1. Sorry I don't generally do B+P's. Nothing personal, just quite busy.
  2. I accept NTSC and PAL discs for Trade. If it says PAL on my list make sure you can play it before I send.
    (FYI- PAL discs play on most cheap dvd players and on computers. Ask for help if you need it)
  3. Please send discs on DVD-R if possible. I can play and burn both but use DVD-R's blanks myself and they play on both my players.
  4. Please do not use generic DVD's if possible as they do increase the chance of having a problem with reading.
  5. If a disc does not play I expect a reburn and a resend. I will do as well. Make sure that the dvd's play on a dvd player before you send. If you are new to dvd burning (as we all were at some point) I can offer advice that may save you time and a reburn.
  6. I generally ask for others who I haven't traded with before to send first (especially for international trades). References may also satisfy this request as well. If we agree to send at the same time please do so and keep in contact.
  7. If you have source info, covers, setlists, please share them and I will try the same.
  8. My grades reflect my views on the video and sound combined. If you want more advice/info about a show I will offer it but I don't expect complaints about a show based on grading as everyone grades differently.
  9. That's about it. I'm a very chill guy who likes to trade and not give people a hard time so please contact me if interested as I do not bite.

FYI- As I do frequent a lot of different boards and sites you can reach at me always at coloradocoldplay @ yahoo. com (or hotmail)
(but I frequent STG and CP msgboard as Chris's Nuts, Atease and Radiohub as my iron shlong, and run The Scientist website. I do also trade for audio as well and my list is here. I live in Denver FYI and hope to get to know you soon)



My DVD List

ASH Compilation (2003-05-30 Austin (cam), 2003-06-01 Houston (cam) Every Ash video released (to the best of my knowledge) About half-a-dozen live television performances.+ And the material from the North American FAA DVD: A )Documentary on creating the album. B )BBB and Kung Fu performed in Japan. C )A few trippy clips featuring FAA B-Sides.)

Beastie Boys 06/20/1998 DVD(1) A- Pro-Shot St. Goarshausen - Germany Loreley Rockpalast

Coldplay list is here

Flaming Lips 06/28/2003 DVD(1) A+ Glastonbury Festival PAL DSBD

The Libertines
The Libertines- Criminal Records in Atlanta 08/18/03 DVD(1) A looks almost professional. Not sure if promo or aud. Black & White video, acoustic in-store appearance
The Libertines August 2003- DVD(1) A-/B+ (PAL) Marquee 9/12/02, Astoria 12/2/03, London Calling 2002 + TOP appearance, Jools, all-proshots

My Bloody Valentine -02/16/89 DVD(1) B+ University Of London Union 50m Private show>DVD analog camcorder film - transferred from the master tape. NTSC

Nirvana 10/25/1990 DVD(1) A- Leeds Polytechnic AUD master video > DVDr-4 first row
Nirvana 10/19/1991 DVD(1) A- Trees Club -TX JVC SVHS Camcorder > SVHS-M > DVDr-4 AUD
Nirvana 11/25/1991 DVD(1) A- Paradiso SBD Uncut from Geffens master tapes. Multiple cameras. VHS-2 > Digital8-1 > DVDr-
Nirvana 08/30/1992 DVD(1) B- Reading Festival AUD (very shaky AUD cam, rather crap)
Nirvana 11/09/1993 DVD(1) A- Stabler Arena, Lehigh University -PA AUD

Pixies 06-??-91 London, England - Brixton Academy 1 DVD 1 A- Pro Shot (2nd gen)

The Police 06/15/86 DVD(1) A- Giants Stadium, NJ (proshot) On same disc as U2 6-15-86 Amnesty International's "Conspiracy Of Hope" Tour

RATM- 06/03/00 Battle of Seoul, Korea A Pro Shot Korean TV broadcast>Vhs(1)

Radiohead list is here 


REM 10/02/1985 DVD(1) A+ Zeche Bochum DSBD
REM- 07/19/2003 DVD(1) A Bowling Green, Wiesbaden, Germany 55m Dig TV > DVD PAL

Ride- 052/08/1992 DVD(1) B Apollo Theatre, Oxford 65m Private analog camcorder film - transferred from 1st or 2nd gen VHS. PAL

Sigur Ros 09/22/2001 philly (proshot from HBO reverb, chapters/menus)
Sigur Ros 11/07/2002 DVD(2) A-, 1 AUD cam Columbus OH wexner mershon auditorium

Smiths 07/06/1983 DVD(1) B+ The Hacienda, Manchester PRO
Smiths 05/04/1984 DVD(1) A- Markthalle, Rockpalast PRO

Strokes and Kings of Leon MSG NYC 2003 10/29/03 DVD(1) B AUD

U2- 06/15/86 DVD(1) A Giants Stadium, NJ (proshot) On same disc as Police 6-15-86 Amnesty International's "Conspiracy Of Hope" Tour
U2- 08/16/92 DVD(1) B+ Robert F. Kennedy Stadium Washington DC Proshot not sure what gen but rather pixelated. Not bad though altogether.
U2- 12/05/00 DVD(1) A Irving Plaza, NYC (proshot leak)
U2- 03/26/01 DVD(1) A- (PAL)Ft. Lauderdale (aud shot)
U2- 08/08/01 DVD(1) A- (PAL)Barcelona (aud shot)
U2- 12/02/01 DVD(1) A- Miami aud shot (Brad's angle)
U2- 12/02/01 DVD(1) A Miami aud shot (2 cam version IEM sound) With Chapters/Menu great show and final night of Elevation tour.
U2- DVD(4) A- 4 disc Rattle & Hum outtakes (pro shot)
U2- Best of video collection Vol.1 (vhs only tape transfer to dvd)

White Stripes
White Stripes Various USA & Australia TV 2003-compilation
(Special 8 Septembert 2003, Livid 11 October 2003, Music Room 19 Spetember 2003, What U Want 11 October 2003, Rove Live 14 October 2003, Ema's MTV 6 November 2003, Movie Awards 1 June 2002, Conan O'Brien Show 23, 24, 25 & 26 April 2003, Popsui 30 May 2003) DVD has a simple menu with a chapter for each segment) All Pro-Shot

White Stripes 12/06/01 Forum B+ Forum AUD + 11/02/01 The Detroit Institute Of Arts DVD(1) , A Detroit (looks pro-shot leak?, immediately in front of the band.) 2nd set. Angle 1.
White Stripes 10/01/02 DVD(1) A Union Square- New York DVD-R Aud cam with DAT Very close shots, daytime (PAL)
White Stripes 04/11/03 DVD(1) A- London AUD
White Stripes 04/27/03 Coachella Festival, Indio, CA A Aud (From DV master)
White Stripes 09/23/03 DVD(1) A- Hollywood AUD
White Stripes 09/25/03 DVD(1) A- La Jolla (UCSD) AUD
White Stripes 11/21/03 DVD(1) A- Lowell, MA AUD
White Stripes 01/20/04 DVD(1) B+ Alexandra Palace UK AUD + bonus (PAL)
White Stripes 01/30/04 DVD(1) A- Brixton Academy UK AUD + bonus (PAL)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- 08/15/03 DVD(1) A Saint Malo, France 66m M Digital Sattellite broadcast>DVD PAL

On way in a week or two (hopefully)

3 More REM shows (no dates yet)
RH 10/02/01 Japan
RH 10/04/01 Japan (partial)