' which was equally amazing, and at the very end the lights dimmed as it appeared this was the end.

Moments later they opened just as they had with politik as the lights and instruments alike pounded. 'In My Place' had just begun. Chris was bouncing more than ever and you could just tell he was lost and consumed by the music. He showered us with water and tossed the empty bottles out for people to fight over.

'Life is for Living' came next, and was an excellent encore closing song. They walked off stage galantly, but we as the crowd demanded more.

Shortly they reappeared and covered 'Lips Like Sugar' whose origin i do not know, and then a song I'm not familiar with.

A third encore came, and this was to be the final one. They played 'Amsterdam' with great intensity as all the band members looked at eachother with smiles, and you could sense they were just having fun. After, the lights went out and the projection screen falling slowly signified the end of what was a truly spectacular show.

*gasps to regain breath*

All in all this was amazing. Chris is much taller than I thought he would be, and seeing him rock with his 'Make Trade Fair' tshirt made me wish i was related to him er something. My fingers are sore so I can't write much more, but I could continue rambling for hours. The show was.... .... fucking great. I'd give anything to see them again.

Brian Marx
I will be the first to admit that I am not your typical Coldplay fan, but I was last night. The reason being, last night (8/14/02) Coldplay played their first ever Minneapolis show. One would not expect the likes of such a band to be playing such a small revenue venue. But they wanted to be close to the several hundred fans who sold out the show, just by purchasing tickets through their website. The show began as amazingly as it ended. Coldplay started the set with their signature "rock" song, "Shiver," ("Parachutes," 2000, EMI Int'l) accompanied by strobe lights. The rest of the show was a mix of their old and new material. A few standouts from their forthcoming album ("A Rush of Blood To the Head" - Capitol/Parlophone, Aug. 26, 2002) included "The Scientist" and the first single from that album "In My Place." Chris Martin spoke to crowd, often commenting on the fact of they were "losing their Minneapolis virginity". They came back for a second encore, saying that they'd played all the material they could (supposedly), and carried on playing Echo and the Bunnymen covers. The real surprise came after they insisted that they'd played their last song and the crowd began to disperse. The curtain made it halfway down when you heard Chris saying, " Where the fuck is everyone going?" Mass hysteria ensued as they cranked out one last piano ballad before sending us back out into our mundane lives.