August 10
9:30 Club
Washington, D.C.

Recording does exist but hasn't gone "public"

one i love
dont panic
everythings not lost
see you soon
god put a smile upon your face
in my place
life is for living


Scientist Synopsis: Rare performance of 1.36 (b-side) before its official release.



The D.C. show last night was AWESOME! A good mix of stuff from Parachutes as well as the forthcoming "A Rush of ..." Chris even forgot to start singing on "Trouble." He was personable and had a laugh with the crowd and even checked a guy who yelled at the start of a ballad. All in all a great concert (though it didn't start until 11:10 Eastern. Great show.

It WAS great...althought I was being majorly effected by the perks of jet-lag. I could barely make it through the show, not to mention the "opener," but I found it in me to stay for an extra hour after to meet the band!

After hearing a bunch of new songs, their new album seems really promising! And Chris seemed so energized last night, it really seemed to move through the crowd too.

Ahhh....good memories.

kid k:
definitely one of the best concerts i've ever attended. i don't know the setlist exactly b/c i'm not too familiar with the new songs but i know they played (not in order) don't panic, shiver, spies, yellow, trouble, everything's not lost, in my place. shiver was by the the highlight of the show for me. the new songs were very impressive, chris climbed on top of one of the speakers during one of the songs and everyone was going crazy and then he jumped back onto the stage and i thought he was going to kill himself. i almost forgot- they played "see you soon" and it was so incredibly beautiful, although chris had to stop for a moment because some dumbass yelled right before he was going to sing. awesome show.

it was amazing! chris's voice really carried in that club venue. im writing a review for tomorrow and have a bunch of pics so ill try to put some up tomorrow, if i can't send me a PM and ill email them to you..


This show left me speechless!! I had seen the band once before but not at such an intimate venue. Everything sounded great. I love the new songs... especially The Scientist. Can't wait for the new album. My travelling friend (Ryan who came all the way from Jacksonville, FL) and I met two really cool fans from Philly (it was great chatting with you Andy(??) and Christina) hope you two made it home ok.

It truly was a great show. The bonus song at the end was awesome, and hearing "The One I Love" live helped me to appreciate the single version much more. I really like that song now, but before, I had trouble. Awesome show, I was in the second row behind two short girls right in the center. It kicked ass, the only thing better would have been to be in their spot, but they were short, so it didn't matter.

The best I must say though, was before the show. Some huge 6 foot 5 inch guy pushes his way up to where all the people who had been camping out all day were at inside. He was totally obstructing everyone's view, and people were telling him, you're gonna have to move. He isn't moving at all, pretty soon the whole front part of the crowd joins in. With a show of hands, we all voted him out of the front!!! When he left there was massive applause. That was one of the coolest things I've ever seen at a general admission concert in my life. Coldplay has the coolest fans in the world.

So then, when Chris put everything down to do in my place, he threw his sweaty towel and I caught it. I'm a guy, and I'm not gay, but he's like a rock star idol to me, so i thought it was awesome. Sure, I'd rather have a guitar pick, but the towel will have to do. Then he started climbing the amps...awesome. You could see a guy with a panicked look upon his face behind the amplifier, trying to make sure that chris doesn't die or something.

Hope you all had a good time!!!

I  Shiver:
I have to say that I think DC was the best of the 4 shows I went to...for some reason the quality of sound and the energy was so much more intense than any of the other shows....Plus 1:36 was incredible!!!..This is a new Coldplay folks...get ready for the Rock Show!!!