August 12
Bowery Ballroom   

New York, NY

SS DSM-6M > D100 > Coaxial > SPIDF > Zoltrix ZA2 > CDwav > SHN (lots of audience noise on this recording)

Politik .
The One I Love
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
Hungry Heart[Springsteen](partial)
See You Soon
God Put a Smile on Your Face
The Scientist
In My Place
Life is For Living
Lips Like Sugar[Echo & the Bunnymen]

scientist synopsis: The Songbird (Oasis) cover is done at this show along with 2 other covers.



Just got back from bowery show- hard to describe how good this band is- incredible live performance.

Nice to be able to see them in such a small venue - probably the last time before they blow-up when the new CD is released

Chris Martin has to be the most talented lead singer out there- has a lot of Bono in him but with much more innocence and sincerity.

Clocks was probably the best song of the night-

u forgot to mention that Chris did a little bit of Bruce Springsteen's "Hungry Heart"...after teasing the crowd that they were only @ their show because the audience couldn't get Springsteen tix! (he was playing at Madison Square Garden).

i was also on the balcony.....but on the other side of the Gallagher boys & u....what a great place to see a show..! I only wish I had had a video camera with me... so I could experience the show over and over..

I too was expecting some "special guests"...especially after Chris said to "call us out a 3rd time"....and mentioned something about "surprises up our sleeves". U know those tempermental Oasis bros...they prolly decided at the last minute not to join in...hehe...

UNBELIEVABLE! Got there way early and scoped out a spot in the fron of the balcony so my short wife would have a clear view. Saw the Oasis boys and Gwenyth as previously reported. Now I have seen Coldplay three times now, and last night took the cake. Between the perfect venue and the passionate performance, I was in awe! The new songs were beautiful live--clocks and scientist among the highlights for me. Also, I had expectd this to showcse the new material more so i was pleasntly surprised by the large amount of older material played. The new version of Don't panic is awesome! also, the one I love rocks1 i hadn't heard it before last night! Very upbeat song!

All in all, I can imagine how jones Beach next month will live up to this experience. It will probably be anti-climactic!!

Oh and with Echo being an old favorite of mine-Lips like Sugar was a fun treat!