Tangoman Compilation '93-'98



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Tangoman Compilation

Link is here to quote:

I know, not earth shattering stuff, but I've taken a bunch of the clips I've had lying around on my PC and I've created a DVD out of them. I've gone back to the best sources I can find and I've upgraded where possible.

I've also balanced the sound where necessary so you don't get highs and lows and I've done a menu with chapters so everything looks pretty rolleyes.gif

Here's a list of what's on it...."

Great menu FYI

Creep - MTV Beach 1993

Most Wanted 1994 - Thom and Jonny only
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (8 second clip only!)
My Iron Lung

Japan 1994 - Thom and Jonny
Street Spirit

Jools Holland 1995
The Bends
High and Dry

Jools Holland 1997
Paranoid Android
No Surprises

Most Wanted 1995
Nobody Does it Better

Belfort 1998
Exit Music
Street Spirit
Paranoid Android

Amnesty 1998
Karma Police
Paranoid Android