August 2nd

MTV2 $2 Bill Show

Chicago, IL

Also did a radio interview/session on 94.7 the zone

Recorded as a broadcast for MTV2 as their $2 Bill concert series.

Most of concert not broadcast


God Put A Smile Upon Your Face




In My Place

The Scientist

Song played but not broadcast:

The Scientist
Life Is For Living
Don't Panic
Lips Like Sugar
Everything's Not Lost


the scientist synopsis: The kick off of the American Club tour.




We waited around until 12:45 I would say and they still hadn't come out. So these people were coming out of one of the doors so I ran up and we went inside. We saw an elevator and went down to the basement. There was some guy sitting there and we asked him if we could get autographs and he said yeah go on over and we turned the corner and I saw Will first and I was so excited so I just went up to him and he shook my hand and I told him that it was an awsome shoe, etc. and he signed my poster and I got my pic taken with him and then Guy came out and I went over to him and shook is hand and got him to sign it. I waited for Chris and Johnny to come out but they didnt so I asked the manager to take it back to where they were and he said that Chris was back there naked (hehe) getting cleaned up so he took my poster back and Chris and Johnny both sighned it. To think that Chris was naked when he signed my poster!!

It was so great and we were right infront of the stage and I got a pic of Chris on piano and Johnny too. I will hopefully be able to post them soon. They are kinda blurry because I couldn't use a flash but they are still good. I hope everyone had fun